Closely Related Mates !!! by Spottedpoppy3

Spottedpoppy3 takes a closer look at some of the relationships in the series.

Art by Kell-2K

Hello everyone, this is Spottedpoppy3 .This is my first article,so far i read every warrior book including place of no stars ! ,i also have read the whole survivor series. Im going off my own theries like redtail is sandstorms father. Thought the whole warrior cat series i’ve noticed that some casts take mates that are related to each other . I have a feeling this is going to be a very long article .Hope you enjoy!

#1. Tigerstar(heart) x Dovewing
Firestar is Princesses sister ,firestar became mates with sandstorm and had two daughters, squrreilflight became bramblestars mate and bramblestars sister had tigerstar. On the line princess had cloudtail and cloudtail had whitewing and whitewing had a daughter named dovewing yaaaaaaa there related*smiles or purrs*

#2. Squrreilflight x bramblestar -there literly second cosins!!!!!! swiftbreeze had kits with alderfang out of all the kits there were redtail and leopherdfoot. pinestar and leopherdfoot had tigerstar and tigerstar had bramblestar,Redtail had a daughter (sandstorm) and sandstorm had a daughter named squrreilflight ,whoa that was longer than expected to write…………………..

#3. Mothwing x leafpool -okey okey……i disaprove of this wetird relationship they were just best friends folks!!!!!!!……………leafpool is squrreilflights sister and squrreilflights mate is bramblestar and bramblestar is mothwings half sister ………..*happly giggling at this point.*

#4.Pebbleshine x hawkwing this is one of my favorite relationship but Sparrowpelt is Cherrytailssister they both had one kit each pebbleshine-sparrowpelts daughter and hawkwing is cherrytails kit related cousins right what is wrong with theses cats……….

#5. Dustpelt x Ferncloud- dustpelt and brindleface are littermates their mother is robinwing brindleface is fernclouds mother .sad right?.

#6. Fernsong x ivypool
firestars sister is princess ,firestar had leafpool and leafpool had lionblaze who had fernsong. princess had cloudtail who whitewing who had ivypool related seeeeeeee…………………………………………………….

#7. Ashfur x squrreilflight
Okay lets do this be strong twistedpoppy3 twenty more
robinwing had redtail and brindleface,brindleface had ashfur and redtail had sandstorm sandstorm had squrreilflight related right………………….

#8. Sparkpelt x Larksong
this one took long im still reserching if thornclaw and blossomfall are distantly related………firestars sister is princess princess had cloudtail- cloudtail had snowbush snowbush had larksong .firestar had squrreilflight -squrreilflight had sparkpelt this is alsome so far:)

#9. Lilyheart x Snowbush
lionheart and frostfur had brakenfur and brightheart -brackenfur had lilyheart -brightheart had snowbush see easy peesi;)

#10. Sorrelstripe x dewnose
Just another call out why PRINCESS AND FIRESTAR!!!!!!!
*cries in the back round*

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  • Technically, a cat isn’t blood related to their mate. So Tigerstar and Dovewing are not related, and neither are Mothwing and Leafpool. So just because Firestar and Sandstorm are mates, that doesn’t make Firestar related to Dustpelt (at least not in this sense.)

  • Cheetahheart!, (Warrior name) Cheetah heart, (Ancients) Cheetah that runs through valley, (Tribe of rushing water) Cheetah (Sisters) Cheers (Kittypet) Claw (rogue/loner) tell me if i missed any names! says:

    hahahah that is the BEST ARTICLE EVER and makes me regret life choices XD

  • Nice article! 🙂
    I don’t think Tigerheartstar and Dovewing are closely related? Mainly because in-laws aren’t related, so Cloudtail isn’t related to Tawnypelt, since he’s Tawnypelt’s uncle in-law.

    Also I believe Mothpool is very canon

  • Seems like most of them are distant/through marriage

    But I guess that’s the issue when you refuse to let outsiders join your clan 😛

  • I don’t think TigerDove, FernIvy, SparkLark, or SorrelDew should be listed as closely related, since they’re barely family. Sandstorm’s parents aren’t confirmed to be Brindleface and Redtail so I don’t think AshSquirrel should count, either, and MothLeaf isn’t canon (not mates) and since they’re related by marriage, they aren’t really ‘related’. Nice article, though!

    • I think that Fernsong and Ivypool might actually be related. I mean, parents and their kids are related through blood (technically). So, Fernsong’s father is Lionblaze, Lionblaze’s mother is Leafpool, Leafpool’s father is Firestar. Then, assuming that siblings are related through their mother/father (sorry I’m not an expert at genetics), Firestar’s sister is Princess, Princess’ son is Cloudtail, Cloudtail’s daughter is Whitewing, and Whitewing’s daughter is Ivypool. So that makes Ivypool and Fernsong third-cousins (I think). ~ Cloudy

  • For AshSquirrel, Redtail and Brindleface are not the kits of Robinwing. Well, Brindleface was Robinwing’s daughter, but Redtail was the son of Swiftbreeze and Adderfang. However, Ashfur and Squirrelflight are still related to each other. So, Sandstorm and Ashfur are basically half-siblings (they share Brindleface as a mother, but they have different fathers). Then, Sandstorm mated with Firestar and gave birth to Squirrelflight and Leafpool, which makes Ashfur the half-uncle of Squirrelflight. ~ Cloudy

  • Actually, you are not related by mates. But tigerstar and dovewing are related because golden flower and lionheart are siblings, lionheart had brightheart and golden flower had tawnypelt

  • Brindleface and Dustpelt weren’t littermates, Dustpelt’s littermate was Ravenpaw. Brindleface is a lot older than Dustpelt. Redtail isn’t Sandstorm’s father anymore, at this time, her father is unknown

  • Mothwing x Leafpool isn’t weird though????? While it’s not canon I still think it’s a pretty neat ship-

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