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Crowfeather’s Choice by Rivercrash

Rivercrash wonders who Crowfeather would choose to spend the rest of his afterlife with.

Art from thumbnail of “Who will Crowfeather choose in StarClan? (Warrior Cats)” by Bright Guardian Akira (YouTube)

Have you ever wondered who Crowfeather will choose when he joins StarClan? Crowfeather had 3 loves; Feathertail, a beautiful silvery she-cat who journeyed to the sun-drown place along with Bramblestar, Squirrelflight, Stormfur, Tawnypelt, and Crowfeather, Nightcloud; his former mate of WindClan whom he had Breezepelt with, and Leafpool; the former ThunderClan medicine cat who had his kits unbeknowingly to him. Which mate will he choose?

First, Feathertail. Feathertail now hunts in two skies; StarClan and the Tribe of Endless Hunting. Crowfeather was stuck in his grief when Feathertail died saving him from Sharptooth. However, does she still love him? Well, it looks like that. Feathertail gave Leafpool a message for Crowfeather, and in that message, it sure sounded like she still loved him. But, it looks as if Crowfeather has more on his mind. Feathertail is also too busy in the Tribe of Endless Hunting to spend time with Crowfeather in StarClan. So Crowfeather will probably not choose her.

Next, Nightcloud. Crowfeather admitted that he didn’t like Nightcloud as a mate, but respected her as a clanmate in ‘Crowfeather’s Trial’. Crowfeather does not like Nightcloud, and he acts like he doesn’t like his son, Breezepelt either. Before, we all kind of felt bad for Nightcloud because she thought that Crowfeather loved her, but he doesn’t. So, I think that Crowfeather won’t choose Nightcloud as his new mate in StarClan.

Last but most certainly not least, Leafpool. Hm. Crowfeather did love Leafpool in ‘The New Prophecy’ arc, but is his love still commencing? When Leafpool died, he was ‘staring forward’, so it can be inferred that he was not happy about her death. They had three kits together, one of which is in StarClan with Leafpool. Maybe if he chose Leafpool, they could reunite as mates, and Hollyleaf could forgive Crowfeather, and they could live as an unseparable family. This is likely, because when the latest book that talked about Crowfeather’s relationships with his mates was Squirrelflight’s Hope when Leafpool died, and it can be implied that Crowfeather still likes her.

I predict that in StarClan, Crowfeather will choose Leafpool as his new mate. Who do you think Crowfeather will choose, what is your favorite Crowfeather ship? Tell me in the comments!

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