Daisy Is NOT Useless: A Defense Article by Turtlepaw

Turtlepaw defends Daisy.

Art by Warriors Cat Designs (tumblr: Warriors Project)

*Warning: spoilers for The New Prophecy, and Power of Three are ahead. If you are uncomfortable with spoilers from those arcs, please don’t read this article.*

Yo! I’m Turtlepaw, and I’m here with a Daisy defense article.

Daisy receives a lot of hate from the Warriors fandom, but she really doesn’t deserve any of it!

She’s been described as ‘whiny’ and ‘useless’ and ‘annoying.’

Today, I will be explaining why she isn’t any of those things!

We will look at things that Daisy haters say about her, then I’ll do the defending!

Let’s get started!

“Daisy didn’t take a Clan name!”

Daisy can still be loyal to ThunderClan, no matter what her name is! Her name isn’t what makes her a loyal ThunderClan cat: her actions are. And in caring for the Clan’s kits, and helping queens, Daisy has proven her loyalty to ThunderClan many times over! She doesn’t need a Clan name to be loyal.

I think this Daisy quote sums my argument up pretty well, don’t you think?

“I am glad Millie has chosen to keep her name. I am no warrior, but I am a ThunderClan cat. I stay in the nursery rather than hunt and fight because that is what I do best. I care for our young as though each kit were my own. This is my gift to the Clan, but I do it in my own chosen name.”

“She stole Cloudtail from Brightheart!”

No, Daisy never did that. Yes, she had a bit of a crush on Cloudtail, but she never stole him from Brightheart.

She even wanted Cloudtail and Brightheart to be happy together, which is proven in this conversation she has with Brightheart.

“Brightheart, I’m glad you’re here. There’s something I wanted to say to you.”

“What?” Brightheart sounded wary.

“The reason I left… well, it was only partly because of the danger out here. I’ve been worried about the kits since the badger attack, but I’m their mother- I’d worry about them wherever we were. Mostly it was because I- I don’t have any cat in the Clan I’m close to. Not like you and Cloudtail.”

There was a heartbeat’s tense silence. Leafpool started to back away, and Brightheart’s reply, when it came, was too low and indistinct for her to hear it.

“No,” Daisy responded more clearly. “Cloudtail is very kind to me, but he would be kind to any cat in trouble. He’s a good warrior and he loves you very much.”

Another pause, until at last Brightheart mewed softly, “I know.” Her voice shook as she added, “Thank you, Daisy. I’m really glad you decided to come back. ThunderClan needs more young cats, and your three will make excellent warriors.”

“She isn’t a warrior, so she’s not really helping the Clan!”

That’s just not true! Just because Daisy isn’t a warrior absolutely does not mean she is ‘useless.’

Daisy is a big help to the queens of ThunderClan. Kits can be a handful, (or, pawful, since, you know, they’re cats) and it’s really great that there are cats like Daisy who dedicate their days to caring for kits!

Daisy doesn’t have to be a warrior to be helpful. Medicine cats aren’t warriors, either: they simply help their Clan a different way- through healing.

And that’s what Daisy does. She doesn’t help her Clan through fighting badgers, but she will fight fiercely to defend the kits of the ThunderClan nursery.

Daisy is an excellent character who doesn’t deserve hate!

I hope you enjoyed this article. Did I change your mind about your opinion on Daisy? Why or why not?

You can share your opinions on Daisy in the comments if you like.

Until next time, fellow BlogClanners!

– Turtle

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