[Bramblestar and Squirrelflight bare their teeth at each other angrily]

Is Bramblestar . . . abusive to Squirrelflight? by Mistshade

Mistshade shares their opinion of Bramblestar and Squirrelflight’s relationship.

Art by Sadie Pryor

Okay, okay, you clicked it. This is a serious topic that I have been thinking about for the past few days. After re-reading a few books and whatnot, your friend Mistshade will(hopefully) work out this.

Okay, so. We all know Bramblestar as the warrior that Firestar appointed as deputy late after Graystripe disappeared. We know that he became leader in the end of ‘The Last Hope’ the last book in ‘Omen of the Stars’, the last book that I have read so far. Fine, that last sentance wasn’t true, I just wanted to say ‘last’ again. Anyway, I did re-read it recently.

So, I’m gonna give your five reasons why people may think that Bramblestar is abusive to Squirrelflight. Then, I’m going to try to back up Bramblestar. {Keep in mind, however, that SquirrelxBramble is my favorite warriors ship}

1. Bramblestar always has to be right. So, yeah. As we have seen throughout the story is that when Bramblestar says something, it’s like, word. He’s very dogmatic about the things that he does. Thus, when it comes to trying to agrue with him, you won’t get out of the conversation feeling too good. And thus, Squirrelflight gets a lot of that.

2. Bramblestar doesn’t listen to her much. So there has been times that, Squirrelflight, as deputy, have been rejected of her reasonings and forced to do what Bramblestar wants to do. For example, in ‘Brambleclaw’s Storm’, Squirrelflight didn’t have much word in when Bramblestar decided to help Tawnypelt. This and a lot of others situations happened to her.

3. Bramblestar takes no notice of some of her feelings. Sometimes, Bramblestar won’t even see her, completly ignore what is going on in her head, and just focus on himself and the Clan. It’s difficult to be mates with the SON of Tigerstar. And even though Squirrelflight is stubborn, Bramblestar is strong and overpowering.

4. Bramblestar decides when Squirrelflight is forgiven. So, as you may or may not have seen, Squirrelflight forgives Bramblestar pretty quickly when he goes off with Hawkfrost(The guy who almost killed her beloved father) and trains in the Dark Forest. BTW, I am reffering to the last book in ‘The New Prophecy’. And then, when Squirrelflight is literally just trying to keep her sister from being a scorn(Influenced by YellowFang herself) in front of all the Clans, Bramblestar COMPLETELY ingnores her for SIX BOOKS! {We see the Mistshade in her natural habitat, raging about something she cannot stand about Bramblestar}

5. Bramblestar is over-all just forceful. You can tell that he gets his way in a lot of things. No questions asked. In ‘Squirrelflight’s Hope’, her honor as deputy is almost completely ignored. I mean, she’s not a ‘paw anymore. Bramblestar is in fact leader, but his deputy is very important, especially his mate.

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