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Problems with the Clans by Adderkit

Adderkit points out some flaws in the Clans.

Hello, warriors fans! This is Adderkit, and on this warm May day (though it may not be May by the time you read this article), I’ll be discussing certain problems with the Clans!

Ah, yes. This Clan steals prey, is weak, emotional, and vengeful. They seem to be always scared, always uninformed, and boring. Off of the top of my head, I couldn’t give two facts about Harestar, only that he’s a leader and he’s a tom. So I’d like to see more character development on his part. Maybe the character could have a sudden breakthrough, and get a prophecy or something? Anything that might make him more useful, I suppose.
They are plump, lazy, and “slow in mind.” In Mapleshade’s Vengeance, the current RiverClan leader appears to be cruel and unkind. Leopardstar was ambitious and helped Tigerstar, Riverstar (in a warriors guide I read) seemed to care only about the cats in his Clan, and Ivystar let kits drown, and Mistystar is a bit too old. I’m seeing RiverClan now as ambitious in a bad way, cruel, and with bad judgement. Poor RiverClan!
Welp. We could only hold off this bad boy for so long. ThunderClan gets in everyone’s business, and is WAY too helpful and goody-goody. In every single book, ThunderClan has to have at least one character “randomly” stomping through on a patrol or giving someone prey. Take “Tallstar’s Revenge”. Have you seen a “Firestar’s Revenge”? A “Dovewing’s Revenge”? A “Jayfeather’s Revenge”? A “Hollyleaf’s Revenge”? Unless you have info on secret, upcoming novels, then you realize the answer is no. And even when you do have ThunderClan villains, they are made understandable. Mapleshade (who I love, by the way): She has a cruel mate (from RiverClan; do I see more stereotypes?) and her kits drown. Thistleclaw: Mentored by Tigerstar. It’s not his fault. Which brings us to Tigerstar: It’s all Pinestar’s fault, whose actions can be justified too! Ashfur: He loved too much. Let’s see the only villains in ThunderClan being no longer villains in ThunderClan. Tigerstar left (to ShadowClan, may I add). Ashfur…well, um, anyway. Mapleshade’s considered a sort of rogue, I suppose.

I just read an article, and I’m pasting content from a reasonable comment from a cat name Rainpaw/spirit. Consider this comment for a minute:
“Now, when ThunderClan goes and helps him [Rowanstar] attack the badgers in Bramblestar’s Storm, he will have to snap back at them to stop meddling in their business. True, I know that was a little mean, but would you, as a proud cat, really want to see your Clan being helped by some other Clan who never asked permission to help you?”
I’m pretty sure Rowanstar, and other leaders, have asked/said at least multiple times before Bramblestar’s Storm that they don’t need help. Quite sure.
These are the opposite of ThunderClan. Think of all the good cats in ShadowClan. Yellowfang: Went to ThunderClan, so therefore ShadowClan is evil again. Tawnypelt: Anyone could say “her goodness came from being ThunderClan-born.” Can you think of five real villains who are not from ShadowClan, go to ShadowClan, or are associated with some way with ShadowClan (father/mother/sibling ShadowClan)? There aren’t very many. Mapleshade is really the only one. Tigerstar, Darktail, Hawkfrost, Sol, and all the others have some association with ShadowClan. Also, why do ShadowClanners always have scary, bad names? Foxheart, Yellowfang, Runningnose (who wants a nose that runs around?), Blackstar, Tigerheart (the Second)…
Well, this isn’t a bad Clan, actually. It has lots of character development, in my opinion, and quite interesting. My problem with it is that Leafstar is getting quite old.

Excuse me for this extremely long rant. I just wanted to discuss some problems. Please let me know what you think about the Clans! I’m excited to see your opinions! 🙂

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