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Gray Wing. Mates/crushes. Who will he chose in Starclan? by RosePaw

RosePaw wonders who Gray Wing will choose in StarClan.

Art by NightmareSparckle


h i. RosePaw here back at you with another one! *totally not a youtuber 😳* And today, we will be talking about graywing! This will be the start of a *hopeful* Gray Wing series. And before we start, I have NOT read any super editions/novellas so sorry if I miss any details. Without further ado, we will begin.
Mates. It’s like /almost/ every cat has one! And Gray Wing had two and a crush. So, shall we talk about them? I will start in order of all that happened.
Storm. Storm is a soft silver she cat with green eyes. Gray Wing meets her on the moor. He falls in love with her, ain’t that sweet? Well, not for him. This childhood crush will be destroyed 💥 As Gray Wing goes to discuss borders with Clear Sky, Storm locks eyes with Clear Sky. They almost immediately fall in love, and storm apologizes to Gray Wing, saying that things wouldnt work out and that she had found her true love. Storm dies in a collapsing building, inly on of her three kits surviving. Thunder is born.
Turtle Tail. Turtle tail is a beautiful, long furred calico shecat. After storm leaves Gray Wing, he sees that a amazing girl is right there in front of him! He realizes that he loved her, and they became mates. It was a very sweet relationship, and I think they both loved eachother deeply. But if you leave a sweet cherry out for too long it may turn a bit bitter. After Gray Wing got in a fight with his mate, she left to go live with her kittypet friend bumble, the cause of the argument. Gray Wing said that turtle tail couldn’t be friends with a kittypet. Fast forward a while, and turtle tail is pregnant with Tom’s kits. she comes back to Gray Wing and he is the adopted father of her kits. The kits are later kidnapped and turtle tail dies trying to save them. But even after the death, she visits him and he believes that he could sit with her forever, even with his new mate…
Slate. Slate is a slate colored rouge she that joined wind runner’s group. She helps Gray Wing with everything, from his injuries to asthma and so much more. They fall in love and have kits. When the kits are still young, they are kidnapped and rescued again, but when the kits get home they have an unlikely surprise. Their father was dying. Gray Wing told Slate and the kits that he loved them, and then he died.
In my opinion, Slate and gray was a little bit rushed, while turtle tail had always liked him, and Gray Wing had even taken in kits that weren’t his, but Tom’s. He also was visited in dreams by turtle tail which made it even more sweet. He even said that he could sit with her forever. So in my opinion, I think he would have chose Turtle Tail in starclan.

Let me know your opinion in the comments! I’d love to hear from you.

RosePaw out 😎

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  • Personally, I don’t see why cats can’t have multiple mates. But if Gray Wing had to choose, I also think he would choose Turtle Tail. But he also loves Slate dearly, so it’s kinda hard to know for sure. But I think this is a GREAT article 😉
    I seriously love Gray Wing!

  • Slate X Gray Wing=Storm X Gray Wing:Yes,they loved each other at first sight…but I think Turtle Tail X Gray Wing was sweeter.BECAUSE,they grew up together,and they kind of had an suprise crush on each other that they didn’t know they had.
    I’m writing this’cause I’m reading A FOREST DIVIDED,DAWN OF THE CLANS.☺

  • Tbh, I don’t really like when a cat has two mates. I beleave that Turtle Tail, and ONLY Turtle Tail should be gray wing’s mate. >:(

  • Was great but storm wasn’t his first crush! Although brightstream had already had a mate. It was confirmed and obvious Graywing liked her.

  • Since the word Clear Sky was on the left side I thought you were listing Clear Sky as one of Gray Wing’s mates XD

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