Giving Both Ivypool & Dovewing A Fair Lecture by Stormpaw

Stormpaw shares their opinion on the ThunderClan sisters, Dovewing and Ivypool.

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There’s recently been so many articles about these two sister’s, but I’ve noticed it’s always been in favor of one or the other, but I’m going to give both Dovewing and Ivypool a fair amount of attention. Let’s start with Ivypool who is my favorite and I love her (but I will be forgetting that for a brief moment). So was Ivypool overreacting about Dovewing suddenly being the center of attention, or was Dovewing being unfair? No, Dovewing wasn’t being unfair and Ivypool was overreacting. Dovewing never wanted any popularity, and she never shoved it in Ivypool’s face that she was better and that the clan leader was talking to her and not Ivypool. She was still the exact same cat that cared a lot about her sister, Ivypool was being super unreasonable. She was jealous because she thought that her sister was better than her and that she didn’t matter anymore, but of course that wasn’t true. And let me just say that when Ivypool thought that Dovewing no longer wanted to spend time with her anymore; that Ivypool was the one who started ignoring her and not the other way around.
Dovewing never dumped her sister to seek out Lionblaze and Jayfeather, they always sought out her. And Lionblaze and Jayfeather were both older than her and usually had important things to discuss with Dovewing, so she couldn’t just tell them no and say she wanted to hangout with her sister so that she wouldn’t be feeling sorry for herself! But Ivypool was also clueless about Dovewing being part of a prophecy that she never wanted to be in, and it must have been very hard watching her sister all of a sudden be the center of attention when they had both been very close and were at the same level of popularity, but Ivypool could have handled it better by letting Dovewing explain instead of completely ignoring her. Now how about helping Lionblaze and Jayfeather by spying in the df? Was she useful? Well, I used to think that Ivypool should have been the 4th cat, but not anymore. Ivypool was a terrible spy. She never told her sister about anything she learned there! And she kept her knowledge of knowing who the ThunderClan df trainees were because she thought she would be betraying her clanmates by revealing they were trainees, but idk where she got that idea because that’s super dumb. How would she be betraying them? No, she would be helping them understand that the df tricked them. Instead she reveals who the cat’s training in the df are right before the battle. Could she have picked a better time to try and win them over to fight on their side? Luckily she succeeded, but she still wasted time she could have been helping her clanmates fight if she had told Bramblestar a lot earlier. Then maybe they could have helped her spy too. But Ivypool has always been a loyal warrior, she just went too far with her jealousy and bitterness, and didn’t really make up for it by being the best spy.

Now Dovewing I don’t really like, but I’ll give her a fair hearing. So I already said that she was not being unfair to Ivypool, and she was also helpful in the prophecy unlike her sister who was not a helpful spy and withheld all of the information until the last moment.
She’s doing a lot better than Ivypool right now, but then she breaks the warrior code by mating with Tigerstar II and leaving her birthclan, wow. But let’s rewind a bit to after Dovewing lost her powers.
At first Dovewing didn’t want her powers and didn’t want anything to do with being in a prophecy, unlike me who would throw a huge party, but anyway- so she didn’t want them but when they’re gone she’s freaking out and thinks it’s the end of the world. But uh, I hate to tell you Dovewing, but it’s really not- wasn’t all she wanted was to be normal? Well now she is and she’s throwing a big fit. And how she explained it was that she felt deaf and helpless, but she still has her ears and can hear! She also isn’t clan leader, responsible for everyone’s safety. Why should she freak out when Lionblaze didn’t? Sure, he’s older, but that just means that he had his powers longer and grew more used to having them. You can also relate his power’s with Dovewing’s, because you could say that Lionblaze felt weak and helpless because he wasn’t a killing machine in battle anymore and couldn’t protect everyone. So I think it’s just Dovewing’s whiny personality; and losing her powers wasn’t as bad as she made it seem. She’s one of those cat’s who freaks out at a problem she can’t do anything about, and changes her mind 24/7 which is super annoying to me. But it would have been overwhelming for any apprentice to be given that much responsibility as a young cat unless it was an apprentice that was super over-confident, so I can’t blame her for first acting that way when she found out about her powers, can I?
But Dovewing then violated the warrior code by running off with Tigerstar II to ShadowClan. Now I don’t exactly care about this though.. Why is it that you can only choose a cat from your own clan to be mates with and don’t have free agency? I would personally throw myself off a cliff already if I didn’t have free agency! Dovewing still broke the code though, but I think she might have made up for it by being part of the prophecy and saving the clan’s.
So! Now that we’ve given Dovewing and Ivypool fair lectures, which one is the better sister? Well… I think it’s Ivypool. (You’re still the best Ivy!)
I think it was very understandable that Ivypool was jealous, but she took it too far by being bitter and despising her sister before she even knew much; which resulted in her straying toward the df. And if we’re being reasonable then we can’t just say Dovewing is the worst sister because she was being over-dramatic and annoyingly sensitive. But I would rather like a cat who could be jealous but her personality wasn’t annoying and mood-changing but was a loyal warrior at heart and had once had a paw in the evil side; rather than the hero everyone favored. But it just depends on which sister’s personality you like best! I like Ivypool’s flaws and I love how fierce of a warrior she is.

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  • Great article, Stormpaw! 😀
    I like both sisters- I do believe that in the end, it was Ivypool that saved the Clans, no Dovewing, even though Dovewing was the chosen one. But Dovewing isn’t that bad a cat either!

  • I have not read all the books with ivypool and dovewing but i do think they are both good cats my personal favorite is dovewing she is really a good cat even though she can be a little whieny . I like her with her powers. and do you guys even remember SHE SAVED ALL THE CLANS FROM DIEING OF THIRST when the beavers built the dam did you gugy even relize the with out her IVYPOOL WOULD BE DEAD . dont froget though I do like ivypool

  • Honestly, Stormpaw, this article is great and I love how you decided to look at both sisters. But it’s not really a fair trial. You basically gave us no information on how Ivypool is better. And we get lots of flaws for Dovewing. I’m not trying to judge you, I’m just trying to say that you have no proof on how Ivypool is better, but you DO have proof on how DOVEWING is better. So Ivypool’s jealous, and that’s relatable, but did she REALLY have to push Dovewing away and be like, “oh, I’m just going to be jealous and I’m not going to tell you how I really feel!” That’s basically was Ivypool was doing through her whole apprenticeship. Maybe once or twice she defends Dovewing, but that doesn’t really matter when we’re focused on the big plot. Dovewing was kind of whiny, yes, but she was put under a LOT of pressure. How would YOU feel if you had these weird powers? I would be excited, but still, freaked out. Dovewing is clearly the better sister.

  • I personally think that Ivypool did more to help the clans than dovewing. She risked her life for vital information. Even if it was last minute, they most likely would have lost against the DF cats without it. I think Izvypool id the real hero.

  • Good article, but I disagree about the “bad spy” part. She just never really learned anything important. Also she didn’t want to get her clanmates in trouble, including her own father and friend. I think you would do the same thing but overall good article!

  • Most of it I agree… except one thing. Dovewing finally accepted her powers when she found out she will be able to help her clan. When she looses them, she freaks out, and it’s reasonable. Imagine being able to see far and hear far, it’s normal to you, it’s been there your whole life, and suddenly it just disappears. Now you can’t hear or see as well, of course she would panic.. it’s like her senses just stopped working.