Why Dovewing is a GREAT cat! by Hurricanepaw

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Hurricanepaw argues why Dovewing is a good character!

So many people hate dovewing for… various reasons. Such as “she’s whiney!”, “She’s selfish!” “She replaced hollyleaf!” or even ‘she was a bad sister!” When she might have been one of the best sisters in the books. So today I will be contradicting all of your arguments and saying why this loveable fluffy bean with the name of Dovewing is one of my favorites.

(Spoilers for OOTS, Dovewing’s silence, AVOS and TBC)

First I will say briefly why I always have and always will love dovewing. Let me rephrase that. Why I Love dovewing NOW and probably always will. I used to like IVYPOOL and hate DOVEWING! But I first read omen of the stars when I was in third grade and was too young to look into dovewing’s character. however when I reread it, I realized what a major JERK ivypool was! I was disappointed in the cat I thought was right, but I found light in dovewing. Enough said about ivypool. I don’t hate modern, responsible Ivypool. I actually like her! But Omen Of The Stars Ivypool? Might be my least favorite character. Even as an apprentice, Dovepaw was a try-harder. When she went on the quest, she was told t/hat they needed to work together. As a result she was devastated when Rippletail died, and underrated scene, when tigerheart almost drowns in the food when they break the dam, she’s the first to save him. Dovepaw comes back and wants to be with her sister, but Ivypaw shuns her, jealous. When Ivypool agrees to spy for the forest, Dovewing is constantly worried. When she witnesses Swoops death, A cat she barley knew, she’s haunted for moons by nightmares. Dovewing is such an empathetic, caring cat who just wants to help others.

Now time to counter all of the reasons people hate Dovewing!

1. “she’s Whinny”

I think a lot of people are mistaken on this. She never openly complains about her powers, just in her head, where we all think things that might be selfish or whinny. So she’s not whinny, she just balls up her self-pity and angry *glances at ivypool, who does neither of these things*

2. “She’s selfish!”

Dovewing is probably the most unselfish cat in the books! she cares deeply for everyone around her. She even says “Maybe it won’t be so bad, having these powers, if I can use them to help my Clan.” she’s wounded by Rippletail’s death for years to come. When she hears Sedgewhisker being attacked by dogs, she risks punishment to check on the WindClan- cat. Have you ever noticed she’s never killed anyone? How she’s never too hostile to kittypets? How she shoves her problems down for the clan?

3. “she replaced hollyleaf!”

Thats… One way to look at it. But hollyleaf wasn’t in the prophecy. Dovewing was. So I guess she took the place that the fans established for hollyleaf.

4. “She’s a bad sister”

Dovewing cared for and loved ivypool her whole life. When she went to the mountains, she was glad Ivypool didn’t come because she might have got hurt. She cares for Ivypool, even defends her when Jayfeather and Lionblaze pester her when she’s not being a good spy. the one time she wasn’t the best sister was the time she left, to have her kits.

5. “She whined a lot when she lost her powers!”

Dovewing was devastated when she lost her powers because they were like a part of her. She couldn’t hear far anymore, she couldn’t monitor what was happening in the clans to make sure everyone was safe. She felt useless. How did she deal with this? She told cats who asked and privately tired to fix her problems. that is NOT whining.

6. “She has just another forbidden romance!”

ok but dovewing has a good one. I personally ship Dovewing x tigerheart. I can see why they love each other so much. They’re each other’s escapes! At night dovewing can dust off and ignore her powers because everyone’s asleep! And for tigerheart he doesn’t have to go to the dark forest! i personally like tigerheart. He’s a good cat and I’m glad he didn’t do the whole tigerclone thing.

Anyway, thats it for today’s article!

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