My Favorite Warriors in The Prophecy Begins by Willowstream

Willowstream lists their favourite characters from the first arc.

Art by Spirit-Of-Alaska

Hello my fellow warriors fans! In this article I’ll be listing my favorite characters in The Prophecy Begins. There are major spoilers for the first arc so you have been warned.

10: Silverstream
Okay, I really liked how they introduced Silverstream. Her character was just so amazing. My only problem with her was that I think that Silverstream and Graystripe were a little cheesy. Fireheart was like, ‘Graystripe how much do you miss Siliverstream’ and he was like ‘I loved her.’ It can’t get anymore cheesy than that. However, I really liked Siliverstream and how she wasn’t just a mushy love bird. Siliverstream was an amazing warrior and that’s why I like her.

9: Goldenflower
Goldenflower was an amazing character! I really loved her speech about Tawnykit and Bramblekit and how it would be the clan that would raise them and not Tigerstar. I liked how Goldenflower fought with her clan mates (With words of course) to accept Tawnykit and Bramblekit. She was so amazing and wonderful!

8: Redtail
I won’t say a lot about Redtail because this article will only have spoilers for the first arc but I really admired Redtali and from when the other warriors said about him, he was a great honorable warrior with amazing fighting skills.

7: Lionheart
I loved Lionheart so, so, so, so much. He used to be my all time favorite. He has such a cool pelt which I really hate to draw but it looks really cool when other people draw it. I like how Lionheart became deputy before Tigerclaw because it proved to be a lovely thorn in Tigerclaw’s side. Another reason why Lionheart is such an amazing character is because he has amazing warrior skills but can also crack a joke. Lionheart was also an amazing first mentor to Firepaw.

6: Raggedstar
Raggedstar is barley mentioned in the first arc except by Yellowfang. I really liked the whole thing of medicine cat’s falling in love but then it got kind of ridiculous. I mean lets face it we have Spottedleaf with Fireheart, Cinderpelt with Fireheart (If you ask me is a terrible canon,) and Yellowfang with Raggedstar. It would make sense if one medicine cat fell in love but not the whole moons forsaken group of them. Maybe I’m exaggerating a little but it is true in the first arc. Oh, I kind of got side tracked from Raggedstar. Anyway, I really ship Yellowfang and Raggedstar anyway. Raggedstar was a strong warrior but was blinded by the love of his son Brokenstar and that eventually lead to his death.

5: Crookedstar
Crookedstar was a really good characters and his love for Siliverstream was well written out. I honestly don’t have a lot to say about Crookedstar because he didn’t do anything very dramatic but I still felt that he was a good character.

4: Bluestar
Yes, I know, a lot of people thing that Bluestar is a character that is over exaggerated but that’s because she is so amazing!

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  • Eh. I just read Yellowfang’s Secret and Raggedstar was really controling and biased. He is probably the main factor of Brokenstar becoming leader. Yellowfang deserved better. I think my favorite characters from the first series are probably Yellowfang, Sandstorm, Brightheart, and Cloudtail.

  • personally i think that silverstream is whiny and annoying redtail and raggedstar are way too minor. i agree with bluestar crookedstar lionheart and goldenflower. i think it was cut off. my personall list would go

    scourge(if he counts as a warrior)

  • I really don’t like Raggedstar. He was a TERRIBLE mate to Yellowfang! He like… completely ignored Yellowfang after she told him she wanted to be a medicine cat! And he wasn’t even there for her kitting. She did it ALONE!!! :((((