Rating all main series leaders (ItW-TPoNS) by Aspenclaws

Aspenclaws shares their opinion on all the leaders we’ve seen in the main series.

Art by Vialir

Let’s start with ShadowClan!

Brokenstar: 2/10
He may have been an amazing villain, but I can’t say the same about his leadership! He wanted to kitnap kits to join his bloodthirsty band of rouge clan cats!

Nightstar: 6/10
From what we saw of him before he died, he was a pretty compassionate leader, although, like the rest of ShadowClan, was very stubborn.

Tigerstar 1.0: 0/10
Same with Brokenstar, good villain, bad leader. Was very overrated as a leader, literally died after like a book and a half as leader

Blackstar: 8/10
Blackstar was the best ShadowClan leader in the main series. He was a strong and resilient leader, working his way up even though he had a rough past.

Rowanstar: 4:10
He was too weak in not dealing Darktail sooner

Tigerstar 2.0: 5/10
He’s way too stubborn and overprotective. He makes all of his decisions based on his needs, not the clans. Setting all that aside, he is a strong leader


Crookedstar: 6/10
We didn’t see much of his personality in the series, but he did have to deal with a terrible mother, his mate and most of his kits dying, and he stayed pretty strong through that.

Leopardstar: 3/10
I can’t believe I’m holding a grudge with a literal fictional cat! She sided with Tigerstar 1.0 just because she had a little crush on him. She was a good leader though.

Mistystar: 7/10
An overall good leader, but gosh, when is she going to die? She’s sixteen years old! How is she still leader? Why hasn’t she retired yet? She is the best leader in my opinion however.


Tallstar: 6/10
He was good, but he was too much of a pacifist for my likes. Those qualities can be good, but he never wanted to fight, that’s not strength, that’s cowardice.

Onestar: 4/10
Way too stubborn! He was to egotistical to accept help of any kind.

Harestar: 8/10
Harestar has been a good, strong leader for WindClan after the Onestar incident, and that’s good.


Leafstar: 9/10
She is the only leader of SkyClan in the main series, so we don’t know how another leader would act, so she is the only leader in the main series (so far) and she has been good.


Bluestar: 7/10
She was good, at the beginning and the end, but the middle part of her leadership was riddled with doubt about StarClan, I mean, naming a cat Lostface is just cruel.

Firestar: 8/10
Enough said, he was the purrfect leader for ThunderClan.

Bramblestar: 4/10
He was a bad mate, and not a very compassionate leader, once again, like Tigerstar 2.0, didn’t really care about his clan that much, more of him and his clans appearance.

Hope you enjoyed!


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  • I’m more against Tigerstar because he deserts his clan while being deputy, and then is welcomed with opened arms after having kits with someone from Thunderclan, and naming one after his clan whom he abandoned.
    About the Mistystar thing, you don’t really retire unless you:
    1. Are dead
    2.Are disgraced
    3.Are doomed
    Remember: DDD

  • Great Article! I think Mistystar kind of flopped as a leader, and Leopardstar is a great leader ๐Ÿ˜€
    Also I think Tallstar should be an 8? He’s a great leader, and he was willing to fight, as shown in TPB. Same with Crookedstar

  • Cheetahheart!, (Warrior name) Cheetah heart, (Ancients) Cheetah that runs through valley, (Tribe of rushing water) Cheetah (Sisters) Cheers (Kittypet) Claw (rogue/loner) tell me if i missed any names! says:

    Supa awesome, tho I donโ€™t agree with mistystar. JUDGING HER BY HOW OLD SHE IS? Mean, in my opinion.

  • This was pretty good and I agreed with most of them. At where I am in the series Brambleclaw is fine and I like him and it irritates me that as I keep reading I’m going to see his character/leadership deteriorate… :[

    • It’s painful to see relatively good characters become so unlikable… sigh…

  • I don’t think Firestar was a purrfect leader. He’s overrated because he learned the ways of the Clans so quickly, crashed Jayfeather, Dovewing, and Lionblaze’s prophecy, he’s an idiot because he chases a dead she-cat around when he has an alive one who loves him! I just… hate Firestar. But amazing article! I pretty much agree with everthing except Bramblestar should be rated higher. He was a bad mate to Squirrelflight, but he was a strong leader.

  • I agree, but I think Blackstar should be a 10!!!!!!! IDK why, but I just really like Blackstar for no reason ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • Blackstar, my opinion, wasn’t a very good leader. Why? Here’s why.
    1. He appointed Russetfur as deputy, who was a stupid furball, then made Rowanclaw the leader.
    2. He’s loyal to Tigerclaw (can’t bear to call him Tigerstar)
    3. He was rude to other leaders (read Winds of Change and see his face)
    I could go on but I don’t want to hurt your feelings and I would like to change the subject. I think Firestar should be 10/10 because all the Clans blossomed with him around! Bluestar should be an 8.5/10, she was a calm, respectful leader who just collapsed with grief in the end. Tallstar should be a 9.5/10! The only thing that took the 0.5 away is appointing Onestar… I don’t hate Onestar I was just shocked how bloodthirsty he was. I’d give some cats more credit, but great article! I enjoyed it :).

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