5 Reasons Why Bright Stream Should Not Have Died by Midnightpaw

Midnightpaw shares why they think Bright Stream shouldn’t have died.

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This is my first article, so here we go. I’m Midnightpaw.

1. It would have saved Clear Sky a lot of mate drama.
I don’t like Clear Sky in general, and I definitely did not like all the drama with him being with 3 different mates. If Bright Stream had lived, he could have just stayed with her and had 2 or 3 litters of kittens, and it would have been really sweet and hey, I might have even liked Clear Sky more. And I thought it was pretty bad that he stole Storm from Gray Wing, his brother, and stole Star Flower from Thunder. I don’t like Star Flower. She’s a Mary Sue, flip flops between good and evil, and sorta seemed to be “the answer to all our problems” for Thunder. Wait, I’m not here to rant about Star Flower. Let’s move on to number 2!

2. IT WAS PREVENTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Clear Sky should not have let her decoy killer eagles while she was expecting! That’s just… ridiculous. I’m not big on toms pampering their mates while they’re expecting (or any other time, for that matter) but this was just common sense. I feel like Clear Sky really struggled with knowing how you should treat your mate, and that he was not protective enough of Bright Stream, but overprotective of Storm and Star Flower. Bright Stream should not have even been involved in the eagle fight.

3. It was really sad, because they were so close to being safe.
They left the mountains to find more food and to be safe from the dangers of the mountains. They were almost out of the mountains… and BOOM, one of the cats dies a mountain death. I like having some sad emotions in the books, because it would be boring if it was all sunshine and lollipops. But for me, this was just far too…sad.

4. It wasn’t fair to Bright Stream’s unborn kits.
This was, in my opinion, the saddest death I have read about so far. It was just very unfair to her kits because they had no control over anything. That’s all I can say.

5. The kits would have been a great start for their new home.
It would have been very interesting to read about the kits being born and growing up in their new home. I think it would have made a great story if they got to their new home, and then Bright Stream had her kits the same day. The kits would always admire Clear Sky and Bright Stream for making the difficult journey so their kits would have a better life. plus, it would be nice to have another litter of pure-blooded mountain kits.

NOTE: I’m don’t want to sound whiny and mean, that is not the purpose of this article. I’m just sharing my opinion, so if you have a different opinion, that is fine with me!
Bye! I hope you enjoyed this article, and I look forward to writing many more!

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  • 1. Agreed, even if Clear Sky is a foxheart.

    2. Ya! The Tribe Of Rushing Water has been said to hunt eagles. And Riverclan could hunt harons, if they wanted to.

    3. Well, that doesn’t change anything. Many cats die in warrior cats, and why would it be different for Bright Stream?

    4. Ya. . .But I’m not sure it’s the saddest death. Personally I think Needletail’s, Hollyleaf’s, Yellowfang’s, Silverstream’s, Willowbreeze’s and her kit’s deathes, are some of the saddest ones.

    5. Yes, exactly! It would have been a better story if the kits had been born before the journey, and then saved by Clear Sky or Gray Wing when the eagle came down. They would have still been alive, but not changing much of the plot.

  • Great article Midnightpaw! I completely agree! Bright Stream was one of my favorite DotC characters. I cried buckets when she died. I absolutely despise Clear Sky and Star Flower. On their own, they are awful. Together, they are insufferable!

  • Amazing article! I love all the points you made and I agree wholeheartedly. C:

  • I wish she hadn’t died. I was translating Bright Stream’s Death and I just… I got attached to her then. And she was pregnant!

  • On the second point it was actually Bright Stream who said that she could help drive away the eagles, Clear Sky tried to not allow her but she insisted.

  • Great first article, Midnight! And yeah, it was stupid that Bright Stream died, but…
    If she hadnt died, would Clear Sky have paid any attention to the ghost cats? (I ‘m calling them that bc they werent Starclan yet.) So, i think the Erins had a good bait on the Hook of Believing bc Bright Stream DEFINITELY got Clear Sky’s attention. Again, great 1st article!

  • I agree!! For me, Bright Stream’s death was one of the saddest too. I felt soooooo sad about her unborn kits. I didn’t like Clear Sky, but, like you, I think I would have liked him better if he had ended up with Bright Stream. Great article!

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