Warriors Characters and their types of breeds by Flamewhisker

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Flamewhisker guesses as to what breed of cat some Warriors characters are

Warrior Cats characters and what their breed is

( Little Note: I know that some of these cats on the list are wildcats ( such as Bluestar, Hollyleaf and Graystripe ) and this is only if they were different breeds. And btw this is my first article so expect this to be cringe. Any who, lets get started )

Firestar- I possibly think he is just a normal orange cat since he doesn’t have any markings.

Bluestar- In my opinion, she could be a Russian Blue due to the fact that she has blue-gray fur just like a Russian Blue.

Lionblaze- He could possibly be a Maine Coon cat due to his thick fur and large, thick, fluff ringing around his neck. Meanwhile, Maine Coons are very fluffy with thick fur, and so does Lionblaze in my opinion. I also think the same for Lionheart and possibly Whitestorm.

Leafpool- Leafpool can be an American Shorthair since she doesn’t really have any thick fluff or neck fur or a thick tail. So in my opinion, she can just be an American Shorthair 🙂

Scourge and Crowfeather- Them 2 I think might be Oriental Shorthairs, since I imagine them ( mostly Crowfeather ) with long muzzles and short fur.

Hollyleaf- I imagine her as possibly a Bombay cat due to her green eyes and black fur and a thick tail.

Thistleclaw- Hmm, spiky fur, spiky fur, spiky fur is all I can think of. Hmmm…. Norwegian Forest

Graystripe- I imagine him being a Maine Coon once again.

Mapleshade- Tortoiseshell and Maine Coon mix.

Rock- Sphynx Cat

Yellowfang- Persian due to her broad, flat muzzle

Tallstar- Oriental Shorthair again, due to long tail and I also imagine him with a long muzzle
Squirrelflight- She could be a Norwegian Forest since she does have a bushy tail :3
Tigerstar: I imagine Tigerstar as a Maine Coon for some reason
Sol- I imagine Sol as Maine Coon too since he has tufts of fur on him and yeah
Littlecloud- Hmmm… Littlecloud is kind of small, so maybe a Munchkin?
Brambleclaw- American Shorthair
Sasha- Siamese Cat
and…. Sparkpelt- Abyssinian

( Aight hoped ya liked this random thing. Spent 2 days working on it, I just did it because I was bored . if you disagree with anything, feel free to say it ^^ have a good daynight. )

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  • Great article!
    This is how I think all the fur patterns and stuff work:
    All of them are shorthairs, but they just have different shapes and sizes. Since most patterns aren’t breed specific, it could work. Cats with specific characteristics got it from their parents visible or hidden genetics, whom got it from either rougues, kittypets, or founders who happened to have that trait visible or hidden. It all has to do with bloodline and genetics.

  • Anyone else notice that the name of the cat in the article picture is Geckozilla

  • Amazing article, Flamie! 😀
    I agree with you on most of these, except the Lionblaze-Crowfeather-Leafpool part. If neither Leafpool or Crowfeather is a Maine Coon, then I don’t think Lionblaze could be one.
    Awesome article again, I especially agree with Mapleshade and Greystripe!
    (Maine Coon cats are beautiful! <3)

  • great article flamewhisker! i love different cat breeds, they’re so interesting to research! here’s what i think (excuse me for my rusty genetic skills):

    firestar – domestic shorthair w/ orange tabby markings
    bluestar – russian blue or maybe korat
    lionblaze – maine coon
    leafpool – domestic shorthair w/ orange tabby markings + diluted
    scourge – domestic shorthair runt
    crowfeather – oriental shorthair
    hollyleaf – bombay
    thistleclaw – i dunno, i guess i’ll go with norwegian forest cat as well
    graystripe – british shorthair (or possibly nebelung) w/ black tabby markings + diluted
    mapleshade – maine coon w/ tortoiseshell markings
    rock – oriental longhair that lost all his fur
    yellowfang – persian
    tallstar – could be oriental, but gives me more cornish rex vibes
    squirrelflight – somali
    tigerstar – maine coon w/ black tabby markings
    sol – oriental longhair w/ tortoiseshell markings
    littlecloud – munchkin w/ black tabby markings
    brambleclaw – domestic shorthait w/ black tabby markings
    sasha – siamese, her fur is too short to be balinese
    sparkpelt – domestic shorthair w/ orange tabby markings
    bonus: longtail – toyger

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