What is the Eighth Arc about? by Rockpelt

Rockpelt shares their theory on what the next arc after The Broken Code could be about.

Official art from the official Warrior Cats site (Illustrator: Wayne McLoughlin)

Hiya! This is Rockpelt with my theory mode turned all the way up. Recently, we’ve heard news of the upcoming eighth arc. Today I’m going to theorize exactly what type of thing this arc could be dealing with.
Let’s start with what we know. First off, the dark forest and the starclan cats would have already teamed up. (as seen in the teaser for A Light in the Mist.) Rejoice Mapleshade lovers! This could hint that some of your favorite Dark Forest cats could be moving to Starclan.
Second, the line between the physical and spiritual realms have become… muddled. Cats like Shawdowsight, Rootspring, Tree and Jayfeather (formerly) brought the boundaries between the Spiritual realm and Physical realm to its knees. Shadowsight discovered a way for any cat to get into the Dark Forest very easily. We already know that the Spiritual cats have the ability to travel in and out of their different locations into the mortal world very easily. With mortals able to do this, what’s the point? I think communion between the spirits and mortal cats will become more, and more common in this new arc.
Third, the Warrior Code is going to undertake some serious changes. This is a direct quote from the title/cover reveal that was dropped on the Warriors website: “ As their leaders deliberate on unprecedented changes to the warrior code, three young warriors set their paws on the paths that will decide their futures.” It literally states right there that things will be changing.
We also know that the authors like to incorporate what the community thinks into their books. Rootsprings’s name was chosen from a community poll. In the warrior community, a lot of debate has been going on about whether or not it’s right for medicine cats to have mates, (That’s an article for another day.) and the last two arcs have been questioning whether or not it’s right to take mates from other clans.
Let’s use Tigerstar and Dovewing, as an example. Tigerstar takes Dovewing as a mate then proceeds to become clan leader. He sets the example for his clan. Now with Bristlefrost and Rootspring inevitably going to become two of the most influential cats in the clans things are going to get… confusing.
The two of them and Tigerstar, who all have taken a mate from another clan, not to mention Graystripe who has recently had a Superedition and seems to have an important role to play. All of them could bring the warrior code to its knees, especially after the groundbreaking events that will happen.
Suffice it to say I think that cats will be able to have mates outside of clans. Whether or not that is a wise choice is an article for another day. As you can see the teaser also says that the leaders are going to be working out the logistics of the code.
I’ll just pop the basic Warrior Cats formula into these things and bang! We have our theory.
The clans will be in peace for some time. Bristlefrost and Rootpaw will be happy together. The five clans will propose some changes and the change of mates between clans being allowed will begin. All the clan leaders will agree except for one. Mistystar will probably be the one to disagree based on the fact that she’s old, more prone to her old way of life, and that she’s the cat on the cover of River. Some squabbles will happen.Things will get really tense between the clans, but as they’re fighting a new threat will arise. In the end the threat will become extremely powerful and will seek vengeance. I’m going to guess Sol’s coming back, as this could be the perfect time with the return of Skyclan. If Sol died all the better. Ghost cats are big now so yay!
Thatpretty much concludes my theory on what will happen in the first book. Comment on your own theories, or how wrong (or right) I was.

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  • Great article! I will be so happy if darkstripe and mapleshade go to starclan! Mapleshade because I want her to be with her kit’s, and darkstripe because of what he said to tigerstar in the prologue of starlight on page 2. “…Why is it always dark here? Where is the moon?…I thought we would be hunting across the sky with our warrior ancestors, and watching over our Clanmates.” just because of this, he knows what it’s like to be a starclan cat, and he wants it. This would make me so happy!

    • Honestly, I agree with you. Mapleshade deserves the Dark Forest. She took a mate from another Clan as though nothing bad would happen. She was a bad mother to her kits, and her expectations for them were just too high. She allowed her kits to cross a dangerously flooding river for the sake of reuniting with her mate, Appledusk. She kills three cats in revenge. She becomes a rogue and promises that she would haunt all of Appledusk’s descendants because of what someone else did, not what they did. She stole all of Crookedstar’s family and tricks him into making a life-changing promise. She manipulates Tigerstar into becoming evil. She kills Spottedleaf spiritually. Still, I do believe that Mapleshade should reunite with her kits and become redeemed, just like Mintfeather said! ~ Cloudy