Being a Brazilian Warriors Fan by Frostmask

Frostmask explains their experiences as a Brazilian Warriors fan!

Hello, i’m Frostmask/Frost, and this is my first article in Blogclan! [Actually my first interaction with Blogclan ever lol] Today i’m explaining my thoughts on being a foreign Warrior Cats fan, more specifically a Brazilian Warriors fan. Excuse me if i have some bad grammar here or there, or if i word things strangely.

FIRST UP!! is the books themselves, in Brazil the books use the German cover art, and there’s only the first series translated.
The cover art is kind of a problem since the cats change alot:

In Into the Wild, Rusty/Firepaw is shown as dark ginger as his daughter Squirrelflight.

In Forest of Secrets, i swear i don’t recognize the cat so far; is it Graystripe? If so, why he is this weird blue/cyan-gray that looks like a breed of Stormfur and Bluestar?? AND HIS STRIPE SIMPLY EVAPORATES-

Rising Storm is the strangest of all, the cat looks like Whitestorm, but- why him? The cat in kinda gray tho, and with orange eyes instead of yellow. Maybe Yellowfang, but she doesn’t have a flat muzzle n nose, and she’s pale gray here, not dark gray.

A Dangerous Path, it’s a white cat with blue eyes, but, wHO????? Is it Snowkit?? He only appeared briefly, why put him in the cover as if it was very important? [i still love him tho dont worry] Is it Cloudtail? Why he isn’t fluffy here? God it’s so messed up-

In The Darkest Hour, Firestar is plain, bright orange. It is actually correct, but, why didn’t they put him orange too in ItW :[

Now onto the translation:
The translation is amazing and correct, but one thing that bothers me is the names.

Bramblekit should be something like “Filhote de Espinheiro”, but they used “Amora Doce” that translates to “Sweet Berry”, and it doesn’t even have the -kit suffix! It’s a cute name, but still
And Tawnykit too, God save these kits because Tawnykit is called “Filhote de Açafrão”, that translates to “Saffronkit”; While it sounds like a cool name, i want you to google search “Saffron” and see if it reminds you of Tawnypelt.

BUT the names also can be cool or cute, like Snowkit!

Snowkit is portuguese becomes “Bolinha de Neve”, that is “Snowball”; And since “-inha/inho” is a diminutive, it would also be “Little Snowball”, which is really cute!
And also Whitestorm, that becomes “Nevasca”: “Blizzard”!!! It fits him very well.

Darkstripe becomes “Risca de Carvão”, that is “Coal Risk”. The change of “Stripe” to “Risk” and “Dark” becoming “Coal” gives me a more intimidating/interesting vibe.

And the names can just be a bit different too.

Graypaw gets the name “Pata Cinzenta”. “Pata Cinza” would be “Gray Paw”, but “Pata Cinzenta” is “Grizzly/Ashed Paw”. Since “Cinzenta” comes from “Cinza” [Gray], it can be actually “Gray Paw”, but “Grizzly” is generally the word used for “Cinzenta”.

Ravenpaw is “Pata Negra” here, which made me super sad since “Negra” is just, “Dark”. The correct would be “Pata de Corvo”, but they chose “Pata Negra” for some bizarre reason.

Since there’s only the first series, my brother had to BUY THE SECOND TO FOURTH SERIES [& Super Editions & Novellas!] in a Kindle for me.
That also makes me hard to find brazilian Warrior Cats fans, since theres soooo little!!

Overall, it’s not perfect, but it’s not bad either. Thanks for reading, n’ this is Frostmask, signing out!

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