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Problems with Starclan by Wolfwing

Wolfwing points out some things about the afterlives in the Warrior Cats universe.

Okay, so today we are going to look at all of the problems with Starclan and the Dark Forest, since there are a lot.

Right now, this is basically the rotation of Starclan:

The warrior cat is born
The warrior cat dies
The warrior cat goes to starclan
The warrior cat fades away when everyone forgets them, OR they get murdered by a ghost or living cat (Depending on the situation)
The warrior cat is ripped from all its memories, feelings, and soul and they get shoved into the body of a new living cat.

Given what has happened in the books before, this makes no sense.

On a surface level, its a little harsh, but it makes some sense. But looking at the books and the way things are written it just doesn’t work.

For example, cats like Skystar are still kicking, but Mapleshade is fading away. The thing that makes this weird is that in the books it doesn’t specify if the cats that remember you have to be alive or not, and if they have to be alive, then cats like Rainwhisker or Shrewpaw might not have made it to Starclan at all. If this is true, then Starclan would be a lot smaller and only cats like Firestar and Tallstar would be there. In any series past The Prophecies begin, cats like Whitestorm would probably have faded away by now, which begs the question why they are still there. And, if the cats that remember them don’t have to be living, then literally no one in starclan would be fading away because all of their family and friends are there to remember them. This is also, again, confusing with Mapleshade since Crookedstar, Appledusk, and her kits would have remembered her. In my opinion, fading should be scrapped completely, but I do think that the ghosts being able to be murdered if they are in the physical world is a nice touch.

What’s also odd is the fact that ghosts being able to murder each other is that it wasn’t a plot point before Omen of the Stars, and the only reason they added it was to get rid of extra love interests like Spottedleaf. This isn’t a great reason to add something this major to the books in my opinoin… but I’m not going to sit here and criticize the authors, since that isn’t the topic.

The reincarnation thing is weird also. You are ripping a cat from their memories and past just to shove into a new body. And what about all the cats that knew them before? I think that reincarnation would be better if it was a choice.

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    • Yeah, I know, I just mean before anyone but the cat at the gorge remembered them(What was his name> Skysazer? Stargazer? I don’t know). And he only remembered that the clan existed, so maybe you only have to remember the clan to keep cats alive?

  • I also think the reincarnation is messed up. When they go to StarClan, a lot of cats are reuniting with dead friends/family they haven’t seen in a while, or don’t even know. It isn’t fair to them, or any cat, that they should be forced to become someone else, and leave their former selves behind. Also, many cats are happier in StarClan than they were in real life, and don’t want to go back to their old world, even as someone else. They should be allowed to rest in peace, not be forced to forget all they know to become someone else! Just seems unfair. 🙁 It should definitely be the choice of the cat to be reincarnated. Hopefully the authors will rethink this?

  • It’s so sad that the cats fade away. Spottedleaf’s second death was pretty sad. Feathertail was not in the battle though, I wonder where she was

    • The tribe of endless hunting? Also, she never got skilled enough to fight against such strong and skilled Dark Forest warriors because she died as an apprentice. When Feathertail killed Sharptooth, she didn’t fight them off with just fang and claw. It was more method than strength. But you need strength to fight a full grown, trained, and vicious Dark Forest warrior.

  • This is how I think it works:
    Warrior cat born
    Warrior cat lives
    Warrior cat dies
    Warrior cat does to Starclan or Dark Forest
    Warrior cat stays there until they are not important to the story
    Warrior cat fades or gets killed

  • Well, Skystar and the other Clan founders sort of live on in the collective memory of the Clans. They’re famous.
    Also, is it canon that when a cat fades away, s/he is reincarnated? I thought that only happened with Cinderheart.

    • I mean, you’ve got Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Dovewing. I know that one of the authors said that they think it is, the books haven’t said anything so🤷

  • Since a lot of people pointed this out about Skystar, this article was written before I read A Vision of Shadows. I knew that Skystar had existed, but before Firestar brought them back, only the clan was remembered by one cat(Who’s name I can’t remember for the life of me). So that’s why I was confused.

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