My Opinion On Appledusk by Juniperleaf

Art by Fernyfeline

Juniperleaf examines Appledusk’s character

Appledusk is one of my least favorite warrior cats because of how he treated Mapleshade. He was one of the reasons why Mapleshade became evil. He acted all surprised when Mapleshade killed him when that was his own fault. He should have treated her better and loved her.

Appledusk is seen with Mapleshade at a gathering and he catches feelings for the she-cat. Him or Mapleshade admitted their feelings and they soon became mates. Appledusk told Maple shade he loved her and he was there for her. She became more attached to Appledusk which made the problem worse. He soon finds out Mapleshade was expecting kits and he acts all excited for her and is really happy.

Later in the story he falls in love with one of his clanmates called, “Reedshine”. Reedshine must have not known about his affair with Mapleshade and became mates with Appledusk. So Appledusk was at the moment, cheating on Mapleshade.

Appledusk first meets his kits when he was on a patrol and found them swimming in the river with Mapleshade watching over them. He brings them back to Mapleshade and compliments her and the kits. The problem is, Mapleshade was longing for him to ask what the kits’ names are but he never asks. He goes back to Riverclan and leaves Mapleshade to deal with the kits.

Later on he rescues Mapleshade from a flooded river. The other part of Appledusk’s patrol tried to save the kits but when they got them it was already too late. When the patrol shows Mapleshade her dead kits, Appledusk blames Mapleshade for their deaths and says it was her fault the kits were dead. Mapleshade is astonished and tells Appledusk that she was kicked out of Thunderclan with her kits so she came here to live in Riverclan with Appledusk, their father. The patrol leads them back to the Riverclan camp where Appledusk acts like the victim of this mess and Reedshine takes his side. Appledusk admits his relationship with Mapleshade and tells the clan he made a mistake and he regrets it. Mapleshade realizes that Reedshine and Appledusk had became mates and she is utterly distraught.

Mapleshade reappears again to Appledusk in an attempt to kill Reedshine but Mapleshade kills Appledusk instead. She was fatally injured and died later on.

Appledusk deserved what was coming for because of the way he treated Mapleshade in her time of need. He was absolutely careless about his relationship with Mapleshade and didn’t show any love for his kits that he had with Mapleshade. He shows no remorse when the kits died in the river but only anger at Mapleshade and accuses her of the deaths of the kits. So Appledusk is one of the worst cats I have ever read about in the books.

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  • I agree. Apple dusk was a huge jerk to Mapleshade. I wouldn’t have expected him to completely turn on her in the end, but he did. I really don’t like him either, but Mapleshade did turn evil not just because of him. It was the whole “I’m going to blame everyone I think is responsible for something I did” kind of thing. But I 100% agree that Appledusk was a bad cat.

  • ew appledusk. he’s such a jerk. I don’t care how well he treated Reedshine, he still cheated on her and was horrible to Mapleshade. who’s to say he wouldn’t have cheated on Reedshine again? I think he just wanted to kick mapleshade away to wash all the dirt off his paws.

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