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Why Purdy is One Of The Best Characters In The Books by Juniperleap

Juniperleap shares why they love Purdy.

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So this is my opinion of this Purdy character because I absolutely love him and he is my bean baby. He is just so sweet and he becomes like a grandfather to any cat who sets paws in camp.
So Purdy was first introduced when Brambleclaw, Squirrelpaw, Crowpaw, Tawnypelt, Feathertail, and Stormfur. He helped them find their way through the two-leg place but often got lost in direction but soon got back on track. He shows great kindness to the group while traveling and keeps everyone’s heads up. When they find their way, they soon depart saying farewell to the patchy elder and go on their way.
He was re-introduced when a Thunderclan patrol was out scouting for Sol. They discovered that Sol was with Purdy and Purdy was living with Sol now. They insisted that Purdy come and join them in Thunderclan and he soon accepts their requests and makes the journey back to Thunderclan.
The clan is shocked at Purdy’s arrival and he is soon welcomed. He makes himself at home in the Elders’ den alongside Mousefur and Longtail. He kept the kits and the young apprentices interested in his stories of his time in life. Even warriors themselves stopped to listen in on his stories.
When Longtail was killed by a fallen tree, Purdy comforted Mousefur in a time of grief. He was always there for Mousefur and became close to her during this time. He still kept his hopes high and continued to bring warmth throughout the clan.
He took part in The Great Battle and fought alongside Thunderclan and the rest of the Clans against the Dark Forest. He was struck with grief when Mousefur was killed but he kept fighting.
In the book, “Shattered Sky” Purdy comments often on how his stomach is hurting to Alderheart who was giving him herbs to help his stomach ache. Graystripe, Sandstorm, and Millie joined him in the elders’ den in which he was really happy about. Soon, a group of rogues form a cult called “The Kin” in an attempt to overthrow the four clans. While Rowanstar and his clan are overthrown from their territories, they take refuge in the Thunderclan camp. While Tigerheart and Berrynose began to argue, Purdy thrusted between them in an attempt to stop them. He stops mid-sentence and collapses. Alderheart desperately tries to save him but Purdy passes away. Alderheart is struck by his death but Jayfeather comforts him.
Purdy was always there if someone needed a smile and he showed great bravery in the time of fear. He fought alongside a clan he wasn’t born in. He showed everyone that there could be kindness no matter what happened.

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  • Purdy is such a great character <3

    • School’s starting soon, so I figured I would share an equation. Hamilton=AWESOMENESS!!!!! Lin Manuel Miranda is epic. Modern day Shakesphere alert!! I love all his music. ALL! OF IT!

      Haha, sorry just glad to find someone who also like Hamilton.

      • Oh my STARCLAN Lose My Mind by Anthony Ramos is SO STUCK IN MY HEAD lol 😆 (But it’s a cool song so I don’t really mind 😎) | Turtlepaw🐢🐢🐢 says:

        Hamilton is the best! 😀 who’s your favorite character? And your favorite song?
        My favorite character is a tie between Burr and Angelica. Angelica used to be my second favorite, but after rewatching Hamilton last month, I decided that I liked her and Burr equally!

        My favorite Hamilton song is Wait For It! I really ship BurrXTheodosia because she makes Burr happy.


  • He died while trying to stop an argument? Why does this make me want to cry and scream “AWW” at the same time?

  • I absolutely love Purdy with all of my heart. He’s my second favorite character, but it was the hardest thing on earth to choose between him and Twigbranch for who I like better. He’s an oldie, but a classic, and reminds me a lot of my grandfather.

  • Great article! 😀
    I never cared for Purdy, but you made such amazing points and now I love him! <3
    This is very well written! 😀
    (Did you know “Purdy” actually means pretty?)

  • I love Purdy.
    I wish he hadn’t died, but he was old.
    Purdy really improved ThunderClan. If he hadn’t been there, I bet Warriors would turn dark. Because If he hadn’t been there, Mousefur would be so messed up without anyone to help her through Longtail’s, uh, smush-death-thingy, she would have probably tried to kill herself. So Purdy is very useful in more than that, but I don’t have time to say all the ways he is.
    R.I.P. Purdy

    • *SPOILER*

      I was crushed when he died while i was reading the sentence i was like ” No dont go there don’t do it please! NO!!!” i threw the book and did not read warriors for like 3 weeks i was really mad he was my fav cat since the first word i am still made and the erin hunter group ( also for killing all my top 5) Purdy,Graystripe,Firestar,Bristlefrost and last but not least Hollyleaf No hate plz!)
      but i will get over it so i just wanted to share what i felt when he died. ;-;

  • Honestly? I adored Purdy from the beginning. I loved his forgetful, ditsy personality on such an old tom, and I was admittedly super mad when the New Prophecy cats didn’t take him along-

    Any idea what book re-introduces him?

  • Rabbitpaw/Rabbitblossom 🪷🌸 (Blossom That Falls From The Branch🍁🍂🥮🎃🧡autumn is in the air!🐈🧡) she/her/they ✝️ says:

    Ahhh! Purdy may be my favorite character after my baby Brightheart. I was so saddened when he died I had to stop reading the books for a while. I love his forgetful personality on the journey with Brambleclaw, Squirrelpaw, ect.! Great article 🌸

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