Warrior Names Taken Literally by Pinestripe

Pinestripe takes some names from the series a bit too literally.

Official artwork by Wayne McLoughlin

I’ve seen a few articles about taking warrior names literally, and I decided it would be a fun thing to try!
In this article I’m going to joke around with warrior cats’ names.
I like most of these cats, so I’m keeping the jokes positive. 🙂

Bluestar- Bluestar is hot! Blue stars are the hottest and brightest stars, and are often Supergiants.
Honeyfern- A plant made of honey sounds so pretty! I’d love to have such a fern in my garden- especially since she’s so nice!
Rainwhisker- Whenever my garden (which now has a fern made of honey in it- my favorite plant) needs watering, I can just invite him to come take a walk in it- he has raindrops coming from his whiskers, after all!
Foxleap- He may not have achieved his dream of catching a fox, but he sure showed a lot of courage leaping over one!
Graystripe- He’s a “Grey”t friend!
Dustpelt- I hope he doesn’t mind that my chickens would like to take a dust-bath on top of him.
Squirrelflight- She’s just like my pet flying squirrel Squirry!
Leafpool- I want a swimming pool made of leaves!
Dappletail- She uses her tail as a paintbrush- to decorate the camp in dappled patterns! How artistic!
Minty- She must smell really nice!
Clear Sky- His fur is so clear that you can see right through him to the sky behind him.
Gray Wing- I wonder if he can fly! He has wings- gray ones.
Turtle Tail- A cat with the tail of a turtle- that must look so cute!
Dust Muzzle- He probably stuck his nose into a dusty crack while looking for herbs to bring back to Moth Flight.
Feathertail- Both her and my chicken Pepe have such pretty tails! Made out of the softest feathers, too!
Rainswept Flower- I really do hope this pretty flower enjoys getting wet!
Berrynose- He’s the kind of cat who often has his nose in every cat’s buisiness, but that’s okay because his nose is made out of a sweet berry.
Cherryfall- She shares a name with my chicken Cherry!
Leafshade- I’d love to sit under her on a hot Summer day.
Ivytail- Having a tail made of ivy sounds cool! Maybe she uses it to help her climb up tree trunks.
Velvet- Since she’s made of velvet I want to hug her even more (although I always wanted to hug this sweetie).

I hope you enjoyed this article! It was really fun to write!

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