Millie: Right or Wrong? by Reedpaw and Willowpaw

Reedpaw and Willowpaw take a look at Millie.

Art by warriorcatslooks (tumblr)

Willowpaw: Hello! So Reedpaw and I are going to debate if we should defend Millie. I think we shouldn’t, and Reedpaw’s debating on the side we should. Anyway, let’s start, Reedpaw!
Reedpaw: Hi everyone I’m Reedpaw or Reedwish either is fine with me. Anyways I can see both sides of Millie, but I kinda lean towards the “Defend Millie” side. I would probably hate Mille if not for *Arrgh* Blossomfall. Blossomfall was an adult. So here’s why I kinda defend m She didn’t need her mother constantly doting on her. She wasn’t disabled like Briarlight and wasn’t an only child like *think of an only child in Warriors*, like Whitestorm. Also, Graystripe loved her. I’ve seen many warriors in Warrior Cats, whose parents (One of them) don’t love them as much. An example? Dovewing. Dovewing’s father loved Ivypool way more than her and even showed it. Dovewing didn’t mind nearly as much Blossomfall. Millie also had full rights to dote on Briarlight more than Blossomfall. After all, Blossomfall’s spine wasn’t CRUSHED when she attempted (She didn’t) to save Longtail. That’s one of the reasons to not hate Millie. But it’s just my opinion!
Willowpaw: I understand Blossomfall was an adult, but would it really hurt Millie to be kind to Blossomfall and be a caring mother? She didn’t even know Blossomfall went into the tunnels, and she automatically assumed that Blossomfall was wasting time. Also, she didn’t even care when Hazeltail told her that Blossomfall was sick, she just brought some prey to Briarlight.

I don’t think Birchfall liked Ivypool more, I think they just had more in common because they were both training in the Dark Forest…? Anyway, even if he did like Ivypool more, all cats don’t react the same way. They are different cats, and they don’t have the same personality. 🙂
Reedpaw: True, I can see why you don’t like Millie, and honestly, like I said, I would probably hate her if not for Blossomfall. Yes, I get that she was an awful mother, but she wasn’t that bad of one until the whole “Briarlight is disabled and might die and will and did” incident. She was trying at least. Many mothers like um… the bad ones are bad to all their children, even the one that is disabled. In fact, some of them hate the one that’s disabled. At least Millie didn’t. An example of a mother who hated the disabled child? Rainflower… poor, poor Crookedstar. And yet he didn’t hate his brother for his mother loving him more. Unlike Blossomfall who hated Briarlight for being disabled.(I think she said that in the Oots, honestly, its been a long time since I read OotS)
Anyways like I said you made some good points and I would probably hate Millie if it wasn’t for Blossomfall. I have a lot more to say but I’ll save that for the next paragraph! 😛
Willowpaw: Nice points! But it wouldn’t take Millie any extra effort to be kind to Blossomfall, she just yelled at her. In front of the whole Clan. Even Brackenfur realized she was going too far. She could’ve just gently scolded Blossomfall like Whitewing did.
Also, Blossomfall didn’t hate Briarlight outright, she hated her for her injury, so she wishes Briarlight wouldn’t have gotten injured. And Crookedstar didn’t hate Oakheart, but he didn’t like Rainflower. The only reason he ever felt lingering affection for her was because she was his mother.
Reedpaw: True, but wouldn’t you support an injured child who was unable to walk more than you would support a healthy, spoiled child? That’s simply what Millie did. Also Bumblestripe was Millie’s child as well, and he didn’t really care (he did but not like Blossomfall) that his mother was paying more attention to his injured sister.
Willowpaw: I would, but Millie didn’t have to go out of her way to be unkind to Blossomfall or just ignore her when she had a cold. And Bumblestripe and Blossomfall aren’t the same cat. And I wouldn’t ignore my other children.
So, thanks for reading our article! Tell us if you think Millie was right or not in the comments!
Reedpaw: Yeah BlogClanners, I hope you enjoyed this article, and thank you!

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  • Wow this was really interesting! Willowpaw, do you mind elaborating more on your point that Millie didn’t have to put in extra effort to be kind to Blossomfall? Couldn’t you say that Millie was incredibly stressed because of Briarlight’s injury, and needed Blossomfall to not drain more of her mental energy? What should she have done instead?

  • Amazing article, Reedpaw and Willowpaw! Honestly, I’m like the neutral kind on this topic, but this article made me think about Millie and Blossomfall. So far, this is my point of view: Briarlight got injured. Millie got extremely over-concerned about her disabled daughter, and she desperately tried to do everything she could to save her. Blossomfall got jealous that her mother was paying more attention to Briarlight than her, so she trained in the Dark Forest. However, once she realized the Dark Forest’s true intentions, she stepped out of the way and began thinking in a different way. Instead of believing that Millie didn’t love her, it was just that Millie was concerned about Briarlight and her health to worry about her other kits. However, Blossomfall felt guilty about herself overreacting, and she felt guilty that she was jealous of Briarlight because of her injury, so then she believed that she deserved the Dark Forest because of all her horrible mistakes. So, at this point, I feel as though Millie should’ve care more about her other kits, but of course, every cat has their own flaws and mistakes. I also feel as though Blossomfall was 100% overreacting about the situation, although I’m glad that she realized her mistake afterwards. Now, on the Blossomfall-Defense side, it really doesn’t matter about someone else’s reaction. Bumblestripe and Blossomfall had different reactions, and that’s perfectly normal, so you shouldn’t blame someone for it. ~ Cloudy

  • Good article but I agree with willowpaw much more! There is no good reason to ignore one of your kits and act like they are a stupid apprentice when they are a full grown cat, and all blossomfall wanted is for millie to show a little love to her! And millie legitimately made briarlight seem useless! If I remember correctly at some point she told jayfeather how to do his job, even though he knows so much more than her. This is not right. She was not a good mother, she was a clingy and annoying mother who acted like a shadow to only one of her children when the other two needed her as well, and briarlight could cope without her mother, and bumblestripe would’ve been sad when he was rejected, and would’ve wanted his mother’s support, and blossomfall would’ve wanted her mother to care about her too.

  • I have to say that I’m with Willowpaw on this. Millie was just kinda awful to all of her kits, not just Blossomfall. She smothered Briarlight when she was fine, she completely forgot Bumblestripe and disregarded Blossomfall when she was sick even though she could’ve died, even up to the point where Blossomfall wonders if Millie would even know if she’s missing if she disappeared into the tunnels.

    No child should EVER wonder that. And Bumblestripe, he was not being enough love and attention that he should’ve gotten from Millie, so he started chasing after Dovewing. And after he found out Dovewing didn’t really love him, he was heartbroken and I don’t remember Millie comforting him or at least talking to him about it.

    Millie was just a bad mom in my opinion and unless she finds a way to redeem herself in mothering, my opinions not going to change.

  • My opinion on Millie is difficult: As someone who read the manga first before reading about her in the main series, I tend to like her. It didn’t make any sense how she treated Blossomfall, but you never saw Bumblestripe complaining. And Briarlight NEEDED attention because of her disability, and Millie supplied. Is Millie a bad mother for loving her kit during a tragic time in her life? Honestly, I like Bumblestripe (even if he was pushy to Dovewing, I hate Dovewing and he was so kind to Briarlight), Blossomfall (I really like the drama she brought out in OotS), Briarlight (her personality was awesome), and Millie.

  • Millie is not wrong. I am sorry Willowpaw, I am with Reedpaw.
    Let me explain.
    But I have to do 100 page annotation on hunger games so…..
    oh my god you guys just wait for the Millie article to come out.
    Hey mountainpaw I published the Millie article is it okie?
    I sent you the draft like 2 months ago in your secret page.

  • Yelling? Mothers yell at their children. Even my mom does. She once said to me, “If you ever lie to me I will disown you!”. This does not make my mom a bad mom. Or a neglectful one. Moms don’t usually mean what they say. Especially in Korea, where tiger parenting is very common. I understand Millie a lot as I have been in the situation. And honestly, Millie isn’t that harsh in mom standards here. That is just plain normal.
    Also, don’t forget the fact Blossomfall is a 27 year old adult. A adult don’t go adventuring a dangerous broken tunnel with a teenager that has no idea what is going on. A adult don’t shame her sister from having a disability. A adult don’t whine about how her mother is not cuddling her.
    As a adult, she should have made her own decision independently. Her action is only justified if Millie actually treat that way when she was young. However, Millie treated Blossomfall differently after she become a adult. The law says that after a child become 20 year old, the child’s actions are not justified by the parent.
    I hate Blossomfall. My brother is training to be a soccer player and my parents are busy taking care of him. They are neglectful of me, but I know they still love me. I never cried or whined about my brother even as a 13 year old. What worse, Blossomfall has a PERMANENTLY DISABLED SISTER and is a full adult. And she still acts this way. What is the point of a warrior assessment if the warrior always act like a child?
    Millie is realistic as a mother. She has flaws, and her flaws make her special. People hate Millie for reasons that can be easily explained. If Blossomfall really wanted her mother to care for her much, she should have asked. Millie is not a mind reader, and Blossomfall is always away from her. It is Blossomfall’s fault at first, and it has always been.

  • i honestly haven’t read much about millie (or actually, much of after they moved to the lake), so i cant say i agree with one cat or the other.
    but, i did like the article picture! millie’s looking backwards like she’s the principle and someone said something she didnt like 😀

  • Wow, there have been A LOT of Millie articles lately… You both did a great job! I don’t think Millie really deserves any hate, but she still wasn’t the best parent to Blossomfall sometimes. And I think Bumblestripe did not react that way because the Erins were too busy making him a jerk for no reason to have any other character development, though that’s just me…

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