How To Say Goodbye by Cedarstripe

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Cedarstripe reminisces on their time as a Warriors fan

My love of Warrior Cats has soldiered on through many years. Through the good and the bad, the ups and downs of life, especially during these trying times. Throughout my life, Firestar, Cinderpelt, and Ivypool have always been there, just to name a few of my beloved cats.
But recently I’ve been pulling the books off of the shelves less and less, turning my attention more to original classics and books written by comedians like Tina Fey and Jerry Seinfeld. I knew that I was drifting away from the thing that had made me whole for such a long time.
I knew this was happening, and I rushed to stop it. I watched YouTube videos of Warrior cats and tried over and over to lose myself in the books. I themed my bedroom with Warrior cats posters, did role plays with friends, and bought those same friends Warrior cat plushies. But nothing seemed to work.
Given the choice between The Place of No Stars (my new favorite book, as well as Into the Wild) and The Art of Procrastination, I would have reached for the latter.
But I refused to admit defeat. I tried to write fan-fiction about one of my favorite cats: Cinderpelt. When I used to spill out words on the page like it was the last thing i would ever write, now I just sat and stared at the computer screen, a black page and a tiny black cursor flashing in front of my eyes. However much I tried, I couldn’t pull free from the truth; I was losing interest in Warriors.
Let me stop here and give you some insight on what you should do in my situation, if you ever feel like you might be trapped in the same scenario.
First, you want to look for the clues. Here are some of them:

1. Do you ever feel like you would rather be doing other things then reading or talking about (or role playing) Warriors?
2. If someone asked you what your favorite book was, would you not answer one of the Warrior Cats’ books?
3. Does your mind ever draw a blank when you’re trying to write some Warriors fan-fiction, but you can still crank out Hunger Games fantasies without a problem?
4. If someone gave you two choice between books: A Warriors book and a different book, would you not choose the Warriors book for fear of being too bored?
5. Have you always used Warriors and everything related to it as a stress reliever and now it’s just not working for you?

If you’re feeling any of these things, you may be losing interest in Warriors. That’s never a thing to be ashamed of! You decide what you like!
If you’re sure that you are ready to move on with your life, past Warriors, then that’s no problem. I understand that you may feel some guilt or regret around this topic. I did too. But just remember that you have people that like and respect you for who you are. The people that you made friends with because of the Warriors fandom will still be by your side, no just because of the one thing you had in common, but because of the things you’ve learned about each other and all the information that you’ve shared.
So, to conclude, don’t feel guilty or ashamed that you need to start a new chapter. It’s good for you–and me, too, now–to know when to close the book and put it away.

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  • Just decided to look back on this article 2 months after publication date due to ✨boredom✨ and man this is exactly how I feel right now about the Scott Pilgrim comics (which is odd bc i only started reading them for the first time 2.5 weeks ago) ☹️

  • If you’re losing interest, Cedar stop.
    Beautifully written article, I was obsessed with The Adventures Of Tintin (which I recommend if you’re nine up lol) then I finished the series and wouldn’t touch it for like, a year then I opened the book again and LOVED it, and still am reading today!
    Maybe you just need some time, or maybe it’s time to say goodbye (β€˜:
    Anyway hope you still visit the blog!

  • Great article! Whould that that work if you had to say goodbye to a friend?

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