Giving Warrior Names to some “Choices” Characters!! by Peakspots

Peakspots gives warrior names to their favourite characters from Pixelberry’s “Choices” game.

Official art from Choices by Pixelberry

Hi BlogClan! I’m Peakspots, and I’m going to briefly introduce what ‘choices’ is for those of you who don’t know. It’s a mobile app that’s basically comprised of dozens of choose your own adventure books (most are targeted towards a teenage/15+ audience, so be careful), but I absolutely adore a lot of the characters, and wanted to explore/explain what I think their warrior names would be if somehow they became warrior cats!! Beware, this will contain spoilers.

10. Tevan Drammir from “The Crown And The Flame”

Tevan is in my opinion a very underrated character/would definitely seem to be a background cat to most people, but he’s one of my absolute favorites. If he survives in your playthrough, he becomes an invaluable ally to have, a king of an entire kingdom (a leader you could say), and a great role model for his younger sister. As a kit/apprentice/warrior, I would give Tevan a name suggesting his personality. Bravekit is what comes to mind, but I also wouldn’t be against naming him something like Firekit, because of his somewhat impulsive and act now think later nature. I’m going to stick with Bravekit for this now though. When he becomes a warrior, I would gift him the name of Bravefern, because although he’s a very strong and helpful individual, he’s not overly ‘manly’ or much of a brutal man with anger issues like a lot of the other crown and the flame characters are. Assuming Bravefern survives (Tevan survives your playthrough) he would become a deputy, and later Bravestar.

9. Eva, from “Hero”

Eva is a complex character, and originally somewhat of a villain/anti-hero in the story she’s from. I wasn’t sure what to make of her at first, but she quickly became a favorite of mine. She gets abilities from a crystal (maybe through the moonstone if she were a warrior/StarClan or Dark Forest related), and finds that she has the ability to control time. She then teams up with a group of superheros/becomes a much less morally gray person and leans further towards good than before. Due to her pent up issues/family problems, and a lot of other stressors in her life, I feel like she’d be very ambitious as a cat, or would mostly want to prove herself/prove that she isn’t just a kit, or someone who is weighed down by her problems. Her name at birth would be something like Duskkit, for her darker fur coloring/her tendency to keep to herself. I feel as though she’d leave her birth clan and be a rogue for a bit of time, going by just ‘Dusk’ before eventually returning home with her new hero friends, and donning the name of Duskblaze or Dusktrail, for how she went out to find her own path. I feel as though she might make a decent deputy, but not a great leader.

8. Imtura, from “Blades Of Light And Shadow”

Imtura is an orc princess that is met later on in her book. She’s very strong-willed, a great fighter, and has a lot of problems with how her mom wants her to continue to rule the orcs, but Imtura wants to be free/lead a sort of pirate loner life. I think her name as a child would be something her mother picked, either relating to her appearance, like Russetkit (imtura has very very red hair), or something relating to what her mother wants her to be, like Royalkit, which I understand isn’t a very realistic warrior cat name, but it might work. Imtura would want to change her name once she became an older apprentice/a warrior, and would instead go by something like just ‘Free’ or Freebreeze if she chose to remain a warrior. Ultimately, though, I think Imtura’s place is away from her home/would be Clan, and that Free is the loner name that suits her best.

7. Aster D’yew, from “The Elementalists”

Aster is a wood nymph who attends a magical college and befriends the main characters in her book. She is fascinated by the magic abilities that her friends have/studies them at school. Her family aside from her mother do not support her dreams or her interests, which puts strain on her relationship with them. I think that her warrior cat prefix wouldn’t change much from her actual name, seeing as the cats know what yew is, and aster is a semi-common plant. She’d be born as Asterkit, and would have some sort of nature related/specifically tree related warrior name due to her being a wood nymph in canon. Asterroot, or maybe something like Asterbranch. (I like Asterroot more). I feel as though she might leave her Clan similar to a way that Tallstar did when he was younger, but would ultimately make peace with her family and remain with them.

6. Hayden Young, from “Perfect Match”

Hayden’s gender in the book can be chosen (only male and female are options unfortunately), and so for the purpose of making this easier, I’m going to refer to Hayden by she/her. She is introduced as a very charismatic/charming individual and is believed to be your character’s ”perfect match” or soulmate. However, you eventually find out that Hayden is a robot created by a fake matchmaking company in order to see just how realistic their robots can seem. Hayden becomes something similar to what those who are familiar with Detroit: Become Human would call a ‘deviant’. Basically, Hayden manages to develop free will, and she struggles with the fact that she isn’t what she thinks she is. To put her story into a warrior cat world, I think she would be the adoptive daughter of a clan cat/the real daughter of a rogue that never knew her real parents, and upon realizing what she really was/who she was descended from, she struggled with her identity. Her original warrior name would be something generic, like Creamtail for her appearance or something of the sort. Upon sort of finding herself/realizing she’s not just what her creator wants her to be, she’d change her name to something more personal, like Brightstorm, or anything that really reflected that she’d figured herself out.

5. Maxwell Beaumont, from “The Royal Romance/Heir”

Maxwell is initially somewhat of a side character, and is overshadowed by a few of your characters other potential ‘love interests’ or for the sake of warrior names, ‘mate’ choices. But he’s an adorable little bean for the entirety of his life, loves his friends and treats them like family, and is overall one of the greatest characters ever made in my personal opinion. For his birth name, I would want to name him either Squidkit or Hippokit, because he adores squids a lot, and he has a hippo tattoo. For this, I’m going to go with Squidkit. As a warrior, he’d be given a lighter sounding name, because this man is somewhat like Ravenpaw in personality/would apologize if you spilled something on him. Squidfluff, or Squidtuft is what I’m kind of thinking of. Basically he’s just a cinnamon roll too pure for this world/might end up being a kittypet named Squid by the end of his life.

4. Andy Kang, from “It Lives In The Woods”

Andy is a somewhat main character that is picked on for his height, his nationality, and his gender identity. Andy is FTM trans, very short, and Asian. He is also a potential ‘mate’ choice for your character in the game. Andy often struggles to prove himself to others/rise above the prejudice that people have against him for things out of his control/things that are nothing to be ashamed of. He’s also very strong, and I find him to be a critical thinker. He’d have a pretty gender neutral name (most warrior names aren’t inherently masculine or feminine, but still), that still reflected his personality. Something like Hawkkit, or Adderkit, that would reflect how strong-willed he is/always has been. I believe that even once he receives a warrior name, either Hawkgaze or Adderblaze/something that shows how strong he’s continued to become despite prejudice, he would be picked on by other warriors in his age group/maybe they might even call him Hawkpaw on purpose after getting his name. I’d also like to think that Andy would be half-clan or at least half of one clan and half outsider (rogue, loner, kittypet) to explain why else other clan cats might not get along with him. Ultimately though, he would prove that he wouldn’t sink to the level of his peers, and become a high-ranking warrior, likely deputy, maybe even leader.

3. Zigmond “Zig” Ortega, from “The Freshman Series”

Zig is a main character, but he’s introduced quite a bit later than the other main characters. He’s got some personal issues/some basically ‘exile’ time I’d call it on his record, but did what he did for good reason/and has since turned over a new leaf. He struggles to fit in (due to his loner background/time on his own), and I feel as though he’d be an ex-kittypet, or used to be part of a rogue group. ‘Zig’ was his birth name/he keeps it even as a warrior. I just feel like there’s not a name that really fits him, but he’d try to be the best warrior he could be/fit in as much as possible.

2. Estela Montoya, from “Endless Summer”

Estela has a troubled past, and I would consider her backstory somewhat similar to Hawkfrost’s. Her father is a very Tigerstar 1 type of character, the main antagonist, and he also abandons her and her mother. Estela also has an older half brother, who is somewhat like an early Brambleclaw character. Estela has a lot of resentment towards her father, however, and wants to get revenge on him for most of her screen time. She slowly makes friends, however, and realizes that she’s more than just her father’s daughter, and that she deserves to have a life separate from him and everything he’s done, though she never forgives him. I believe she’d have a loner name for most of her life, not Estela, but something kind of more intimidating, such as Fierce. I do believe she’d eventually join a Clan with some Clan friends, and don a name like Blueclaw, something relating to her appearance and her personality.

1. Michael Harrison, from “High School Story”

Michael is kind of misunderstood/tries to have a bad boy personality but he’s kind of faking/it isn’t the real him. He’s been to several different schools before settling/joining the last one that would take him in. As a warrior, I would make him something like a loner until he’s an apprentice age/and he struggles to fit into Clan life, before ultimately ending up in ThunderClan or ShadowClan because they take in more loners than the other Clans tend to. Deep down he really just wants someone that understands him, and he’s really really nice to his close friends. He really just needs to be given a chance. As a loner/when he first starts off as an apprentice, I think he’d have a name similar to his actual one, like Mike, or Micah. But, eventually, once he actually felt he fit into a Clan, he would don a name like Loneheart, due to his closed off nature, but also showing that he’s a really sweet guy underneath.

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my article! Sorry it was so long, but I’m really passionate about this, and I wanted to make sure to explain my name choices really well. Peakspots, signing out!

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