In The Defense of Blossomfall (and why I dislike Millie) by Fidgetypaw

Fidgetypaw shares their opinion about Blossomfall.

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Hello good people of BlogClan!

I saw that my Ashfur article was up and got a lot of good feedback, so I decided to make another one! This time about one of my favorite characters, Blossomfall! (Note: I do talk about how Millie’s actions could’ve affected Briarlight and Bumblestripe as well, but the article is mostly about Millie and Blossomfall’s relationship)

Now, fair warning, I talk about depression and ableism in this article. Please click off if you are not comfortable with this subject and please stay safe!

With that said, lets jump into the article!

Now, if you don’t know who Blossomfall is, she is the daughter of Graystripe and Millie and sister of Bumblestripe and Briarlight.

Now, when Briarlight got her injury, Millie dotted on her CONSTANTLY. She basically never gave her daughter room to breathe and even told Jayfeather how to do his own job despite him learning how to do it for, what I estimate, a year or so. Briarlight must’ve felt overwhelmed by all the unneeded attention Millie was giving her. Unfortunately, Millie didn’t listen and continued to pester Briarlight. Now people would say “Millie used to be a kittypet, so she wasn’t used to seeing things like this.” and while I understand that, Millie had been living there long enough to know:

1. That Jayfeather was capable at his job.
2. This is how things work sometimes in the wild.
3. Her daughter needed time to learn how to navigate herself
4. She had two other children that might need her help as well.

It was almost like Millie didn’t believe in Briarlight enough to let her learn how to walk again.

Moving on to Bumblestripe, this one should be quick. Millie was so wrapped up in worrying about Briarlight, I feel Bumblestripe was feeling lonely, like Blossomfall. But instead of acting like Blossomfall did, he coped by chasing after Dovewing. At least, that’s what it seemed like to me, because before Briarlight’s injury, he didn’t seem very interested in the she-cat.

And now, to Blossomfall.

Blossomfall felt lonely. Her only friend was Ivypool. Her brother was chasing after a cat who didn’t even like him back. Her sister was paralyzed. Her father was never really concerned about any of this. And her mother was flat out rude towards her.

People take one sentence she said in the books out of context (The sentence being “I hate my sister’s injury” or something along the lines of that) and say that Blossomfall hates Briarlight for her injury, which is not the case. It was supposed to mean she hates that Briarlight is injured. Blossomfall felt as if she deserved the Dark Forest for that and that is why she was training there.

Then, when she and Ivypool traveled down into the tunnels, she said “I wonder if Millie would miss me if I died down here/got trapped in here” which is.. HUH? She’s asking if her own mother would miss her if she died? Blossomfa

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  • I have mostly the same things to say as I did for the last article.

    It makes sense millie is panicked and overprotective now, briarlight has almost died 3 times now.
    She should have handled the situation better though. Yet I understand her reasoning, I’d be panicked too.
    I agree about your part on graystripe, he really should have been there when millie needed him to help her.
    Blossomfall being upset makes sense, but I do think she should have tried to talk to her mother first. Things like that can be scary, yet it’s always the best option.

  • I don’t hate Millie, and I can understand her, but I get Blossomfall. Looking at her behaviour, her parents seriously spoiled her, Millie was always very caring towards her, to the point when she would intervene if someone was scolding her daughter, and this clearly didn’t do any good for her. She was always her parents’ beloved daughter, and then suddenly her mom starts fussing over another kit and she’s left on her own. There was very surely something in her upbringing that just didn’t work.

    • I mean, of course it isn’t Millie’s fault to care about Briarlight, the mistake here is letting Blossomfall get used to being the little sweet child everyone loves.

  • Briarlight and her siblings had gotten their warrior assessment by the time she got injured. They were practically adults and Blossomfall had no reason to whine so much like that.

    Millie was a kittypet before she followed Graystripe to ThunderClan; she was used to cats being more safe.

    Ivypool wasn’t Blossomfall’s ‘friend’, though, technically. Blossomfall was Ivypool’s bully. Blossomfall is so whiny here. She’s so used to Millie’s ‘coddling’ she can’t let go of it.

    I don’t think Bumblestripe coped by chasing after Dovewing. I think Dovewing was an apprentice when Briarlight got injured? Nice article, though 😀

  • I disagree. A lot.

    Blossomfall was a adult. Sure, if this situation occurred when Blossomfall was a kit I could understand that Millie was a bad mother. However, this is very normal to me.
    I don’t live in a neglectful family. But in Korea, we always get scold when we do something wrong. Sometimes they say something wrong, but they don’t really mean it. I made a article but I am really tired to type.

    • 1. Yes Blossomfall was an adult, but so was Briarlight.
      2. Blossomfall was used to being coddled by Millie, so it must’ve been a kick in the gut to have your own mother snap at you all of a sudden. And Millie could’ve atleast been there for her. It wasn’t just hard for Mille and Briarlight. It was hard on all of them (Graystripe maybe not so much). Millie could’ve reassured Blossomfall at some point but she didn’t

    • Fawnpaw, I completely disagree with you, but we have different life’s so I guess I can’t judge. I think the article is GREAT! Millie was totally neglecting her. She didn’t even care when Blossomfall came back from the tunnel’s hurt! So what if she’s an adult, she’s still young! If i were in Blosomfall’s situation, i would do most of the same things! Being neglected even when you’re an adult can still hurt! It can cut you to your core.

  • Oh no, it got cut off! :[ What’s there is really good though! Poor Blossomfall. I believe the Erins were too busy making Bumblestripe a jerk for no reason to have any more character development for him.

  • I SO agree with you! Loved the article! \_(^^)_/ But Millie really is a bad mother, she literally went and made Blossomfall feel bad about herself. I for one think that is one of the worst things that can happen to you.