Defending Breezepelt by Mountainstorm

Mountainstorm shares their opinion of Breezepelt.

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Hello warriors, kits, elders, apprentices, medicine cats!
Today I am back with another defending article. Now, going through other BlogClan articles and comments, I have come to a conclusion. Almost everyone hates Breezepelt. I don’t. Now, before everyone starts hating me too, hear me out, read my article, and you can see things from my point of view, and hopefully from Breezepelt’s too. I am not saying what he did is acceptable. It is not. It is horrible, and cruel, but I want you to see his side of the story too, and why he is one of my favorite characters. Breezepelt was born to Nightcloud and Crowfeather. Crowfeather never really loved Nightcloud, and I’m not sure he cared about Breezepelt either. In Crowfeather’s super edition, he says that he had never loved Breezepelt as a son, and even though he mentions that he stayed by Breezekit’s side when he had greencough, and was relieved when he survived, he says those feelings had long left him.
Fueled by anger, Breezepelt accepted the Dark Forest’s offer to train with them. He attacked the ThunderClan queen, Poppyfrost, and the medicine cat, Jayfeather. He gloated over Hollyleaf’s death. He did many more evil things. But I am not here to talk about the bad things he did. So let’s start with the number one reason people and cats hate him.
1. He is evil. Evil from the start. 😑
Imagen your father never cares for you. Crowfeather did care for Breezekit, but he never showed it openly, and then how could Breezepelt know? And then your mother is constantly feeding you bad stuff about your father, telling you he hates you, he never cares, and never will, he wishes you were dead. Breezepelt, as a kit, could not digest this information, or tell his mother was lying, and see the truth. All he knew was that his father hated him. And between this, and him being spoiled, thinking he could do whatever he wanted, led to him becoming a snappy, angry apprentice, confused, and getting mixed messages. But, there are some parts in the books that show past his angry, sour outside, and reveal that he is not just bitter and snappy.
“Breezepaw, Heatherpaw, take the other two,” he hissed out of the corner of his mouth.
“I’ll lead,” Jaypaw mewed.
-Dark river page 299, Lionpaw and Jaypaw to Hollypaw, Breezepaw, and Heatherpaw.
Breezepaw obeys Jaypaw’s and Lionpaw’s orders without hesitation. In a time of danger, he is willing to listen and follow, even when it’s an enemy who tells him what to do.
“Lionpaw, you take Sedgekit, I’ll take Thistlekit, and Breezepaw can take Swallowkit”
-Dark river, page 305, Hollypaw to Lionpaw, Jaypaw, Heatherpaw, and Breezepaw in the tunnels.
Breezepaw obeys Hollypaw’s order, just like he did with Jaypaw and Lionpaw.
“Don’t worry, Swallowkit,” he soothed. “I won’t let go. There is no way I’m going to let you drown.”
-Dark river page 305, Breezepaw to Swallowkit
Here, Breezepaw shows his caring side. He would not let Swallowkit drown, and he tries to soothe her. Doesn’t sound much like the murderous Breezepelt does it? Maybe he is more then just evil.
“You wait till you get Leafpool’s medicine,” Jaypaw warned.
Breezepaw’s eyes glittered with suspicion. “Leafpool?”
“The ThunderClan camp’s closest,” Heatherpaw told him. “We should get them treated.”
Breezepaw stared at Swallowkit. There was blood on her fur where the rocks had scoured her pelt.
“Okay,” he agreed.
-Dark river, page 311. A discussion between Jaypaw, Heatherpaw and Breezepaw.
Here, Breezepaw agrees to something he does not want to, because he knows that the kits need help. Caring wins over anger and pride.
“What scent?” Onestar meowed. “We didn’t find one.”
Breezepaw blinked. “The rain must have washed it away,” He mewed.
– Dark river, page 316, Breezepaw and Onestar.
Here, Breezepaw covers up the secret of the tunnels, even though it seems like nothing Breezepaw would do. He never even tells his Clan about them, even after they go home.
And then, of course, he helps Heatherpaw find the kits. Not only does Heatherpaw trust him to see the tunnels, and help her, but he also helps a great deal in saving Swallowkit, Sedgekit, and Thistlekit.
2. He attacked a pregnant queen, and Jayfeather, and gave Jayfeather a scar! 😱🌙🏊
Okay, so first of all, I don’t think it was Breezepelt who gave Jayfeather his scar. I read the scene over and over again, and it never says that Breezepelt hurt him that bad. I think it was Brokenstar who gave Jayfeather his scar, so you can stop hating Breezepelt for that reason! And for trying to kill Poppyfrost, he probably had orders from the Dark Forest, and didn’t want to fail them.
Breezepelt gave a snort of contempt. “Sending you to StarClan isn’t enough of a punishment. You need to know what it’s like to have every cat in your Clan stare at you, whisper about you. You need to know that you’re surrounded by lies and hatred and things that should have never happened.”
“You think we don’t know that?” Jayfeather challenged him. “The worst of the lies were told about us. We didn’t even know who our real parents were.”
For a heartbeat, he felt the force of Breezepelt’s hatred falter. But the moment did not last.
-The fourth apprentice, page 239
I think Breezepelt was reconsidering at that moment, but then Brokenstar must have arrived, and spoke to him that he had to kill and attack to take his revenge. I don’t think Breezepelt actually wanted to kill them, especially Poppyfrost, but he wanted to prove himself to the Dark Forest, and take revenge.
3. But Crowfeather did love him! 🪶😽
Many people say that. Crowfeather did love Breezepelt, but he just never showed it!
I’m not sure I can love Breezepelt as a son. I’m not sure I ever did.
-Crowfeather’s thoughts on Breezepelt, Crowfeather’s trail page 49
Crowfeather never loved Breezepelt as a son. He was too full of hate for Nightcloud, and sorrow for Feathertail and Leafpool, to care for a kit whose mother was a mate he did not want. He never cared for him as a kit, apprentice, or young warrior, and that might have added to Breezepelt’s weight he had to carry all by himself at such a young age. A cat with so many troubles needs more than one cat to care about him, more than one cat to confide in. His mixed feelings being bottled up inside him resulted in angry outbursts, but you can’t blame him for something that was not entirely his fault.
There is more proof that Crowfeather did not really care for Breezepelt. In Outcast, when Breezepaw gets injured due to some twoleg dogs, Crowfeather does not even check on him, ask him if he is ok, look at him, anything. He just ignores his son, even though he is bleeding pretty badly. And let’s not forget to mention that Crowfeather actually hit him. Sure, he was very rude to Purdy, but Jayfeather can also be rude, and Dustpelt, and about a billion different cats from the warriors books. Yet, they never get hit by their own kin. If someone would really, truly care about their kit, would they hit them?
4. Other cats did try to care for him…but he pushed them away. 😿🐱
Yes, other cats did try to sympathize with him, such as Hollypaw. Other cats tried to congratulate him, make him comfortable in his surroundings. But, for Breezepelt, it seemed as if his father hated him, and also seemed as if his Clan hated him. His mentor, Whitetail, wasn’t too kind or supportive of him, telling everyone all of Breezepaw’s failures and mistakes, and making them seem ten times worse than they were.
Breezepaw’s ears flattened and his tail drooped. “I think my Clanmates just want to get rid of me.”
He sounded so miserable that Hollypaw felt a rush of pity for him, but it lasted no more than a couple of heartbeats.
-Outcast, page 140, Breezepaw being forced to go to the mountains by Onestar.
Breezepaw already felt rejected from his father, and now he felt his Clan hated him, wanted him away, did not need him or want him as a warrior. Which cat needs that?
Maybe Breezepaw thought that whatever cat he got connected to by a bond of friendship would all turn away from him, betray him, hate him, like the other cats who surrounded his life. Maybe that is why he pushed everyone away, fearing rejection, fearing hatred.
Tawnypelt and Squirrelflight also tried to help him ease into a more comfortable spot in their little group that traveled to the mountains.
“Well caught, Breezepaw,” Tawnypelt purred.
Jaypaw waited for the apprentice’s pelt to flash with pride, but instead he sensed anxiety claw at Breezepaw.
He’s waiting for his father to praise him.
“Nice pigeon,” Crowfeather mewed to Lionpaw.
Breezepaw stiffened with anger.
-Eclipse page 21, Breezepaw, Crowfeather, Tawnypelt, Jaypaw.
Here, Crowfeather did not praise his son, but did praise a cat from a different clan, who Breezepaw really hated. So, Breezepaw’s own father praised a cat from another Clan, but not his own kin from his Clan, even though Breezepaw’s prey was obviously better and bigger then Lionpaw’s. Some people argue that it does not mean that his father hates him, or does not love him. Sure. But how could Breezepaw know that? And Tawnypelt and Squirrelflight congratulated him, but he ignored them. He was seeking the praise of his own father, just once…but it did not come.
5. He tried to kill Jayfeather, Lionblaze, etc, for no reason! 🐦🦁🌿
What he did was wrong and terrible. But he did have a reason for doing it.
In his eyes, he had a father who never loved him, and since he was very spoiled by his mother, he thought he could do anything and get away with it, no problem. Finding out that Crowfeather never loved his mother, but had a relationship that is double forbidden, not only with a ThunderClan cat, but with a medicine cat. He probably recalled the moments Crowfeather favored his other kits over him, (Or so it seems in his eyes) kits from another clan, he lost it. He was blinded. And when someone is angry and sad…that mixture does not reap good results. And twisted, and evil and horrible as it is, he wanted to kill Poppyfrost to get his half brother in much more pain and agony then if he would have just been killed. He wanted to make it seem like Jayfeather had killed Poppyfrost. Like Ashfur wanted to kill Squirrelflight’s kits instead of killing her. To make her feel his pain.
I’m still not saying it was ok what he did. But you can see why he did so.
For Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and the gloating about Hollyleaf’s death, the same thing. The mixture of sadness, pain, and anger blinded him to do anything to avenge his sorrow.
He did not see that would not help, make the other cats hate him more, or even make him feel worse.
6. All this is no excuse for him to go to the Dark Forest, or fight for their side in the Great Battle.⬛🌳
Yes. It was a bad choice to go to the Dark Forest, and to fight for their side. But this is not without a reason, just like the other argued cases. We all know that the Dark Forest cats are cunning, and clever, signaling out the cats with sadness and anger and manipulating them to become evil. They saw Breezepelt, broken by his father’s hate, his mother’s lies, his perfect half kin who Crowfeather obviously favored over him, and fed him with even more lies, tried to lull him into a false sense of comfort with the care he never had. And then, let’s not forget that Breezepelt was never training in the Dark Forest to spy on them for his Clan, thus he did not switch sides at the battle like other cats did, but remained loyal to the only cats who seemed to care for him.
7. Still no excuse for what he did! 🤨
Sure. What he did was wrong. But just look at how much the Dark Forest was manipulating him! (It’s what they do best!)
Breezepelt clawed the ground. “I can fight harder.”
Tigerstar nodded. “You have more reason than most.”
A growl rose in Breezepelt’s throat.
“You have been wronged,” Tigerstar meowed softly.
Breezepelt’s young face looked kitlike in the gloom. “You’re the only ones who seem to realize that.”
“I have told you that you must seek vengeance,” Tigerstar reminded him. “With our help, you can take revenge on every cat who has betrayed you.”
Breezepelt’s gaze grew hungry as the dark warrior went on.
“And on every cat who stood by and did nothing while others claimed what was yours as their own.”
“Starting with Crowfeather.” Breezepelt snarled his father’s name.
Brokenstar swished his crooked tail through the air. “What did your father do to defend you?” His words were laced with bitterness, as though soured by his own memories.
Darkstripe slunk forward. “He never valued you.”
Tigerstar shooed the striped warrior with a flick of his tail. “He tried to crush you, make you weak.”
“He didn’t succeed,” Breezepelt spat.
“But he tried. Perhaps he valued his ThunderClan kits more. Those three kits should never have been born.” Tigerstar padded toward the young warrior, his eyes gleaming, holding Breezepelt’s gaze like a snake mesmerizing it’s prey. “You have been suckled on lies and the weakness of others. You have suffered while others have thrived. But you are strong. You will put things right. Your father betrayed his Clan and betrayed you. Leafpool betrayed StarClan by taking a mate.”
Breezepelt’s tail was lashing. “I will make them all pay for what they have done.” No heat fired his gaze, only cold hatred. “I will have vengeance on each and every of them.”
Brokenstar pushed forward. “You are a noble warrior, Breezepelt. You cannot live a life spawned on lies. Loyalty to the warrior code runs too strong in your blood.”
– Fading echoes, page 4 and 5, the Dark Forest.
8. But other cats had bad parents, yet they didn’t become evil! 🤔
But did these cats have parents who hit them? Did they have mothers or fathers who fed them with lies about the other person? Did their parents have different mates in other Clans, or have parents who favored their other kits over them? (I do believe Crowfeather loved his ThunderClan kits more than Breezepelt, which is unfair, because Crowfeather never really met them, but he spent his whole life with Breezepelt.) No! They certainly didn’t have all this weight on their shoulder at once. This is no excuse to hate Breezepelt, because it is not his fault at all.
9. He mumbled a sort of excuse to Lionblaze, and then walked away. He didn’t even really apologize!😰
Not true! Look 👀:
Breezepelt looked up at him, equally awkward. His eyes were guilty as he replied. “I should never have listened to the Dark Forest cats.” He mewed stiffly. “You’re a Clan cat, and my loyalty should be to the Clans.”
-Crowfeather’s trial, page 384
It wasn’t the best apology, I can’t deny that, but I think it’s the closest Breezepelt could get without losing his pride. And we all know how important pride is to the cats in warriors. 🙄
Breezepelt didn’t walk away afterward that fast, and:
Clearly, Lionblaze knew how hard it was for Breezepelt to say even so much.
-Crowfeather’s trial, page 385

But, even though he has been fed with lies, and neglected by his father from the moment he opened his eyes, he started to change. This is proof that he wasn’t evil. He was just suffering from neglect and hatred. Once his father started loving him, and spending time with him, Breezepelt’s anger faded, and he was willing to let go of the past.
Crowfeather had expected a furious denial, or perhaps a wail of despair from his son. Instead, as the hope died in Breezepelt’s eyes, and the black tom seemed to shrink, drawing into himself. Crowfeather’s heart wrenched at the change in him.
-Breezepelt, learning Nightcloud had been killed by foxes. Crowfeather’s trail, page 113
Not having an angry outburst.

Breezepelt’s voice came from close by. “Crowfeather, are you ok?”
-Crowfeather’s trail, page 281
Showing worry for his father.

“We never would have given up on you,” Breezepelt put in.
“I know you never would,” Nightcloud meowed, giving his ear a quick nuzzle.
-Crowfeather’s trail, page 315
Showing kindness and love for his mother.

“Oh, you’d like to pass the blame elsewhere?” Berrynose sneered. He paused to lick one cream colored paw and draw it over his ear. “The difference, Breezepelt, that even after you found out what the Dark Forest was up to, you stayed with them. You were prepared to kill Lionblaze- prepared to kill your own kin! How can we accept your word if you tell us that you’d never hurt Nightcloud?”
“Because Nightcloud was the only cat who ever cared about me!”
-Crowfeather’s trail, page 140 and 141
Not attacking Berrynose, telling everyone how he feels.

He rose to speak, but before he could, Breezepelt leaped to his paws and spoke in a voice so confident, his words rang out across all the clearing.
“No cat has to trust me, or the other Dark Forest warriors. We will prove ourselves, and then no other cat will dare to doubt our loyalty!”
“Yes! You’ll see!” Whiskernose yowled.
“We’re just as loyal as the rest of you!” Larkwing added.
Harespring backed up his Clanmates sturdily. “We trained in the Dark Forest to help our Clans!”
The yowls of support for Breezepelt rose up everywhere in the clearing from the other cats who had been deceived by the Dark Forest.
-Crowfeather’s trial, page 362 and 363
Again, telling everyone how he feels, and helping the Clans accept the cats who trained in the Dark Forest.

Breezepelt nodded, his breath coming in harsh gasps as if he couldn’t manage to speak. “Thanks, Crowfeather,” he rasped. “I can’t believe how strong you were, attack that last stoat!”
Crowfeather let out a snort. “Nor can I. I have no idea where that came from. Maybe it was seeing my kit attacked!”
Breezepelt’s tail curled up with amusement, but there was warmth in his gaze. “If you hadn’t been there,” he mewed, “I’m not sure what would have happened. But I doubt I’d be here to tell the story!”
“Are you okay?” Crowfeather asked. Breezepelt’s throat was bleeding, but not too badly; it looked as if the stoat’s fangs hadn’t sunk in deep.
“Fine,” Breezepelt replied. “You?”
Crowfeather nodded.
-Crowfeather’s trail, page 379
Now here is his true purrsonality! Concerned about his father, and thanking him and complimenting him. Laughing and joking! Their father-son relationship!

“I don’t doubt you,” Crowfeather continued, realizing with a jolt of surprise that what he had said was true. “Whatever you need…you have my support.”
Breezepelt hesitated for a moment, and Crowfeather realized that Heathertail had dropped back, leaving him alone with his son. He suddenly felt exposed

“I trained with the Dark Forest to become a stronger warrior,” Breezepelt explained. “I needed someone to believe in me, and the Dark Forest cats did- or at least they seemed to. But I wasn’t fighting against the Clans. I’ll always be a WindClan cat first.”
-Breezepelt to Crowfeather, Crowfeather’s trail page 364 and 365.
Breezepelt speaking the truth, telling his father how he felt.

Listening to him, Crowfeather remembered the terrible moment in the battle when Breezepelt had attacked Lionblaze. That hadn’t been the action of a traitor, he realized now, but of a cat driven to desperation by his sense of failure and isolation.
-Crowfeather’s trail, page 365
Breezepelt is not evil! Even Crowfeather admits it! 😁🪶

Breezepelt said nothing. He only ducked his head awkwardly, but the warmth in his eyes told Crowfeather all he needed to know. As he padded along beside his son, their pelts brushing, Crowfeather felt an answering warmth welling up inside him.
This is what it must feel like to be a real father, he thought.
-Crowfeather’s trail, page 365
Awww, so sweet! 🥰🥰🥰

“Thank you for helping me,” Lionblaze began, halting a pace or two in front of Breezepelt. His gaze and tone were wary. “But why did you?
-Crowfeather’s trial, page 384
Breezepelt helped Lionblaze! 😊💖

“Do you want to walk over to the vigil with me?” Crowfeather asked, half expecting Breezepelt to snap at him and say he didn’t need an escort as if he was an apprentice. But Breezepelt’s actual response surprised his father even more. “No, I don’t need an escort because I’m not going.”
“Why not?”
Breezepelt’s claws extended briefly, and he growled through his clenched teeth. “None of the cats trust me.” His voice was bitter. “I’ve heard them whispering about what I might have done to Nightcloud.”
So the rumors have reached Breezepelt. Crowfeather thought, swallowing his fury as if it were a tough piece of fresh-kill.
“Not every cat,” he meowed, remembering that several of his Clanmates had protested at Weaselfur’s accusations.
“Heathertail stood up for you.”
A pleased, grateful expression flickered across Breezepelt’s face. “She did? Really?”
“Really. And I know it’s hard to hear you Clanmates spread rumors, Breezepelt, but the best thing you can do is hold your head high. You and I both know you haven’t done anything wrong.”
Breezepelt blinked up at him, as if he were surprised at his father’s sympathy and support.
-Crowfeather’s trial, page 125 and 126
He was surprised at his father’s support! 🥲 Breezepelt was very neglected.

Once again, as soon as the words were out of his mouth Crowfeather regretted them. Breezepelt must be thinking of how many she-cats I loved.
But there was no hostility in Breezepelt’s expression.
-Crowfeather’s trail, page 212
Crowfeather said something harsh, but Breezepelt wasn’t mad at him! 🥲

So in conclusion, I think Breezepelt’s actions are justified, though he still shouldn’t have done it. I do believe he’s truly changed, and I hope you will start seeing things from his perspective and maybe even start liking him!
Breezepelt is a complicated character, and I think a super edition, manga, or short story about him would be great!
Oof, this article is super long! So this is all for now! Thank you so much for reading, and have a wonderful day! ✨May StarClan light your path!✨

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  • I liked your article! But I was a bit thrown off by some of the points. Such as him being relieved to find Nightcloud and trusting Heathertail. Well, Nightcloud is his mother and he always defends her. Heathertail is his mate, so no suprise there. Otherwise, I think you made a lot of good points.

    • Thanks! Well, would a crazy phyco murderer be kind to a crush and his mother? Probably not. I also included those quotes to show his soft side, one that’s kind to the cats who truly love him, and also included it as proof that he only needed love to be a good, redeemed cat.

  • Sorry but I still hate Breezepelt.
    I get that Breezepelt hate Leafpool, and I have no thing to say. But sometime his action go way too far. Like when Leafpool was trying to stop both Breezepelt and Lionblaze from trying to kill each other (they were in a unnecessary battle), Breezepelt tried to kill her. Seriously, Breezepelt. The only reason why Leafpool didn’t die is because Crowfeather stopped him from attacking her. Leafpool didn’t abuse him or say mean things to him. Even though she might have been his father’s ex-mate, it isn’t her fault that Crowfeather neglected Breezepelt. She regretted it and said sorry, and when everyone hated Breezepelt she supported that Breezepelt was a good cat now. Even when Leafpool try to make up with him, his response is to always call her a disloyal cat (yes you are a hypocrite) and be aggressive with her everytime.

    • I don’t think it’s fair to hate a character just because he attacked your favorite character. I still like Leopardstar, despite how horrible she was to Feathertail.

      And of course he was angry at Leafpool. It was obvious his father loved Leafpool more than Breezepelt’s mother, Nightcloud. And Breezepelt really loved his mother. It was kinda like a betray toward him. And why would Breezepelt trust a ThunderClan cat standing up for him when he already had major trust issues, even inside his Clan.

      When did Leafpool say sorry to Breezepelt? May I please have a quote? 🙂

      Calling a cat disloyal doesn’t make a cat a hypocrite.

      • I think the reason why Fawnpaw said Breezepelt was a hypocrite by calling Leafpool ‘disloyal’ was because Breezepelt himself was disloyal by breaking the warrior code and training ‘for’ the Dark Forest and plotting against his kin.

        • True, but he was supposedly training in the Dark Forest to become a “better warrior”. He also wanted justice to himself, so he didn’t think about breaking the code. If every cat who broke the code and called other cats disloyal would be a hypocrite, then we’d have soooooooooooooooooo many hypocritical characters. For example, Firestar.

      • I heard Breezepelt fought bravely in the battle against the stoats. You should be proud of all of your kits.
        – Crowfeather’s trial

        Not really directly saying sorry, but indirectly saying sorry to everyone. She never says one hate to Breezepelt in her entire life.
        I get that he might hate her, but it does not mean Breezepelt’s actions are justified. He is always hostile to her, and trying every chance to attack her even after his redemption.

  • “Can you watch your sons fight?”…“Stop!” Leafpool shot between them.
    She knew Lionblaze’s power and wanted to stop both from killing each other.
    Breezepelt’s lunge hit her square in the side. His claws tore her pelt as he dragged her to the ground. Another jet of blood sprayed the snow.
    Wow, Breezepelt. That is NOT self-defense and it is not justified. I don’t care about your neglection excuse. It is lame and it not justify anything.
    “Breezepelt strode toward [Leafpool] and [Alderpaw], chest puffed out indignantly. “What are they doing here?”
    “They want to speak with Kestrelflight,” Emberfoot told him. Breezepelt narrowed his eyes.” – Thunder and Shadow, to Medicine cats, who are no threat.
    Breezepelt: “She’s disloyal!”
    Squirrelflight: “That’s not true!”
    Breezepelt: “And it’s not the first time.You raised your sister’s half-Clan kits and told your Clanmates and Bramblestar they were your own! You’re a liar.”
    Bramblestar: “We came here to talk to the Sisters, not rake up old bones.”
    Breezepelt: “We didn’t expect to find your deputy here, mixing with the enemy! Squirrelflight’s disloyal. She’s been disloyal before. She can’t be trusted!”
    Squirrelflight: “You don’t get to lecture me on loyalty! Who did you fight for in the battle with the Dark Forest?”
    Crowfeather: “We can listen to Squirrelflight’s explanation later.”

    He is passive aggressive to Leafpool. The difference between Leopardstar and Breezepelt is that Leopardstar wanted forgiveness and regret her actions. Breezepelt? Still hating Leafpool and always aggressive to her. Leafpool wasn’t my favorite character until Vision of shadows. And I still hated Breezepelt when he attacked her.

    • You are very biased here, because you love Leafpool. I’ll defend your points when you say them in an unbiased way.