Defending Millie by Tansypool

Tansypool shares their opinion on Millie.

Art by fernsong22 (tumblr)

Hello! Tansypool here with her second article!
I honestly think Millie is WAY too hated for the cat she was, here are some reasons why I think she was, and why she shouldn’t be.

What Happened To Briarlight
I feel Millie was blamed for Blossompool going to the Dark Forest. But, I’m not sure it was all her fault. If your daughter had a tree fall on her hind legs, and she lost all use of them, I would imagine caring about her, and being VERY worried would be natural. Did you ever see Blossompool or Bumblestripe helping her to the fresh-kill pile? A good mother, with two, let’s face it, teen- bratty kits, would focus on the one who almost died, and is still in danger. Briarlight needed support. Her mother gave that to her. While she could also spend time with her other daughter and her son, she helped Briarlight in numerous ways. Blossompool went to the Dark Forest because she was upset that Briarlight was treated how she should be by her caring mother. Hawkfrost and Tigerstar helped that feeling of anger along, and soon Blossompool was blinded by sadness and rage. Bumblestripe had a fine time chasing after Dovewing, he didn’t get upset about his mother, even though she treated Blossompool and Bumblestripe the same way. So I think Blossompool just got too jealous of Briarlight.

Millie Mating With Graystripe after Silverstream
I think one of the reasons everyone hates Millie is that she helped Graystripe get over Silverstream? That was a good thing. Silverstream was a selfish, spoiled brat. She was spoiled by Crookedstar, and she didn’t even really have any feeling for him when she rescued his from drowning. Guess what? Millie returned him to his precious ThunderClan after he was captured. She stuck by him her whole life, even though they sometimes had arguments. She was a cat. No cats are perfect. Not Firestar, nor Spottedleaf, not even Silverstream. She had some flaws, but she meant well always.
She wanted to stay with her owner, but she knew she needed to help Graystripe. She saved his life 3 times, from overheating, she helped with hunting, and fighting off other cats, and she showed him his way home.

Being A “Bad Mother”
This is something I discussed earlier, and I think you can see by now I don’t believe to be true. That’s all I will say.

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  • I agree that millie is overhated, but I’m not entirely sure you addressed most of the reasons as to why. I do agree with some of what you said though.
    I honestly understand why millie snapped, all that stress was on her. I mean graystripe wasn’t there help out blossomfall or bumblestripe when he clearly should have been.
    Blossomfall made some pretty bad decisions instead of trying to communicate her problems to her mother, but I can see why she might’ve acted out.
    Millie genuinely was not able to handle everything well, which makes sense considering this is the second to third time briarlight has almost died. I’d be going crazy too.
    I don’t think there is a right side to the conflict, everyone was pretty bad in the way they handled the situation.

  • Yay! Someone’s finally defended Millie! I always did think she was mistreated for no absolute reason, seeing as she was a “bad mother” in many people’s eyes. So, while I never particularly loved her, like my favorite cat, I could never understand why people label her as a bad character. She’s not good or bad, and you’re right, every cat does have their flaws.

  • Millie in Manga: Literally the best cat for Graystripe and an amazing character.
    Millie in the book series: Eh, she’s ok, but I prefer Manga Millie!

  • I really like this article because I believe that millie is seen as this horrible mother and character when I think people should try walking in her paws for a moment. She has a bad rep but I think that she’s a pretty okay character.

    • *heartfelt applause* You literally just described how I feel about Millie. Good to know others agree that she isn’t the “bad mother” people think she is.

  • Good article but I don’t agree. Yes, millie was being a “good” mother to her injured kit, but that doesn’t give her a reason to basically be briarlight’s shadow! She did so many wrong things as well! 1. Told jayfeather how to do his job, even he had been doing it for moons, and knew what to do. 2. She shouldn’t have not cared at all for her other kits. I can’t remember the exact words, but once, blossomfall was ill, and millie just went “oh she will be fine” and ignored her sick kit, to go visit briarlight, who if you want me to be honest, didn’t need her mothers help. So yeah! I don’t like millie.