Warrior cat name’s taken literally (part 1) by Hollyfrost

Hollyfrost takes a surface look at some warrior names from the series and from the blog.

Art by ClimbToTheStars

heyo!!! it’s me! hollyfrost here with another article! today this will be part ONE of warrior cat name’s taken literally, if you have some cats you want me to do next,leave a comment below!! and yes thank you for joining me while i make fun of warrior cats for my entertainment lol. anyways,lets get started!
[WARNING: this may hurt people’s feelings]

oh great…. his heart is on fire!!!! he’s gonna die!!!!!!!!! poor fireheart!

this is just sad…. she’s the only blue star in the sky! is she even a part of starclan now?!

so….. he’s a feather off a bird??? this doesn’t make sense!! oh wait… now i know why he’s always grumpy……

so…. she’s a leaf on a holly?! how did she even read the warrior code?! oh gosh, she could’ve killed cats like this! she broke the warrior code!!!!!!! AHHHHHH

ouch, i would not like a tail ivylike that! nor get stabbed by it! she could totally be a medicine cat and give everyone shot’s like that!!!!

um,so she’s not the fierce,loyal warrior she is? ummmmm so she’s basically a broken moonpool right?

SQUIRRELS CAN FLY?!?! WHAT?!?!?!?! no one told me!!!!!!

um so he basically causes solar eclipses and he stares into your soul right?

no wonder she died quickly… she’s just a harmless leaf (no offense! i actually love spottedleaf!)

sooooo she’s basically a fishes tail? this makes no sense anymore!!!!

um so he pulled off a mouses whisker and turned himself into it?

now i know why i don’t like her… she’s litterally a broken wing of a dove!!!!!!!

um wait what
so a pelt that comes off him and blows away?oh no!
um so im basically a holly berry on some frost??

oh so their the food potato’s! time to mash em up into mashed potato’s!

ok so their basically a huge mountain with a carving of a paw? kewl!

~ lilykit/dawn
who knew that a kit named lily could make dawn come whenever they want!

so basically a snek that always has frost on em?

so a cheetah as fast as a spark in the sky?

so a um a golden colored deer? wow

so basically a ember that comes alive and wakes up at dawn

what’s a scorch? im dum….. so their basically just a flower rn

so uh a crystal that has frost on iy

so uh a foot made out of birch?

so basically a pelt with dapples and frost is alwayson the dapples

did i hear that correctly? CAKE?! so it’s a star that’s made out of cake

more food?! im hungry now!!

well that’s it for today!if you want to be featured or have any idea’s for next time,let me know! peace out!


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