A Look at The Cats Who Trained In The Dark Forest – ThunderClan by Rabbitkit

Rabbitkit takes a look at the ThunderClan cats who trained in the Dark Forest and their stories for doing so.

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

Rabbitkit is back again, this time talking about the ThunderClan cats who trained in the Dark Forest! Did they have a reason? What was the point? So yeah. Anyway, going into the article! SPOILERS FOR OOTS.

#1: Ivypool
We all know what happened with Ivypool. First, she got jealous of her sister and decide to train with some evil cats to get better at fighting and hunting. But then, she realized that she had been wrong all along and started “spying”. Mostly, Ivypool’s motive was jealousy, but she stepped out of the DF anyway, so she’s clear.

#2: Mousewhisker
Nobody really knows why Mousewhisker got recruited. However, I like to think that
1. He felt angry that his littermate with a ruined tail got the deputy as a mentor.
2. Minnowtail was training in the DF too, so maybe he wanted to be with her.
3. He had some blame to take on Cinderheart’s injured leg. Maybe he felt guilty.
Although, most DF trainees were just there to get better at fighting, so maybe that too.

#3: Blossomfall
Blossomfall got recruited because she was jealous that Millie payed more attention to Briarlight than her.
Now, while I understand her jealousy, this reason was just plain unreasonable. Briarlight was crippled and could not walk normally. Millie was just looking out for her–but I do believe that Millie could’ve gone easier on Blossomfall. However, Millie didn’t really pa attention to Bumblestripe either, and he didn’t make a big deal out of it. In conclusion, Blossomfall didn’t really have a good reason to be there, but I do like her.

#4: Thornclaw
Most DF trainees were there to get better training. But Thornclaw doesn’t get to use that reason: He was a senior warrior! He’d been alive since Firestar came to the Clans! So why exactly was he there? My theory was that he wanted to be more than just a patrol guy and wanted cats to notice him. (Unrelated to why he was there: I know Thornclaw is too old for Blossomfall, but I think their relationship kindled when they were in the DF, and I kind of ship them)

#5: Birchfall
I’m pretty sure Birchfall was there to get better training, so we can just leave him, but we could also say that Birchfall was comfortable knowing Ivypool was there and decided to stay. Birchfall was kind of plain.

Okay so that was my analysis on the cats who trained in the DF: ThunderClan edition! I don’t really know how to end an article so buy!

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