Most noble/formidable cats by Foxpaw

Foxpaw lists some of their favourite characters from the series.

Artwork by Lithestep

Hello,and it’s Foxpaw again with my second article!

Today we’ll be going over the most noble and/or formidable cats, exc. Tigerclawstar, because … because. So let’s get started!

1. Whitsetorm!!!
Yeah, argue away, but my point still stands. He was an extremely great deputy, and our great Firestar pretty much leaned on his shoulder until his death. Also, he’s pretty much Bluestar 2.0. His mother died, and there were some cute, sad, moments, Just look! “Snowfur won’t be coming back.” Whitekit looked up at her. “Till when?” “Ever.” “Why not?” Whitekit stiffened. “Doesn’t she like me anymore?”“She loves you very much,” Bluefur promised. “She’ll always love you. But she’s with StarClan now.” Whitekit put his head on one side. “Can I visit her?” Bluefur shook her head. “Goosefeather and Featherwhisker visit StarClan all the time,” Whitekit argued. “I can do it, too.” or, “I’ll live out here now, with you,” he squeaked,
pressing his nose into her cold fur.” Just look at that! So his mom died, and Bluefur took care of him. Though his dad was Thistleclaw. *Shiver* Good warrior, wise deputy, loyal fighter, excellent hunter, what else do you want!

2. Yellowfang
The old grump! Still awesome! Good medicine cat, excellent mentor, Jayfeather-like grump, one of the closest things to a mother for Fireheart, is one of my favorite cats in Warriors. Her death made me cry. simply cry. Didn’t hold it back. And yes, she broke the warrior code, but honestly, I feel like more cats have had an unorthodox relationship than orthodox (Exagg., but still.) also, YellowxRagged was already happening before her leaving the warrior’s den. Ya GOTTA love her!

3. Bluestar
No arguments.

4. Gray wing
Wise dude, this guy Gray Wing. Good leader, sympathetic, cared for family, put up with Skystar, his brother, and saved quite a few peeps’ lives. He killed Fox, (Or was it Frost. I think it was Fox.) but in a life/death situation. Also blame Skystar for trying to kill his twin bro. He was so deeply respected across the camps, that when he died of asthma, the camps donned the suffix Clan, suggested by Gray Wing on his deathbed. And anyways, if it wasn’t for him no Thunderstar!

5. Shadowstar
After Shaded moss’s death, Tall Shadow inherited control of the group coming down from the mountains. Good leader, noble, strong, wise, founder of EvilClan, but all the same, she herself wasn’t evil

6. Tallstar
Ya gotta respect THIS dude. From the moment I see him, I’m like, this dude good leader. Experience, never afraid to make peace, sympathetic leader, formidable fighter, etc. He was leader of WindClan during their being driven out, Scourge,

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