Who will Squirrelflight choose in StarClan? by Stormwing

Stormwing wonders who would be the best fit for Squirrelflight.

Art by CinderpeltsCandy

We all always have one big question in our heads whenever a warrior dies: Who will they choose in StarClan?

As context, when a cat dies, they are able to choose a mate in StarClan. I honestly think Squirrelflight will die in this arc, so let’s get into a couple options for mates…

Brambleclaw: He is currently in an abusive relationship, with Squirrelflight as the victim. Over and over she is hurt verbally by Brambleclaw. Even Ashfur would be a better choice then him! Lets go over the cycle of an abusive relationship…
1. The victim upsets the abuser
2. Abuser punishes them
3. Makeup
4. Peace again
And repeat. Lets replace that with an example in the books:
1. Squirrelflight tells Brambleclaw not to talk to Hawkfrost
2. Brambleclaw snaps and verbally abuses her, does the silent treatment, and forces them to do hard tasks.
3. Badger Attack
4: The two are mates again.
And then repeat with a slight change. Overall Brambleclaw is one of the worst choices she could choose

Ashfur: Due to Ashfur being defeated at the end of the series, (as confirmed by the new arc) its impossible for him to ever be her mate. There is already a million articles about this, so I’ll just list why not.
1. Too obsessed (Bumblestripe the first)
2. Nearly killed her kits over an old romance
3. Attacked her and trapped her in the Dark Forest just to… be with her?
I know many of you will disagree, but even Ashfur is a better choice then Brambleclaw. Overall at the start he treated her better then most cats in the clan.

Shrewpaw: If Squirrelflight will ever have a mate in StarClan, then it will be Shrewpaw. He’s the only cat that never abused her or attacked her verbally. However due to his short life, we don’t know much about him. However, if you read the book where he dies (for real), then you will notice he promises that “Even if I do die, I’ll always be with you”, so perhaps this could work out in StarClan. But just as the writers forgot he got hit by a car, they will likely also forget he ever said this.

So… who will it be? And the answer is… Shrewpaw… or… nobody. Overall, she seems to do fine on her own. And with Shrewpaw unable to create a long term relationship, its even more likely it will be no one. (Also I hate to bring this up, by why did they never give him a warrior name when he died?)

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  • Yep!! I totally agree although i ship TawnySquirrel and StormSquirrel- But either way ShrewSquirrel would be something holy to see- I pretty much HATE Brambleclaw, poor squilf deserved better 🙁

  • I agree with this article. I do feel like Stormfur would have been a much better mate for her if he was in Thunderclan though. Sad that he isn’t or that would be the obvious option.

  • I totally agree with the no mate thing, Or even Shrewpaw. I feel like Stormfur would have been a good mate if he wasn’t in Riverclan. Sad that he is.