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My Thoughts on Squirrelflight and Bramblestar by Shadowsong

Shadowsong shares their opinion of Squirrelflight and Bramblestar’s relationship.

Art by Sadie Pryor

We all know the ship of Squirrelflight and Bramblestar—some people like it, some people don’t. Personally, I’m on the “don’t like” side, with Bramblestar being one of my least favourite warrior cats. In this article, I shall explain my reasoning for disliking this ship.

To get to the bottom of this, we need to talk about the Tigerstar clone in the room, Bramblestar himself. Bramble is the main cause of problems in this relationship. He’s a strong warrior, an effective leader, but as a cat he’s actually kind of bad. Of all the people in his life, you should expect him to treat his mate well, but sadly he doesn’t.

I’m going to start off with the turning point that made me start to hate this ship: Squirrelflight’s Hope. There is a scene in here showing tensions rising in the two’s relationship. Squirrelflight wants to help the Sisters out of her own kindness, and she absolutely believes she’s doing the right thing. However, Bramblestar doesn’t receive that well, and orders Squilf not to help. This is unfair to Squilf, because Bramble isn’t hearing her out and instead just forces her to blindly obey his orders. He also tries to threaten her position as deputy, saying “From now on, I want you to run every decision by me. No more going off on your own ridiculous missions. No more arguing with me at Gatherings. If a deputy can’t support her own leader, perhaps she’s not fit to be deputy.” Yes, Squilf disobeyed him, but that doesn’t mean Bramble has the right to force her into being submissive and unconditionally obedient. When she went behind his back, it was because she believed she was doing the right thing, and I believe it is better to follow your moral compass rather than blindly following orders.

I do believe that Squirrelflight and Bramblestar’s relationship is sadly, very bad. I knew I had to say this eventually, but I believe Bramble is abusive. Basically, Bramble doesn’t take Squilf’s feelings into mind and instead just tries to be in control of her, and that is really not okay. Squilf is independent, she makes her own rules, and just discounting all of that (and I am going to analogise Squirrelflight to a squirrel in flight) really just knocks her down to the ground. I mean sure, you have to follow rules sometimes, but Squilf was doing the right thing, and Bramble refused to see from her point of view. At one point, he even uses their status as mates to guilt her into thinking, she’s the bad one, which again is REALLY not okay. It honestly feels kind of like Bramble’s mates with Squilf just so that he can control her, and I rarely ever see Bramble actually showing love to her even though she obviously cares for him.

My final verdict on this ship: Squirrelflight, please get a divorce immediately.

(A huge thanks to Moonkitti and Bright Guardian Akira for inspiring this article; go watch their videos on this topic for more information!)

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  • At the point where I’m at in the story right now their relationship is fairly healthy… Of course, I haven’t read past Bramblestar’s storm. (I’ve heard enough about how terrible he gets to read this without any major spoilers…) I dunno, their relationship does have some rough patches but I think that makes it a little more interesting and maybe Bramblestar will be nice after they depossesify him?
    (Prepares for onslaught of ‘No, we will not be nice after they dpossesify him!’)

  • OMG! True. Bramblestar never really returns her love that much. To me it almost seems that he doesn’t even acknowledge HER love for HIM. He just kinda. . . doesn’t listen to her. I’m tired of reading Squirrelflight and Bramblestar’s abusive relationsip, the best hope we have is that Bramblestar dies.

  • you guys should watch bramblestar is worse by moonkitti if you have read up to the right point or don’t mind the spoilers. it’s very long but it’s a detailed analysis of their relationship.


  • I know right!?
    During the Power of Three arc, Bramblestar was a loving mate, worrying so much about Squirrelflight when she was badly injured in Eclipse. He was a pretty good mate, and their relationship was decent enough. But then the truth about Lionblaze, Jayfeather and Hollyleaf came out, and it just went downhill from there…

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