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My Favorite Cat’s And Why by Stormpaw

Stormpaw lists their favourite characters from the series.

Art by SophieDog14

Stormi again! So I’m just gonna list all of my fav cat’s super quick and we can delve deeper.

1.) Bristlefrost
2.) Needletail
3.) Ivypool
4.) Moonlight
5.) Moth Flight
6.) Squirrelflight/Leafpool

Let’s start with Bristlefrost at the top; why I love her is because she is a very loyal cat and wanted to prove herself to Bramblestar so much, but he was actually an imposter and ofc she didn’t know that. And I liked all of her struggles (accepting that Stemleaf loved Spotfur and not her even though she had been pining over him for so long, and it was hard to have all this distrust aimed at her when all she had been trying to do was obey her leader). Bristlefrost was young to be made a warrior, so it made sense that she wanted to prove her loyalty; and young can also mean naïve. And I love Bristlefrost’s determination and grit, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was chosen as the next ThunderClan deputy later on in the book’s. (I really wanted the BristlexStem ship to come true, but BristlexRoot is cute too).

Now I realize that Needletail wasn’t very popular as an apprentice but her personality grew a lot more developed and understood. At first I really disliked her, but then I grew to love her. She sided with Darktail at first, but that was because she felt like a loner in her own clan, and The Kin made her feel welcome and noticed. Because when Needletail became friends with Violetshine, Needletail told her when she was a kit that she knew what it felt like to be all alone. So just like Violetshine, she went along with the only cat’s who made her feel deserved.
And in the end she even sacrificed herself to save Violetshine’s life, and when I read that part I literally cried cause it was so sad.
This is my favorite map about Needletail UNRAVEL || 2-Week Needletail MAP – Bing video

Same with Bristlefrost, I liked Ivypool’s struggles, and how she had to pretend in the df just like Bristlefrost had to pretend with the imposter. And for some reason I like cat’s who have had one paw on the evil side but they aren’t entirely evil and can still be considered as innocent.
Ivypool was a loyal warrior at heart, but I respected her so much because of her fierceness. And it took guts to kill Antpelt when she hadn’t wanted to; and she did it just so she could remain a spy in the df. So I really liked the part when she was forced to kill Antpelt.
My favorite map for Ivypool is Ain’t It Fun?【Ivypool || PMV】 – Bing video warning: blood/gore

Ah, Moonlight. We don’t know a lot about her except for what it showed in Squirrelflight’s Hope, but I really liked her personality in that book. She was very stubborn and the Sister’s looked up to her like a leader because she was fair and smart, and I respected her pride in refusing to back down from the clan’s even when she was told that she would be outnumbered. But even though she could be savage, she never looked for trouble unlike the clan cat’s seem to do. She was kind to Squirrelflight and Leafstar when they were discovered, and only showed authority when needed. It was just refreshing to meet a cat other than clan-born that could be very respected.

Moth Flight was the first medicine cat ever, and her personality was great. She was kind, reasonable, and didn’t let other’s opinions sway her own. She was true to her heart, and became a very important cat in the clan’s. (And I love the MothxMicah ship). But I was a bit disappointed in Squirrelflight’s Hope when Moth Flight was given a whole different personality and treated Leafpool harshly when she was brought to judgement.

I put Squirrelflight and Leafpool together because they were so close as sisters that it just kind of made sense, you know? And I really didn’t want to put them at the bottom but they’ve just always ended up there, idk why.
So let’s talk about Squirrelflight; when she was an apprentice she was kind of annoying because of her energetic vibes, but I grew to respect her a ton and really like her character. At times she could be outstandish and loud, but that’s what made her character so exciting and not as boring as other cat’s character’s who grew older in the series.
Squirrelflight has always been shown as a good judge of character, fair, and could keep a good relationship with a cat, but at time’s she’s snappish and curt when in a mood, and that’s just what I love about her. I love the mix of personalities, and she deserves to be the leader of ThunderClan. And her sister Leafpool is like the opposite of her and not as exciting, but she’s just that kind of character you love. Leafpool is fair-minded, never quick to judge, and very forgiving. It’s like you can talk to her about anything, and she’ll understand. When she died all of the clan’s mourned her because she was so respected among them despite her affair with Crowfeather. (LeafxCrow forever).

And this is where the article ends! It was really fun writing this because I was kinda able to help myself see why I actually did like those cat’s.

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