Why Thistleclaw Was Better Than Tigerstar by Rabbitkit

Rabbitkit compares Thistleclaw and Tigerstar.

Art by Warrior-Junkie

Okay so heyo, Rabbitkit is back again, this time talking about why Thisteclaw was a better cat than Tigerstar. Spoilers for Tigerclaw’s Fury and Bluestar’s Prophecy. So yeah anyway let’s get started!

First Point: Mates and Kits
Tigerstar had two known mates and five kits. Thistleclaw had one mate and one kit.

Tigerstar’s mates and kits:
Goldenflower – He didn’t seem to think much about Goldenflower, except that she would be a good mother for his kits. Their love was pretty bland.
Sasha – Tigerstar seemed to love her genuinely, but then she ran away from him because he was evil. This is a good cause, except most loyal mates would stick by and support each other, so Sasha obviously didn’t trust him much.
Bramblestar and Tawnypelt – Tigerstar didn’t seem to love them because they were his kits, he just seemed to be crazed about evilness and how they would succeed him and haha, evil plans.
Hawkfrost and Mothwing – Hawkfrost, he bothered to train, probably for the reasons I stated for Bramblestar and Tawnypelt. He plain ignored Mothwing.

Thistleclaw’s mate and kit:
Snowfur – Thistleclaw seemed to genuinly love and care for Snowfur, bringing her huge amounts of moss, showing her affection everywhere, and seeming highly upset when she died on the Thunderpath. Their relationship beats TigerXGolden and TigerXSasha.
Whitestorm – Thistleclaw did seem to care about his kit, calling him beautiful at birth. I feel that when he trained Whitekit, he wanted him to be the best warrior he could be and be able to defend himself, instead of having malicious intentions.

Second Point: Ambition
Tigerstar’s and Thistleclaw’s ambition were practically the same, but let’s look at them seperately and see exactly what the difference is.

Tigerstar’s Ambition:
Tigerstar was fueled at first by his father’s betrayal to be evil and become leader, and we can see Mapleshade mistling him in Tigerclaw’s Fury about how he would never betray his clan like Pinestar did.
Also, Thistleclaw taught him how to fight maliciously, and never be weak, and things that made him evil. Finally, Tigerclaw decided to attack Bluestar to try and become the ThunderClan leader. When that didn’t work, he decided to took over ShadowClan.

Thistleclaw’s Ambition:
Thistleclaw also wanted to become leader and make ThunderClan feared, except there’s a main difference between Thistleclaw and Tigerstar: Thistelclaw never acted on his ambition. In Tigerclaw’s Fury, Tigerclaw even thought that Thistelclaw would never dare attack his leader! He must have been more good than Tigerstar if he didn’t actually ever commit homicide

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  • Um, have you read Spottedleaf’s Heart? Thistleclaw is a FAR WORSE to Spottedleaf than Tigerstar was to ANY of his mates. But the ambition part is a fair point. Good job! :]

  • I mean I guess he would be ok without the while spottedleaf thing
    Idk maybe I just really dislike thistleclaw

  • Thistleclaw is a horrible person and he’s a child predator, but I will not rant on it, I feel there will be a lot of other comments on this issue. I wanted to establish that he was an exact same kind of father Tigerstar was. Tigerstar also ‘loved’ his kits when they were powerful and by his side, but quickly stopped ‘loving’ them when they didn’t follow his plan, and said Mothwing was wasting herself as a medicine cat. Thistleclaw ‘loved’ Whitekit and trued to train him, but let his apprentice hurt his son during a training session, leaving Whitepaw with a scar behind his ear, and I heard that he calls him weak in Crookedstar’s SE.

  • Cool article! You made awesome points and I agree with the ambition part, however I found Thistleclaw very disgusting and horrible in Spottedleaf’s heart, worse than Tigerclaw.

  • Tigerstar was a lot of things, but at least he wasn’t a pedophile. Meanwhile, Thistleclaw actively pressured and stalked Spttedleaf, which I noticed is one thing hat you conveniently ignored in your article.

  • “Thistelclaw never acted on his ambition.”
    “Tigerclaw even thought Thistelclaw would never dare attack his leader!”

    *thistleclaw wanted to be leader and cause 200 wars and spill blood, he once threatened oakheart saying he was going to mark the borders with blood and laughed like a maniac, and played innocent when asked what he was doing*