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Defending Hollyleaf by Daykit

Daykit shares their opinion on Hollyleaf.

Art by Marshcold

Today I shall defend one of my favorite characters: Hollyleaf
Now sometimes I don’t understand why they give her hate! She is a great character, has good lore(i watch mcyt so i just say lore) AND has made one of the best ships ever! Fallen X Holly. But: I will rant so here we go! Defending Hollyleaf, let’s do this. (pot and hollyleaf’s something spoilers) Oh: and also thank you to Jaypaw for motivating me to do this. You’ve made me more excited to do this than I would.

“I hate Hollyleaf because she tried to poison Leafpool”
Ok, listen here everyone who says this. SHE HAD A REASON TO DO THIS. If you were very loyal to the code and found out your birth was everything against it would you be mad? I would. Hollyleaf was EXTREMELY loyal to the code and she tried to not break it. But when she heard that basically existing was against it, she lost it. But that will lead me into the next rant

“I hate Hollyleaf because she killed an innocent cat”

Ok, listen listen. ASHFUR IS NOWHERE NEAR INNOCENT!! Out of wrath of causing Squirrelflight to expose Leafpool she killed him! As Jaypaw says in her or his or their article:
So Ashfur threatened to kill the kits, Squirrel blurted that they weren’t hers, and Ash threatened to reveal it at a Gathering. Here is where I start to hate Holly. If she had just killed Ash, I wouldn’t like her, but I would understand where she was coming from. But the fact that: She killed him, then went and REVEALED IT HERSELF SO HE DIED FOR NO REASON. Then, she found out Leafpool was her mother, that made Bramble angy, he broke up with Squirrel, and then Hollyleaf tried to make Leafpool eat DEATHBERRIES. Then, they went looking for Sol, tried to blame HIM for the murder when he was innocent, (well, innocent for THAT), and then she ran away, and made everyone worry about her. Seriously, WHY IS SHE IN STARCLAN I MEAN, SHE IS JUST AS BAD AS MAPLESHADE AND TIGERSTAR.

Sheeeeesh. Ok: listen up. Hollyleaf is absolutely NOWHERE near as evil as Tigerstar and Mapleshade. Tigerstar killed two cats.. Mapleshade killed three. Hollyleaf only killed one!
AND SHE REGRETTED IT unlike those other two. Plus: Ashfur literally deserved to die. Now time to move on to some off topic stuff why you shouldn’t hate Holly.

1. She has made a good ship: Fallen X Holly

2. LORE! As someone who gets all her information from spoilers and has only finished Fire and Ice, I’m more excited for it then I would be with Technoblade lore.

3. She made us all cry! Her death was sad enough to make most of us cry! Most of us!


5. before DotC I’m pretty sure she introduced : **Ancient Cats**

THANK YOU for reading my big rant I hope you had enough time to read all of it. I hope I changed your mind and correct me on any mistakes, I have not read Hollyleaf’s something or PoT.

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  • I don’t think that’s she’s completely evil, but she certainly isn’t good. I honestly think that they should have made her turn evil. Like the jealousy and spite and envy and anger could have made her turn. I also think she should have tried to kill dovewing secretly and reclaim her place in the three.
    I know most people would disagree but I think it would make the arc more interesting

  • FINALLY there’s someone who supports Hollyleaf! I completely agree, and if I was a character and found out my parents weren’t my parents, well, I guess I’d jump straight out of the Warriors book and destroy it

    Great article and the picture is amazinggg

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