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Why Is Graystripe not dead? by Whirlpaw

Art by LLoryz

Whirlpaw examines Graystripe’s extremely long and healthy life!

Hi, Whirlpaw/pelt here. This is a thought I’ve had for MONTHS: why is Graystripe still alive?

Yes, I really like him and all, and he’s an amazing cat that’s always been there for Firestar and other heroes. The part of him always being there is my point though; he’s, frankly, REALLY OLD. He’s been there since Firestar joined the Clans up until present Warriors (maybe by the time I post this he’ll be dead because of the broken code new books, but you see my point).

It’s not like I want him dead, but it seems that the cat is immortal. His mate Millie (who is younger than him), is having hearing problems and she lives in the elder’s den with him. He seems fine though. It’s also incredible how he has gone trough EVERYTHING that Firestar has gone trough and maybe even more! (on second thought he didn’t go to re-unite Skyclan tough). He was separated from the group for MOONS, which is how he met Millie by the way, and that should really take a toll on his aging because going from having a clan to feed you to hunting your every meal in twolegplace, is harsh. He also had to make the journey to find his clan again, after they separated. He has faced many serious injuries too in his life, like most warriors, but when you have a serious injury, shouldn’t you start to FEEL it after getting old? I don’t really know I’m not a Medicine cat. And we have hairballs. It’s normal for a cat to have hairballs (though Warriors never mentioned it), especially long-haired cats, including Graystripe. Hairballs can greatly shorten a cat’s life if not treated properly, and I’m sure that most warriors have NEVER gone to the vet. Maybe Graystripe is just lucky, but there are chances that it can shorten a cat’s life (if you have a cat then make sure to brush them). Probably the most surprising thing in my opinion, though, is that he NEVER gets sick. Usually when a Greencough outbreak occurs, it targets older cats, pregnant queens, and kits. There have been several outbreaks in his lifetime, but he has mostly never got sick.

Graystripe is truly an amazing, loyal warrior to Thunderclan, and I DO NOT wish him dead, I hope he stays alive forever :3, whether in Thunderclan, or in his Thunderclan’s hearts.

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  • Great article! Yeah, I do agree that it’s strange he’s lived for this long, but he’s one of the starring characters that’s been in Warriors for the longest time. And I guess you have to keep it going until it makes sense in some certain scene for him to die at the right time. And yes, I don’t want him to die either 😉 LongLiveThunderclan

  • I think the authors just aren’t sure what to do about him choosing between Silverstream and Millie. I also heard that he’s one of the authors favorite characters(Can’t remember who, it might have been Kate) so that might have something to do with it.

    I just feel bad for him at this point. All of his friends are dead, and the only other cat from his timeline in the first series is Mistystar, who is a Riverclan cat. His son, Stormfur, lives with the tribe and he likely hasn’t seen him in a long time.

    • Graystripe saw storm in graystripes honor which takes place in DW
      And, sorry, but now that ive read leopardstars honor i hate graystripe

    • Graystripe saw storm in graystripes honor which takes place in DW
      And, sorry, but now that ive read leopardstars honor i hate graystripe, he used to be my fav character

  • Okay, but Reedtail of Rivec lan is still alive and he is older then Graystripe and mistystar

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