[drawings of the members of the Dream SMP]

Giving Dream SMP people warrior cat names by Daykit

Daykit gives warrior names to people part of the Dream SMP.

Artist unknown (Source: Redbubble)

We’re giving Dream SMP characters names because I felt like doing it. Let’s get right to it. (spoiler warning)

So dream wears a white mask. It only makes sense!
PURRSONA: A light grey tom with a white muzzle and green eyes. There is a scar that goes down his back.

GOGY(georgenotfound)~ SNOOZESIGHT
Come on, almost everyone remembers that time gogy slept through TWO wars. And he has gogy glasses in his minecraft skin so
PURRSONA: blue-grey tom with amber eyes

So Sapmap used to be called ‘Pandas can pvp’ but I wasn’t in the mood for a ‘Pandafire’ a panda is an animal, and he is an animal KILLER! So I decided Patchfire would be better
PURRSONA: a white tom with black patches and fiery orange eyes. One of his ears are shredded and there is a scar on his muzzle.

He is very wholesome but the villain arc kinda turned it down. And his name is litarly BADBOYhalo so?
PURRSONA: black tom with blue eyes

Do I really have to do any explaining?
PURRSONA: a siamese tom with blue eyes

Why did I make him an apprentice? BECAUSE HE’S A CHILD. So I made the prefix duck because that was the closest thing i could get to ‘Disc’ and stream because that’s almost scream
PURRSONA: ginger tabby tom with blue eyes, scars on his back, muzzle, and legs

bee obsessed child
PURRSONA: a blonde tom with white markings, slightly darker stripes, and golden eyes, scar over cheek

Soot-last name song-he write songs pog
PURRSONA: brown tabby tom with green eyes

quack from the name, scar because why not lmao
PURRSONA: black tom with brown muzzle, underbelly, chest, and paws. his eyes are blue and there is a scar that goes to his nose down to his chin, his jaw is crooked (guess why 😉 )

he literally has two faces to me
PURRSONA: chimera tom with one red eye and one green eye
That’s all for today, tell me if i should make part 2!

fact checked by Ravenmask who has never seen any of these doods 👍

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  • Cant believe it you just combined two my favourite things in ONE. PART TWO!!

    • “More creative then the ones I came up with”
      Me: *looking at what I gave
      Really tho, I wanna hear what you gave them!

  • I found this article again! 0.0

    This thing was so dang inspiring for one of my most favorite projects ever(even if I’m doing it alone): DreamClan! Full credit for the name Whitemask

  • Ooo I like your selection (Sootsong for Wilbur is very fitting)
    I like the reasoning behind Duckstream for Tommy it’s not what I would’ve initially thought of and I like the creativity! Even though admittedly I think Quackity would’ve been my first thought for a name with Duck in it (Scarredduck? (although that reads almost like Scared duck XP)
    And Snoozesight for George is pretty funny XP It reminds me of like that one warrior name that was like Sneezecloud I think? (yes Sneezecloud XP)

    Admittedly I think for Dream I came up with the name Dreamrunner because I liked the idea of combining his name (Dream just sounds so good) and then the runner from Speedrunner.
    But I do really love the thought behind Whitemask and it makes sense.

    I also really like Patchfire for Sapnap, (Harkening a little to Patches? XP).

    Overall these were fun to see your ideas, I look forward to seeing part 2

    I hope we shall see what you would dub the mighty crowfather and others 😀

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