[image description: mistyfoot, thistleclaw, brambleclaw, firepaw, and ravenpaw are depicted with literal representations of their names]

Taking Warriors Names Seriously by Flamewhisker

Flamewhisker shares some hilarious interpretations of names from the series.

Art by iycewing

Firepaw- Uh-oh, his paw is on fire! He needs help!

Mistyfoot- -sigh- her foot is misty.

Barkface- – sigh sigh sigh – his face is made of bark.

Onestar- He gives everything a ONEstar rating.
Onewhisker ( same as Onestar )- He only has One whisker, oh dear.

Longtail- He has such a long tail. I wonder if he hang on trees with it.

Mousefur- Her fur has mice in it! No wonder why she is so grump, tho she can have unlimited fresh-kill!.
Bone- He is made of bones, spooky.

Dustpelt- His pelt is quite dusty, someone brush it off.

Ashfur- Oop. He fur is covered in ash! He has been in that fire for quite a while.

Dovewing- Oh wow, she has Dove wings, I would like to see her fly.

Thistleclaw- his claws are thistle.

Feathertail- Her tail is a feather, is she half-bird?

Flametail- Oooh, a tail that is on flames! Should I touch it?

Stormfur- His fur is a storm!

Brambleclaw- his claws are made of bramble? W O W.

Spiderleg- He has spiders legs!, Ah!

Berrynose- His nose is a berry!

Finpaw- His paws are fins!

Cloudtail- His tail is one big cloud!

Mosskit- She is made of moss.

Tree- He’s just a tree!

Leafpool- She is a pool of leaves!

Talltail- His tail is soooooo tall!

Snaptooth- He just a snapped tooth! Ouch!

Daisy- She’s err… Just a daisy.

Rootpaw- His paw is a root.

Twigpaw ( Branch ) – Her paw is just a twig… sigh.

Flywhisker- One of her whiskers has a fly on them.

Mothwing- She has moth wings!

Lightningtail- His tail is actually lightning.

Lizardstripe- She has a stripe made of scales.

Princess- She’s an actual princess! – bows –

Needletail- Her tail is a needle.

Snowkit- she is made of snow!

Lionheart- His heart is a lion!

Webfoot- His foot is a spider web forever!

Mudclaw- His claws are made of mud!

Mudfur- His fur is muddy! ew!

Breezepaw ( pelt )- his paw is breezy!

Sweetpaw- Her paw tastes like candy! Yum.. but wait…. that aint healthy ( so sad )

Barley- A cat that’s made out of barley…

( And that is all I can think of. Hope you liked my article. ^^ )

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