Why I hate Onestar by Sunfur

Sunfur shares their opinion on Onestar.

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This is Sunfur with my second article (yes I will be counting). Today I want to give my honest opinion on why Onestar is my absolute LEAST FAVORITE character.

1. He is on the wrong side
Now if you are a big fan of warriors you would notice that almost every villain has the same base plan. Now I’m not trying to say that the characters are not creative or anything like that, but they mostly have the same plan.
Act like you do no harm
Get some power over everyone because they think you’re harmless
Launch a big surprise out of nowhere and win over the clans

This comes all back to Onestar because he was the most active, let’s say the 3rd or fourth series. During that time out of all the leaders, he started a lot of the battles. More than you think if you hadn’t read those books for a long time. But then all of a sudden it stops. No more battles for a long time. Just silence. It could have been the perfect time for him to try to take over the clans but he doesn’t do anything until his death. He launches so many attacks just like any bad guy would want to do but it just stops. Not another attack for quite a period at a time.

2. He does the same thing
Remember how I said everything about his active time. In that active time, he just keeps on doing attacks over and over again. If you don’t know why that seems so bad sense warriors is a teenager series imagine this. A book has lots of blood and violence but the blood and violence just keep on going over and over again by the same person, usually in the same place, and barely anyone changes strategy. Now imagine that book was Onestar and he does the same thing over and over again. Books with only the climax start to get boring unless the author can pull it off. And even with the author pulling it off the reason the same person keeps on doing it might even be a bigger problem.

And finally

3. He doesn’t die
Any good character has to at least have a close call to death. Onestar has had so many battles so many conflicts and he rarely gets close to death. He has made so many battles but still grows older than Firestar. These possibilities seem low, but they still work out. He even almost made it to the new series which still seems like too long for him to live.

And that is the end of my second article. Longer than I thought. Bye, all you Blogclanners, Starclan light your path, thank you for listening, and Sunfur is out.

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