Sorting the Warriors into Hogwarts houses by Firepaw

Firepaw takes the characters of Warriors into the magical world of Harry Potter.

Artwork by Snowfalls_art

Alright, Firepaw here, I’m just going to take some warriors and put them in their rightful Houses. If I missed one that you wanted to see, put it in the comments and hopefully I will respond, same for if I get something wrong. Also, there are mild spoilers that turn into chain reactions to big events.

Starting with..REDTAIL! In Into The Wild, Redtail was mentioned to be smart and quick thinking. I haven’t read Redtail’s Debt yet, so info from Into The Wild, Spottedleaf’s Heart and Bluestar’s Prophecy is all I’ve got. So, with that information…Redtail is in…RAVENCLAW!

Next…DARKSTRIPE! (Credit to Pricklepatch for telling me to do that.) This is obvious. In The Darkest Hour, he poisoned Sorrelkit with deathberries. HE TRIED POISONING A KIT. This act immediately places him in..SLYTHERIN!

Up next we have….SORRELTAIL! If you go on the Warriors fandom, search up Stick of The Fallen, it says Sorreltail was the bravest of them all. I personally love Sorreltail, and I think she is REALLY brave. She followed Darkstripe OUT OF CAMP to see him meet Blackfoot in secret. So, she is…….GRYFFINDOR!

Cinderpelt will go next. Again, credit to Pricklepatch for helping me decide. So, let’s use the process of elimination for cats who are hard to sort. She wasn’t evil or ambitious (not too ambitious, every apprentice wants to be the best warrior), so that rules out Slytherin. She wasn’t the smartest cat, so say goodbye to Ravenclaw. That just leaves Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. Cinderpelt was brave, loyal and hard-working. Remember when she sacrificed herself for Sorreltail? However, final verdict is…..HUFFLEPUFF!

Next, we’re gonna have some fun with Bluestar. I know on Siverfrost’s article, she was Ravenclaw. But in my opinion, that’s not right. Reading that, I know you all are thinking,”Will she get put in Gryffindor like she deserves?”. The answer is: no. She was seriously loyal, so loyal she gave up her kits to stop Thistleclaw from being deputy. So..with that said..Bluestar is…HUFFLEPUFF!

Next up, Tigerclaw/star. He is NOT Hufflepuff. No loyalty to his birth Clan at all. So.. he was smart. He was also ambitious enough to kill. He was brave, but not in a good way. So, that leaves Ravenclaw, Gryffindor and Slytherin drifting. But which of these traits got the better of him? So…SLYTHERIN!

Sol is a villan who needs to get Sorted. So..he is not loyal. Not brave. He’s ambitious and smart. But..what was more of a key in his personality? His brain to get cats to listen and do what he said. So…that means…RAVENCLAW!

Hope you are satisfied, but if not, put other cats in the comments if you’d like to see me sort them! See ya later!

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      • SLYTHERIN? Ivypool is one of the BRAVEST cats in the whole series! She risked her life EVERY night spying in the Dark Forest, even after she saw Beetlewhisker get killed because he tried to leave, she still stayed to spy because she knew her clan needed the info! She is gryffindor if I’ve ever seen it

    • Hufflepuff: Yes, she is loyal, but not enough to be placed as one.
      Slytherin: She isn’t actually that ambitious, and was never truly evil, only jealous.
      Ravenclaw: I never heard to to be described as ‘smart’ persay.
      Gryffindor: YESSSSSS! She is very brave.

    • i personally think Hufflepuff=RiverClan since both of them get ignored by the other houses/clans.

    • This was a cool comment but personally I don’t agree. Each clan doesnt have a specific house, because It depends on the cats in it. You put shadowclan as slytherin, and I dont think thats quite fair. Sure, some of them sucked, but theres a lot of great shadowclan cat sout there! Tawnpelt for one, and Shadowsight as well.

  • This was very interesting! I loved the way you did ‘… INSERT HOUSE NAME!’ Like in the actual Harry Potter series. :] I think it’s good that you decided on Redtail without reading his novella, I feel like you literally get more of a feel for his personality in The Prophecies Begin and the other novellas and super editions he appears in than in his entire novella. That said, I didn’t really like how cats being evil counted towards them being put in Slytherin. All Slytherin really has to mean is that you are ambitious and cunning, and you can have those traits and still be a good person. I really feel like in the books we really needed someone from Slytherin who was actually a nice person or a villain who wasn’t from Slytherin… However, I believe that all the cats you put in Slytherin for being evil would end up in Slytherin if you didn’t count that anyway, due to the fact that most of the villains in the series are kind of personality clones. Good job! 😀

  • I am interested… Where would I go? Here is my Purrsona: Black tom with fiery ginger spots and ice blue eyes~Kind/Loyal/Smart/Loves kits

    Purrsonally (very good pun i know😅), I think I’m a Ravenclaw, but I’m not gonna go too far into that reasoning!

  • Turtlepaw🐢🐢🐢(They/Them, Xe/Xem, Tey/Tem, Ae/Aem, Ot/Ots, Mae/Mim, Sae/Sear, Je/Jem, He/Him, Se/Hem, Ke/Kem, Re/Rem, Bun/Buns) says:

    Really great article! <3 I especially agree with Sol being Ravenclaw, it suits him so well!
    What’d I Miss

  • Loved this, but your putting all the bad cats in Slytherin. I am in Slytherin, so it hurts my feelings a little, but great article. Super fun. Love HP and Warriors

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