Wings of Fire and Warriors similaritys by Stormstripe

Stormstripe compares characters from the series to the popular children’s book series, Wings of Fire.

Ok this is my first article so I hope you like it – Spoilers for almost every book –

Ok so in this article I am going to talk about what Wings of Fire characters and what warriors characters match

1: Firestar, for Firestar I would say that he matches with Clay because they are both leaders, have disappointing family members (Scourge, and Clay’s parents), and risk their lives for their friends and family (Clay: the dragonbite viper Firestar: Scourge, the rats, and all the other times he got killed).

2: Graystripe, for Graystripe I would say Queen Thorn or Starfight maybe. For those the reasons are, Queen Thorn: he will fight for his kits and won’t give them up. Starflight: he can be kind (not much of a similarity).

3: Sandstorm, for Sandstorm I would say Peril or Tsunami. Peril: I say Peril because they both can have a short temper. I say Tsunami because they both are really good fighters and take a lot of risks in fighting.

4: Ashfur, for Ashfur I am doing Darkstalker because these are the only two cats that use their power to control others of their own kind of animal and risk destroying the world.

5: Mistystar, for Mistystar I am doing Stonemover (I am doing a broken code). She is like Stonemover because she doesn’t know what to do and is losing a bit of her faith in StarClan also she is not thinking like a warrior (Banishing cats).

6: Tigerstar, for Tigerstar I am going to say Queen Wasp because they are both powerful, a dangerous enemy and are controlling. They both have a lot of followers (if gathered in different ways). They both kill without second thought and will kill anything that gets in her/his way.

7: Jayfeather, Jayfeather was hard but I decided on Tammerin. They have almost everything in common blind blue eyes, live in a forest, the only thing that is deferent is the way they talk Jayfeather, sharp and not gentle, meanwhile Tammerin talks kind and maybe a bit shy.

8: Lionblaze, Lionblaze is closest to Peril, both immune to any attack (weapons can still work on Peril and Lionblaze lost all his immunity but still immune), both a fierce temper (and a short one for Lionblaze).

9: Hollyleaf, Hollyleaf is hard, someone kind, fierce loyalty to their clan, and hypocritical. Hmmmm I don’t know if you have any ideas send them in the chat

10: Dovewing, Dovewing is like Sunny and Blaze and Stonemover and Kestrel combo she is cheerful hopeless, mean, and helpfulish cat with a confusing life.

Anyway these are 10 cats that have similar Wants of Fire characters. Hope you like it

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  • This was very interesting! Very original topic. :] But I don’t think that Jayfeather and Tamerin are very similar, their personalities are just about opposites. Good job though!

  • For Hollyleaf, I would say Qibli. Both are smart, kind, good thinkers, strategists, and betrayed by their own family. Hollyleaf was betrayed Ashfur (who tried to get her in trouble by revealing the secret). Meanwhile, Qibli was betrayed by Cobra (who neglected him and let him out of the family without a single excuse). Also, both Hollyleaf and Qibli had parents that weren’t very good parents. For Qibli, I just said it above. For Hollyleaf, well… you know the thing that happened with Leafpool. Anyway, I believe the only difference is just that Qibli has a lot less flaws than Hollyleaf, and Hollyleaf doesn’t have that great of a sense of humor (though, at least she has common sense). ~ Cloudy

  • Tsunami is also like Bramblestar in that she had to kill a member of her own family.

    1. Tsunami was forced to kill her own dad in book one

    2. Bramblestar killed Hawkfrost (His brother) to save his leader

  • Breezepelt his like Fierceteeth in that they both have poor/non-existent relationships with their half-brothers.

    While Riptide is like Bramblestar in that they’re distrusted by many of their neighbors for who their fathers are.