My favorite She-cats of Warriors by Snowthunder

Snowthunder lists their favourite female characters from the series.

Art by Lithestep

Hiya! Snowy back with another one! As you read in the title, I’ll be counting down my favorite She-cats in the Warriors series.

1. Mapleshade.
I already know I’m going to get a lot of backlash for this one, but we’re all entitled to our opinions. I am a strong Mapleshade lover. I do believe she was an awesome character, a compelling villain, and yes, she did deserve her fate. (Another article on that soon) I think Mapleshade is overall a very powerful and cool character, without whom the series would be forever changed.

2. Ivypool
As far as I’m concerned, Ivypool is one of the best cats still alive. (I’ve only read up to the first AVoS, so bear with me) Her character was very well thought out, her rivalry and jealousy of Dovewing I found to be an incredible story arc, her training in the Dark Forest made for a wonderful plot device, her overall character was absolutely amazing and *breathes* I hope we get an Ivystar in series 8.

3. Hollyleaf
Here we go, another controversial character. I personally found Hollyleaf’s character to be very magnetic. Unlike a large portion of the fandom, I thought her obsession with the Warrior Code when she was young was a breath of fresh air, as we got to see a different view of Clan life. Her whole murdering-Ashfur-and-then-almost-her-mother-and-exposing-the-secret-anyway was a strange but kind of fun piece of storytelling. Her return in OotS was completely iconic, and teaching ThunderClan to fight underground with Brightheart was a turning point in the battle with WindClan.

4. Turtle Tail
Alright! Heading back in time to my personal favorite arc, DotC, we have the lovable and bubbly Turtle Tail, who would never hurt anyone and only has eyes for Grey Wing. Despite her crush completely forgetting she exists for three books, she finally gets to be at Grey Wing’s side. She becomes expectant of Tom’s kits, and runs away back to the Clans, where Grey Wing helps her recover from kittypet life. The whole time, she knows her heart belonged to him, and her loyalty never falters as the books continue, and when she died rescuing her kits from their father, I cried sooo hard.

5. Willowbreeze
Anyone who has read Crookstar’s Promise can agree that Willowbreeze was an incredibly kind cat who put everything else before herself just to make sure they were

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  • 1. I personally think Mapleshade is overrated. She should not be defended like she is, and really why is she even that popular? Mapleshade was only in a limented amount of books in the main series, Mapleshade’s Vengance, and Crookedstar’s Promise as far as I know.

    2. I agree, Ivypool is very cool. She’s brave, loyal, and a great relatable character.

    3. I love Hollyleaf, mainly when she returned. Literally the only she-cat main character who did not choose a mate (even if she did have fealing for Fallen Leaves <3).

    4. Turtletail is I my 4th favorite character! She's kind, courageeous, and deserves Graywing way more than Slate or Storm. Honestly Graywing x Turtletail is my fav ship because of her. So much character developement too!

    5. I'm not crazy about Willowbreeze, personally I like Ottersplash of Riverclan better. But she still is a good character, and her death was so sad!

  • Great article Snowthunder! You brought up very good points, and this was very well written! I 100% agree with you on Ivypool! I really hope we get and Ivystar!!!! I love Willowbreeze, and I like Turtle Tail too!

      • An Ivystar would be interesting, but are you really sure shes born to be a leader? Shes great in OotS, but she changes a lot, if you read the most recent series, the broken code. She is a great character tho 😀

  • this article was cut short, but amazing nonetheless!

    1. yesss mapleshade is awesome 😀 she doesn’t deserve hate or defense, i think people should just focus on how awesome of a villain she is!

    2. ivypool is awesomeeee

    3. yes hollyleaf! one of my favorites 😀

    4. turtle tail is pure gold

    5. willowbreeze was so kind <3

  • Mapleshade- I don’t like her sorry. She’s just overrated and not really a great character
    Ivypool- I like her!
    Hollyleaf- I LOVE HOLLYLEAF
    Turtle Tail- same as Hollyleaf
    Willowbreeze- I like her!

    My favourite she cats:
    5. Turtle Tail
    4. Leafpool
    3. Hollyleaf
    2. Needletail
    1. Bristlefrost

  • Turtlepaw🐢🐢🐢(They/Them, Xe/Xem, Tey/Tem, Ae/Aem, Ot/Ots, Mae/Mim, Sae/Sear, Je/Jem, He/Him, Se/Hem, Ke/Kem, Re/Rem, Bun/Buns) says:

    Great article! I agree with you- all of these characters are amazing! Especially Turtle Tail, she’s my favorite character! <3
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  • I like all of these cats! Especially Hollyleaf and Ivypool, and honestly if Hollyleaf hadn’t of died, I would’ve been wishing for a Hollystar in the new books, but I’ll settle for Twigstar or Ivystar. (Even thought Twigbranch becoming leader is a long shot…)

    • YES! TWIGSTAAAAAAAAAAR. One thing im concerned about tho-in warriors cats seem to RLY change once they become leader. Take Onewhisker for example-he was awesome as a warrior! Great friends with firestar. But he really changed after he became leader of WC. Hopefully, if Twigbranch becomes leader she doesnt lose her awesome personality :DD

      • I think the reason Onestar/whisker changed so much was because he was trying to prove his strength to his clan and that he could survive without any of the clans (especially ThunderClan).

  • I like the artice, Snowthunder! I share most of the same opinions with you, but I prefer Echomist or Brambleberry over Hollyleaf, because they were some of the few cats in RiverClan at the time who still remembered the sweet little kit inside Crookedstar when he returned to camp.