Greek gods and goddesses as warrior cats by Birchfeather

Birchfeather puts deities from Ancient Greece in the Warriors universe.

Picture of the sculptures atop the Academy of Athens (photographer unknown)

Welcome to my first article, cats of BlogClan!
Today I want to share my thoughts about how ancient Greek gods and goddesses would be called as warriors, how I imagine their appearance and what their positions would be. I’m also going to add a little bit of information about each god and goddess to make my decisions more plausible. So let’s go, I hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂
1. Zeus
Lightningstar (-fur): big, white tom with brown, jagged spots and dark blue eyes
Zeus is the god of the sky and of storms and he’s got a lightning bold as weapon. He’s the king of all gods, therefore it would only make sense to make him a leader as well, even though he usually doesn’t act very smartly and is often selfish.

2. Hera
Peacockcry: dark red she-cat with long fur
The peacock is Hera’s sacred animal. She’s the goddess of marriage and family, so she’d probably be a queen. Yet her personality is quite eccentric and she can be very cruel.

3. Poseidon
Wavestar (-leap): blue grey, long furred tom with white paws (like from sea foam :D)
He’s the ruler of all seas and the god of horses. I imagine him as a reasonable and fair leader who always listens to his warriors.

4. Hades
Shadowstar (-shine): skinny, long legged, black tom with sparkling red eyes (like gems)
Hades is the god of wealth and the ruler of Underworld, so I’d make him a leader. I feel like he’d always put his clan in first place and, if necessary, he would also make difficult decisions without twitching a whisker.

5. Demeter
Wheatrain: light red and white she-cat
She’s the goddess of growth and fertility and I see her as a strong and loyal warrior with some knowledge of herbs.

6. Aphrodite
Doveblossom: soft, white she-cat
Aphrodite’s the goddess of love and beauty, her sacred animal is the dove. If she were a clan cat, she’d be a warrior or a queen, but I think she’d enjoy the life of a kittypet more.

7. Hestia
Honeymist: sand-coloured she-cat
She’s the virgin goddess of hearth fire, all other gods love her and she’s always kind and sensitive, which makes her a perfect medicine cat in my opinion.

8. Artemis
Moonclaw: silver tabby with ice blue eyes
Artemis is the goddess of the mood and of archery and a fighter through and through, so I think she’d be a deputy and a great leader one day. She reminds me a little bit of Ivypool.

9. Apollo
Sunsong: golden tabby tom with amber eyes
He’s the god of the sun, music and archery like his sister Artemis. He may be one of the most narcissistic gods, so I picture him as a kind of Berrynose – like warrior, but more skilled.

10. Athena
Owlfeather: long furred she-cat with grey-brown, speckled pelt and grey eyes
Athena’s the goddess of wisdom and warfare, the owl’s her sacred animal. I think she’d be a deputy due to her strategical skills and would serve her clan well and be a great help for her leader.

11. Ares
Bloodbreeze: scarred, smoky grey tom
He’s basically the god of war, massacre and bloodthirst which makes him rather a rogue than a warrior.

12. Dionysos
Grapesong: black and white tom
Dionysos is the god of wine and feasts, so he’s probably got a rather pleasurably personality but I think he’d still make a fine warrior and always entertain his clanmates.

13. Hermes
Skyflight: white tom with brown tail and paws
He’s the messenger of the gods and he’s got special shoes that give him the ability to fly. I think he’d be a swift warrior with skills similar to those of WindClan cats.

14. Hephaestos
Stonefire: dark grey tom with deformed paws
Hephaestos is the god of fire and metalworking and he was born with kind of crippled limbs which would probably make it impossible for him to become a warrior. Yet he’s smart and has the best ideas, and I’m sure these are perfect qualifications for medicine cat work.

15. Hecate
Nightwhisper: long furred, black she-cat
Hecate is the goddess of magic and witchcraft and I love the idea of a somehow mysterious medicine cat with maybe even special powers.

That’s pretty much it…let me know other names for these gods and goddesses, I’d really love to hear them!

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