Squirrelflight would have been happier with Ashfur + Other Benefits by Lynxflight

Lynxflight shares why they think Squirrelflight would’ve been happier with Ashfur.

Art by GrayPillow

After reading Squirrelflight’s hope, I started to think, Squirrelflight would have been happier with Ashfur. Here, I’ve created a list with my reasoning.

First of all, let me point out the obvious. Neither of these cats are good mates. With Ashfur being obsessive, and Bramblestar’s lack of reasoning and understanding

Now let me get to my reasoning.

Section 1 – Helping the cats around the lake (not Squirrelflight being happy just yet)

This first reason, is that all of the imposter events in The Broken Code. This would have benefitted every cat around the lake. This isn’t really a reason she’d be happier but, it’s still something to consider.

Another great thing to mention is, Firestar may still be alive. We would have no idea what Hawkfrost would have done but it may have prevented it. Ashfur was involved in this plot. Currently we have no POV from Ashfur to prove how much involvement he truly had though

The last reason with this is, the kits’ true mother wouldn’t be revealed. Without Ashfur’s fire scheme, Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jay feather’ s mother would have never been revealed. Also leading to our next reasoning on her happiness.

Section 2 – Avoided deaths

The first part in this section is Hollyleaf. With the paragraph above, you’d see the fire wouldn’t happen. Without the fire, Hollyleaf wouldn’t have gone into the tunnels. This may effect Squirrelflight’s happiness greatly.

Of course, this would call off Ashfur’s death with Hollyleaf believing he was her father, he would no longer be killed by her. This would also keep the clan unsuspicious of Squirrelflight also efffecting her happiness.

Section 3 – Brambleclaw

This will be a shorter section, but here we go!

Brambleclaw’s benefits would be,

– becoming deputy
– non obsessive mate

Brambleclaw’s disadvantages would be.

– always angry at something/somebody
– intolerant
– regularly refuses to talk to her

Section 4 – Ashfur

Next up, Ashfur’s advantages would be

– Loyal mate
– good pearsonality
– understanding
– helpful
– kind

The disadvantages of Ashfur

– Obsessive
– overprotective

Section 5 – Conclusion

Squirrelflight would have been happier with Ashfur, because all the pain and loneliness Squirrelflight would have had with Bramblestar, wouldn’t happen. Maybe less fighting.

My conclusion is, if Squirrelflight went back in time, Ashfur should be her mate. She would have been so much happier.

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  • This was interesting and pointed out things I hadn’t noticed before. Great article, Lynxflight!

  • I disagree. Honestly I don’t think writing long comments about it really explains it. Maybe I’ll just write my own article.

  • You say squirrelflight would be happier with Ashfur than with bramb. First of you may not even know the real reason of choosing Bramble over Ash. Maybe it was becuase she saw through his personality. If he really was a great cat, and if he really cared for her so much… why didnt he just let her be? And if he is so angry becuase of her not wanting to be with her that he decided to do… bad things, than what would stop him from doing that, at another event such as that one. However I could keep on with this comment but I think I have spoken out the most important

    • I agree. I think Ashfur loved her at first but that love eventually became obsession without him knowing. So Ashfur basically mistakes his obsession for love.

    • I mean I think Ashfur would be better. Even if he was obsessive and overprotective, he wasn’t abusive like Bramblestar. Bramblestar blows her off and punishes her constantly for his mistakes. Even in book five when she is suspicious of Hawkfrost Bramblestar is convinced it’s only because he is the son of Tigerstar. Whoever he isn’t quite deputy but volunteered for Firestar, he punishes by making her do the dirty clan jobs and constantly bossing her around, as well as other cats. He is just bossy and overall rude.

  • I’ll have to disagree.
    Ashfur was evil so him having the potential to be evil is definitely a big con. Brambleclaw, on the other paw, has flaws, but never really had big potential to be straight out evil(even though Tigerstar is his father).

      • He’s evil because he didn’t get his way and who is to say if he didn’t get his way again if he’d act similarly. Him being evil is not Squirrelflight’s fault in the slightest and Ashfur always was capable of becoming who he was and chose it every step of the way. He never tried to move on and was always focused on being in control of Squirrelflight. Yes him being rejected was the final push but he had these traits going on in the background too and never really saw Squirrelflight as her own person and never considered her wants.

        • Agreed! ^^

          Squirrelflight had the full right not to love him back, and to choose whoever she loved- that’s her choice to make and does NOT justify any of Ashfur’s horrible actions.
          If Ashfur were a good person and a suitable mate he would have stayed good even after Squirrelflight chose Bramble- a gentle and polite rejection would not have pushed a noble cat that far and the fact that it did simply proves Ashfur is an entitled and manipulative cat who does not deserve Squirrel.

          • I disagree, Ashfur was probably just shocked by that so soon after both had got close, and when you think of ‘REAL LIFE’ people can be engulfed in misery or anger, causing them to do things without really thinking about it. I think Ashfur was just misunderstood.

          • I disagree, thought Ash was probably shocked and confused after being so close to Squilf and in real life people can get engulfed in misery and anger, causing them to do things they don’t really think about. It’s the same in warrior cats. I think Ashfur is just misunderstood.

    • I don’t think Squirrelflight would choose Ashfur or Bramblestar. Bramblestar was okay as a mate when he was Brambeclaw, but he was pretty neglecting and mean as Bramblestar. And Ashfur is just too obsessive, and he thinks that he’ll get everything he wants. Squirrelflight should find a new mate in StarClan!

      (I think I’ll make an article about this)

  • I think this is a good point and all, but Ashfur is kinda obsessive and also -according to my research) Squirrelflight’s uncle! Yeah. ‘Cause according to a late-series retcon, Sandstorm is Brindlface’s kit, making her Ashfur’s half-sister. And that means that Squirrelf is related directly by blood to him. That is just- (Also I know that if there weren’t a retcon, they wouldn’t be, but due to the retcon, they are kin and close kin at that-)

  • Ashfur considers himself as squirrelflights mate in the broken code. That is how he would have treated her. Squirrelflight should divorce everyone

  • I had a dream last night where there was a warrior cat that looked half like ashfur and half like mapleshade. In it the cat made up with a half appledusk half squirrelflight cat. Just thought it would be cool to mention since this article was about ashfur.

  • Let us not forget that Ashfur posses Squirrelflights husband and then treated her bad while pretending to be him. If he treated her bad now he would have treated her bad then

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