My Opinion on How Warriors Could be More Unique by Fawnbrush

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Fawnbrush examines patterns within the Warriors series, and how the new arcs might be able to feel unique. Do you agree?

So… here comes the talk on my opinions about the series, and what could happen.
So first off, if you haven’t heard, a new arc called A Starless Clan is coming out. I will post the summary given below.

“A dark age has given way to an era of peace in the five warrior Clans, and with it comes a promise of hope. As their leaders deliberate on unprecedented changes to the warrior code, three young warriors set their paws on the paths that will decide their futures.” (not bad, I think this could be good)

“In ThunderClan, warrior apprentice Flamepaw, a descendant of the legendary leader Firestar, struggles under the weight of his famous kin’s legacy, while young ShadowClan warrior Sunbeam has doubts of her own. But in RiverClan, medicine cat apprentice Frostpaw looks eagerly toward the horizon, awaiting the day she will be called upon to help her Clan—a day that may dawn sooner than she ever dreamed.”

Ok, so first off, I don’t really like the idea of more Fireclones. I used to really like him but now that I realize he is overpowered (I loved The Prophecies Begin Firestar) then well, I don’t want anymore canon main characters that are so close to Firestar. Flamepaw may be a descendant but it’s just the name and the fact he’s highly important. I was fine with Alderheart and Firestar’s daughters but I feel like ANOTHER protag PLUS the fact the name is so close to fire is annoying!
I want other cats to have a chance (not saying that’s never happened) but the world does not revolve around Firestar, you know? Frostpaw sounds like a highly likeable character though, and Sunbeam is just AHHHHh such a cute name! I mean this new arc sounds good but like a h the Fireclones, the Fireclones! Hopefully he ends up being a cool character.
Ok, second, I think Warriors is becoming repetitive. So you’ve got a prophecy, an evil cat, and a mary-sue to end it all. What more do you want? A lot. I like the idea of magical dead cats giving an unsuspecting child a prophecy but isn’t it too much sometimes? I want there to be an arc where everything basically goes wrong. StarClan turns against the Clans maybe? I mean I know The Broken Code happened but can we have like an arc where maybe the cats go insane? HAHA yea, ik that’s a weird idea but prophecies are getting boring.
The first arcs are the most unique, I like the lore behind them. Like the Tribes are so cool! I like how the Clans had to have a staycation in a new place with new enemies! I mostly enjoy Warriors when there’s just wholesome moments and unique plots.

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  • What I want in this arc: 1. Frost paw thinks starclan is stupid or doesn’t care about it 2. If the story NEEDS a villain, make them female (we only have mapleshade and needletail) 3. Gay cats 4. A protagonist changes clans(maybe riverclan) because they WANT TO, not because of family or are forced 5. Bramblestar dies, and squirrelflight becomes an elder and appoints ivypool as ivystar(and picks a good deputy) 6. Reedwhisker dies with mistystar in some accident and the clans vote on who the new leader will be 7. The code is abolished and the clans aren’t a cult anymore

  • I personally think it’d be interesting if there’s a HUGE timeskip between the series, so most of the characters have passed onto StarClan, and there’s no meddling “Great hero ancester!/Evil Villain grandparent!”, and it’s just a blank slate

    From what I can tell, Flamepaw is Sparkpelt’s son, Frostpaw is the daughter of Curlfeather(In Broken code: the place of no stars, if you skip to the very last page of the allegiance, there should be: Curlfeather-Pale brown she-cat (mother to Frostkit, a she-kit; Mistkit, a she-kit; and Graykit, a tom)), and Sunbeam was one of the kits born on Tigerheart’s trek back to ShadowClan

    • i agree with the first half.
      dawn of the clans and the prophecies begin were great and i loved how there were so much new characters

  • This was very interesting! I also do not like Firestar because I find him to be kind of an orange piece of cardboard, but I think Flamepaw will be interesting enough since he’s going to be struggling to live up to Firestar’s legacy. As far as I’ve read in the series, none of his other descendants ever have trouble with that.

  • Ok so lmao I changed my name ever since I wrote this months ago so lmao it’s me Fawnbrush and I’m sorry lol

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