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Springkit shares their opinion of Ashfur.

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Hello! Springkit here, and since I literally just finished Darkness Within, I find myself with a lot more points to argue on why Ashfur shouldn’t be defended. First lets look at Ashfur’s life.
Ashfur is born to Brindleface and Whitestorm. He loses his littermates Elderkit and Tulipkit as a kit. He seems to be a normal apprentice. Then, when Tigerstar leads a trap for Thunderclan, Brindleface is killed for bait. This gives Ashfur all the more reason to become a crazy lunatic, but he remains strong and and decides to take it out on Tigerstar.
Now we reach the New Prophecy. Ashfur has a obsession with Squirrelflight, and much like bumblestripe, he can’t take no. In PoT (or OoTS, I cant remember) He decides to to try to kill “Squirrelflights” children, to get revenge, and Squirrelflight, in an attempt to save them reveals that Leafpool is actually the three’s mother. Then in TBC, he decides that he still can’t take no and decided to come back, except now he’s just….absolutely and completely horrible.
Now we reach why I hate him.
1. He couldn’t take no.
Squilf gives hints that she doesn’t want to be his mate, but because Ashfur is Ashfur he ignores those, and acts like a victim when she chooses Brambleclaw. Grow up. Squirrelflight is not yours to control. (also ashfur haters, by saying that Squirrelflight should have spared ashfur’s feelings, the only way she would have been able to do that is by becoming ashfur’s mate, and are you really about to force somecat into a relationship that they don’t (however much they made it unclear towards the person) want to be in? Plus, even if squirrelflight was direct, ashfur still would have thrown a tantrum and cause the TBC drama)
2. He led Firestar to lose a life.
In TNP, he aids Hawkfrost (I was about to write Hawk Moth XD) to lead firestar in a trap, causing him to lose a life and maybe more if Brambleclaw hadn’t come to the rescue. Just because Firestar has 9 lives does not mean he gets to get away with it. If it were another clanmate, they’d be permanently dead. Then he tries to blame Brambleclaw. And he’s not a fluff brained apprentice, he’s a young warrior.
3. Attempted murder of the three
I really can’t believe Starclan. Even if Ashfur didn’t kill them, he attempted to. He intended to, and wouldn’t hesitate if he got the chance. Plus the fact he made his leader lose a life.
Also, just because they are cats doesn’t make it a difference. In Warriors, they are cats who behave like human beings.
Imagine yourself in Squirrelflight’s situation. You have to make a journey with some people, and you grow really close with one of them. Then you get back home, and get into a fight with that person. You become friends with another person, but you don’t have a connection with them that you did with Person A. They try to hit on you, and convince you to marry them instead of Person A. You, being polite, try to give hints that no, you are not interested. But person B ignores the hints, and still tries. At this point, you have grown close again with person A, and marry them/him/her. Person B does not like this and tries to murder your father and spouse so that you will feel the pain that they did, and marry person B again. This backfires. So, when your sister asks you to take care of their children since your sister and someone else eloped, Person B strikes again, hoping to kill your “children” so you will again feel the pain they did. When your building is on fire, they block the only exit. You and your nephews and nieces are about to burn and die. In a attempt to spare them, you reveal that they are your nephews.
Now back to the 4th reason I don’t like Ashfur so we can get back to the metaphor.
4th reason: TBC
Ashfur couldn’t take no, so he steals Brambleclaw’s body, manages to exile half of ThunderClan, and uses the fact that STarclan is missing. He then tries to kill Shadowsight, and is ready to fight any code breaker (many of whom were forgiven by starclan and now have full loyalty to their clan) who doesn’t leave. And expects Squirrelflight to love him. And if she doesn’t, then he tries to force her by using her loyalty to the clans.
Now let’s get back to the metaphor.
Person B steals your spouses body and poses as your spouse, then cracks down on the district of the town (district=clan town=clan territory). Anyone who has broken the law, from switching districts to having a spouse/children in/with another person in another district to just being the offspring of two districts, are exiled, even thought they have been forgiven by the spirits of your ancestors and their district means everything to them. Then, Person B manages to make other people in the other districts follow his rule, except for two. One rebel is attacked by Person B and left to die, because while he was originally on Person B’s side, then switched. All while using the excuse that no one has been able to contact their ancestors. While Person B is in jail while the leaders of each district and two rebels who can see ghosts and originally saw the spirit of Person A before it disappeared, Person B threatens you that unless you agree to marry him, everyone will suffer. And you believe him, because somehow he can make his spirit leave his body, and knows how to get contact of your ancestors back.
Ashfur did everything I just stated in above metaphor. How would this be okay in real life? This happened in Warriors, where cats behave like humans.
In conclusion, Ashfur sucks and couldn’t take no, so he decides to take revenge on everyone and try to force Squilf to be his mate. (although that backfired.)

Anyways, I hope this article changed your mind on Ashfur!


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    but yeah! the article was really good!

    I also don’t get how he acted all normal and suddenly he’s like a villain? I don’t know- I’m rereading TNP and it’s just weird. I don’t know if he’s just so good at faking it but I found it kinda weird how he was suddenly like a crazy lunatic, haha.
    Great article! I completely agree- he’s totally evil

  • I liked Ashfur before he became a maniac, it was heartwarming to see how if squirrelflight got into the smallest bit of trouble he would literally fly into the scene

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