Jessy and Velvet are very similar- a kittypet comparison by Pinestripe

Pinestripe draws parallels between Jessy and Velvet.

Art by Silverzoul Warroarcats

I’ve realized that Jessy and Velvet -two cats I really like- are actually very similar.
When you think about it, there is so much in common between these characters and their stories.
In this article I will talk about the many similarities between these two she-cats and draw parallels between their stories.
It will contain spoilers for Bramblestar’s Storm and River of Fire.

Jessy and Velvet are both kittypets who sought shelter in ThunderClan when their housefolk evacuated. In Jessy’s case, her housefolk evacuated because of a flood caused by a storm, while Velvet’s housefolk evacuated because of a fire caused by lightning.
They both came to ThunderClan with a friend- Jessy with Frankie and Velvet with Fuzzball.
Although they act very different in some ways -with Jessy being more outgoing and Velvet more quiet- both have very pleasant personalities- kind, caring, and friendly.
Both are very helpful, and -despite the pain of having just escaped from a dangerous situation and being separated from their housefolk- they did all they could to help the Clan- a group of cats they never met before and yet were thankful and considerate enough to care about.
Something I like about both characters is how unique they are. Most Warriors characters have complex arcs, major flaws, and drastic development to make them interesting, while what makes Jessy and Velvet interesting is the simpler details and quirks instead, which is something that often makes me like characters. For Jessy this is the playful, amusing way she teases other cats, while for Velvet it’s her attachment to her favorite toy.
Upon joining ThunderClan, both Jessy and Velvet fit in quickly.
Both seemed to have some useful knowledge for Clan life already- Jessy had Warrior skills, and Velvet had medicine cat skills.
Jessy most likely learned her skills from hunting in her backyard, while Velvet’s housefolk had an herb garden, which is where she most likely got her experience with herbs.
Both of them were love interests of the main character- Jessy with Bramblestar and Velvet with Alderheart. They both seemed to like the tom back.
Finally, both Jessy and Velvet showed incredible maturity and wisdom in giving up their love for the good of others. Jessy gave up her chance with Bramblestar so that he would be with Squirrelflight, and Velvet gave up her chance with Alderheart so that he could take care of his Clan as medicine cat.
They are both very selfless which is proven in their final scenes.
Unfortunately, both Jessy and Velvet only got one book, but I’m glad that they got a pretty good spotlight during that one book, and I have hope that at least one of them will make another appearance in the future.
Another unfortunate thing Jessy and Velvet have in common is the way they are treated by the fandom.
They are both very overhated characters, especially considering that they are good-hearted characters who never really did anything bad.
They are disliked for similar reasons: They are often judged by the ship they are part of rather than as individuals. They are both accused of interfering with another ship (ex. BrambleXSquirrel and AlderXNeedle) People don’t like how quickly they adapted to Clan life. They both get a lot of Mary-Sue accusations, probably because they are skilled and have nice personalities.
At least they have some defenders, including myself, and I hope both of them get more support soon, since another thing they have in common is that they both deserve love.

To me the most important similarity between these two sweet kittypets is that both of them are selfless, kind, and good-hearted- and some of my favorite Warrior cats.

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