What I Think Of BristlexRoot by Nightpaw

Nightpaw shares their opinion of Bristlefrost and Rootspring’s relationship.

Art by Reiterei

Don’t get me wrong, I really like the ship and I think both Bristlefrost and Rootspring are ADORABLE. But after looking into the logic and what actually led up to the ship, I think twice. I’m Nightpaw/wish, and I’m going to be writing about the ship today! C:

Rootspring fell in love with Bristlefrost as Rootpaw when Bristlefrost saved him from drowning. I think this is okay. Rootpaw must’ve seen Bristlefrost as his hero, a brave hero, when she rescued him. But quoting Moonkitti, “I feel like Rootpaw would’ve fallen in love with Snaptooth if he had rescued Rootpaw instead.” I think this is partly true; Rootpaw didn’t really have any other reason to fall in love with Bristlefrost.

However, Bristlefrost didn’t like him back at first. When Rootpaw said hello and even brought her prey, Bristlefrost made it extremely clear that she hated him. She even rejected the prey he caught and gave it to the elders! Bristlefrost even declared at the Gathering, “It’s his crush, not mine! I’m loyal” and hurt Rootpaw’s feelings.

There is a possibility that they might’ve gotten close by talking about Bramblestar, but it isn’t really hinted at in the book. They’re just having a normal conversation, and don’t really notice each others’ looks or personalities. We can see that this is true using an example; Tigerheart and Dovewing. While they were meeting, their hearts were “beating out of their chests” and they couldn’t help noticing “their broad shoulders” and “bright green eyes.” These appearances and details weren’t described during Bristlefrost and Rootspring’s chats.

But then SUDDENLY, Bristlefrost started liking Rootspring. Completely out of the blue, she says in Veil of Shadows, “Yes, yes, I have feelings for you, too.” Quoting Moonkitti again, “SINCE WHEN?!?!?!?!?!?”

As we can see, BristlexRoot is a very cute ship, but it is also a bland and not explained one. We never got to know the exact reason why Bristlefrost caught Rootspring’s eye, and vice versa. Therefore, in terms of ships, it isn’t really the best one. I think of it as an adorable ship and I like it, but I also agree that it is unrealistic and therefore we should receive more information about it in the next books.

Nightpaw, signing out! C:

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