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A picture article- tour of RiverClan by Mountainpaw

Mountainpaw takes us on a visual tour of RiverClan.

Official art

Hello! I’m Mountainpaw, and I thought I would try and make a picture article! It’s my first time making one, so I don’t know if it will turn out any good, but I’m going to give it a try anyway!
RiverClan is my favorite Clan, so I decided to make a tour of their forest territory camp, and tell you what I think it looks like.

Official art

RiverClan is said to be on an island, the river curving around the land, dividing it from the rest of the Clan territories. The river sometimes dries up in Green-leaf, it floods in Leaf-fall when it rains, it freezes over and goes to sleep in Leaf-bare, reawakening in New-leaf. The river provides food for the Clan, all kinds of fish, most common, the minnow. RiverClan has thick, sleek pelts, and webbed paws- these cats are adapted to semi-aquatic life.

Art by harriertail (tumblr)
Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

The stepping stones are large rocks sticking out from the churning river. They are often wet and slippery from the spray, so it is dangerous to cross. Despite this, cats from other Clans sometimes cross the river on the stepping stones.

Official art by James L. Barry

Beside the river are the reeds, which whisper in the wind, and beyond the mud are the weeping willows, their branches low, swaying in the breeze. The camp is surrounded by reeds, hiding it from other Clan’s eyes.

Art by Cherivinca

In the central area of the RiverClan camp is where cat’s share tongues, and sunbath. In the tangle of one of the patches of reeds is the warrior’s den, woven by the cats of the Clan. RiverClan’s nests are decorated with feathers, shells, and other trinkets found by the riverside. They are woven into the nests, so they sparkle in the bright sun. Imagen what Twolegs would think if they discovered these nests, woven so well, decorated with shining, shimmering objects…

Alamy stock photo
Art by xFairywren

The nursery is close to the river, so that kits can get used to getting wet, and play in the water. The walls of the nursery are very thick, to prevent it from floating away in a flood. It also keeps the kits well protected inside. Queens care for their kits with love and passion.

Art by gasuaska
Art by soloratiste

Farthest from the river is the medicine cat den, so when the water rises, the herbs don’t get soaked. There are lots of nests made with soft moss inside, where injured cats can get treated, and recover. There are small holes dug in the soft earth, where different types of herbs are placed. On the wall are pawprints- one pawprint for every RiverClan medicine cat. The den is cozy and comfortable, and the medicine cats that live inside these woven walls heal and train cats with love and care.

Art by Polyhexian
Art by twilidramonart

The elders’ den. The sun warms their nest, so elders can chat and relax in the warm beams all day long.

Art by Warrior Cat Designs (tumblr)
Official art by James L. Barry

The apprentice’s den is next to the elder’s den, woven and hidden in a patch of reeds. The apprentices sleep here after a long day of hunting and fighting.

Art by Bluebelly (Warriors AminoApps)

Across from the river, beside the elder’s den, is the leader’s den, a hole dug out from under the willow tree’s twisted roots. Only the leader sleeps here, or maybe the leader’s mate.

Art by WoofyDragon
Official art by James L. Barry

The leader addresses the Clan from atop a high rock, which is sticking out from the middle of a star-lit pool. This place is at the edge of camp, next to the bubbling river. The leader says: “Let all cats old enough to swim, gather to hear my words!” to call the cats for a Clan meeting.

Art by AgentBudgie/Wings-Of-North (?)

Last, we have the fresh-kill pile, hidden in the shadows of the willow tree so the food doesn’t rot in the sun. Cats pad up to the pile, and can choose from the wide variety of different fish and land- prey. A good meal feels wonderful after a long day.

Art by LittleVulpine

RiverClan is said to be clever and strong, like the roaring river that twists through unknown land.
“Nothing can stand against the force of water, just as nothing can defeat RiverClan warriors when we rise up together. But when trouble comes, RiverClan knows how to weave through the dangers, adapting to the changed world, just as the river flows around rocks and over waterfalls. We are grace. We are power. We are RiverClan.”
— Leopardstar on RiverClan in Secrets of the Clans, page 40
That is why RiverClan is my favorite Clan. They are swift and smart, like the river, and the prey they catch and eat is one of my favorite foods too!

That is all! I hope you enjoyed my article, it was very fun to make! Thank you so much for reading! May StarClan light your path!

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