Squirrelflight would have been happier with Ashfur + Other Benefits by Lynxflight

Lynxflight shares why they think Squirrelflight would’ve been happier with Ashfur.

Art by GrayPillow

After reading Squirrelflight’s hope, I started to think, Squirrelflight would have been happier with Ashfur. Here, I’ve created a list with my reasoning.

First of all, let me point out the obvious. Neither of these cats are good mates. With Ashfur being obsessive, and Bramblestar’s lack of reasoning and understanding

Now let me get to my reasoning.

Section 1 – Helping the cats around the lake (not Squirrelflight being happy just yet)

This first reason, is that all of the imposter events in The Broken Code. This would have benefitted every cat around the lake. This isn’t really a reason she’d be happier but, it’s still something to consider.

Another great thing to mention is, Firestar may still be alive. We would have no idea what Hawkfrost would have done but it may have prevented it. Ashfur was involved in this plot. Currently we have no POV from Ashfur to prove how much involvement he truly had though

The last reason with this is, the kits’ true mother wouldn’t be revealed. Without Ashfur’s fire scheme, Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jay feather’ s mother would have never been revealed. Also leading to our next reasoning on her happiness.

Section 2 – Avoided deaths

The first part in this section is Hollyleaf. With the paragraph above, you’d see the fire wouldn’t happen. Without the fire, Hollyleaf wouldn’t have gone into the tunnels. This may effect Squirrelflight’s happiness greatly.

Of course, this would call off Ashfur’s death with Hollyleaf believing he was her father, he would no longer be killed by her. This would also keep the clan unsuspicious of Squirrelflight also efffecting her happiness.

Section 3 – Brambleclaw

This will be a shorter section, but here we go!

Brambleclaw’s benefits would be,

– becoming deputy
– non obsessive mate

Brambleclaw’s disadvantages would be.

– always angry at something/somebody
– intolerant
– regularly refuses to talk to her

Section 4 – Ashfur

Next up, Ashfur’s advantages would be

– Loyal mate
– good pearsonality
– understanding
– helpful
– kind

The disadvantages of Ashfur

– Obsessive
– overprotective

Section 5 – Conclusion

Squirrelflight would have been happier with Ashfur, because all the pain and loneliness Squirrelflight would have had with Bramblestar, wouldn’t happen. Maybe less fighting.

My conclusion is, if Squirrelflight went back in time, Ashfur should be her mate. She would have been so much happier.

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  • I see your point although, I really like Ashfur because of his evil, his obsessiveness , and his depressed air. But I think that when leafpool gave squirrelflight her kits and her mate was ashfur it would be more believable because jayfeather is gray and hollyleaf is close enough to gray and ashfur their supposed father is a gray tabby. Lionblaze is golden so that could from squirrelflight’s dark ginger. Anyway, loved the article!

  • Hello! I hope I’m first? Anyway, great article! But I disagree with you. Ashfur tried to kill her (Leafpool’s) kits. Who knows what Ashfur will do if she hung out or fell in love with a different tom when he’s her mate? (I think he’ll murder the tom and possibly hurt Squirrelflight) Also, you only mention Brambleclaw. But what about Shrewpaw? In my opinion, Squirrelflight would be more happier with Shrewpaw. Anyway, that was just my opinion! Great article!

  • I can’t help but feel like she would have been happier with Shrewpaw if he had survived. He was close with Squirrelflight when they were apprentices and he would’ve been understanding when Squirrelflight told him that the three weren’t his actual kits, maybe she would’ve trusted him enough to tell him that they weren’t his kits from the beginning.

    A good example of this is the Shrewrunner AU, I really like it and the relationship between him and Squirrelflight is a lot better than Squirrel and Bramble.

  • But then, Bramblelaw would become Ashfur, just in his own way. Maybe he’ll succumb to the Dark Forest and plot revenge. Maybe he’ll be the one to kill Firestar. Who knows? Either way, it’s a lose-lose scenario

  • I disagree,
    Ashfur would have been very controlling of squirrelflight, and would punish her if he didn’t get his way. This is proven by the fact the she turned him down and he tried everything in his power to make her regret it and suffer.
    His obsessiveness would probably have lead to her still having a bad life because she would basically be trapped by him.
    And imagine if ashfur was the one to find out that the kits weren’t his, he might’ve been worse than brambleclaw. Possibly still leading to the deaths of the three to punish squirrelflight.

  • Both are horrible mates, but nice article – you make good points. I prefer Squirrel-Ash to Squirrel-Bramble, but a huge flaw in the ship is Ashfur’s overprotectiveness. In Twlight, Ashfur protects Squirrelflight and stands up for her, which she visibly finds frustrating. It was unfair that Shrewpaw died. Sure, every aspect of the books would be different, but he would have been an amazing mate.

  • I feel like if Squirrelflight rejected Brambleclaw he would have been a really bad deputy, and then in the dark forest battle Firestar dies, so it would make him the leader, and he would agree wi the the other clans in all kinds of bad decisions as the leader of TC, choosing not to treat Sunrise and also willingly go and attack the sisters, who have an expectant queen. He just wouldn’t be a good leader without Squirrelflight. I mean then again, if Firestar had picked Ashfur as deputy then it would be a different story, without him being a bad warrior and without his jealousy of Brambleclaw, he might have actually made a good leader.

  • Amazing article! I just have one question. Why does everyone prefer AshSquirrel over BrambleSquirrel. Yes, both had their flaws, but Ashfur’s flaws would actually ruin the ship. It doesn’t matter whether or not he’s mates with Squirrelflight. His obsessive personality will still stay the same. If it changes, that’s his problem, not Bramblestar’s. Now, please don’t hate Bramblestar for pushing Squirrelflight away in The New Prophecy. The two truly loved each other, and then Ashfur broke up the relationship and caused the problems. Bramblestar, feeling as though Squirrelflight preferred Ashfur over him, felt betrayed. Tigerstar took this as his chance to nurture his son’s ambition. As Bramblestar drifted farther and farther away from Squirreflight, he missed her fire and her energy. At the moment, he realized what a mistake he made, and he started to open up towards Squirrelflight, but at this point, Ashfur was already obsessing over her and making Bramblestar his rival. However, in that one time Ashfur stood up for Squirrelflight, Squirrelflight realized that she didn’t want a mate that constrained her fire. Instead, she wanted a mate that matched her fire and fought to keep it going. Ashfur would never succeed in the role of being her mate. Yes, he would be a loyal and good-hearted friend, but not a mate. Bramblestar, on the other hand, had traits and skills that would match her fire, and so BrambleSquirrel happened. I’ll later add a part two to this since my original comment was too long. ~ Cloudy

  • This is pretty accurate. Bramblestar yelled at Squirrelfight-as leader of course-without a real reason to do so. Ashfur only turned evil when Squirrelflight randomly rejected him. it reminds me of the whole Bumblestripe and Tigerheart situation with Dovewing. But, Firestar didn’t die bacause of Hawkfrost (you said “Another great thing to mention is, Firestar may still be alive. We would have no idea what Hawkfrost would have done but it may have prevented it.), Brambleclaw actaully saved him. So, not exactly a point on Ashfur’s side.

  • Part 2 of my first comment:
    I agree, but not with the points you made. Hawkfrost did not kill Firestar (you mentioned it, but Tigerstar killed him), infact, Brambleclaw saved Firestar from it. He just lost a life. Second of all, Jayfeather already knew his mother by the time the fire happened, and would have told his sibblings eventually. Also, we would consider Leafpool’s feelings about that too. If they never found out:
    Pros: Squirrelflight would be happier, and Leafpool would never have had to step down for a bit.
    Cons: Squirrelflight would still have the huge weight on her back that they aren’t actually her children, Leafpool would never be able to know her kits as her kits, and crowfeather would also never accept his kits.

    • I think what was meant by Lynxflight is that Firestar would have survived because Tigerstar took one life from Firestar in The Last Hope. If Firestar didn’t lose a life to Hawkfrost, he’d still have one to spare.
      Also Ashfur was always not the best choice for Squirrelflight. He didn’t have a sudden switch when Squirrelflight chose to be with Brambleclaw. Before he was shown to be xenophobic and anti-outsider and it can be assumed that he never really saw Squirrelflight as her own person. He objectified her and was selfish to the point he only cared about his way and his feelings. If Squirrelflight didn’t fit that mold, I’m certain he wouldn’t be pleased. He also took no issue with insulting kittypets and outsiders around her. She’s got not reason to stand for that. It’s also not just a random rejection. She thought about it and just didn’t feel the same way about Ashfur. That’s completely fine and there’s no issue with not returning someone’s feelings. Ashfur literally felt entitled to that and I would dread the moment there’s anything Squirrelflight does that goes against this entitlement.

  • I will always be loyal to SquirrelxBramble, one because they are SO cute together and second, Bramblestar might be abusive, but Squirrelflight is just as strong-willed and determined as he is. They bring out the best and the worst in each other and it makes them work. Also, have you read Bramblestar’s Storm? Bramblestar needs Squirrelflight, she makes him happy and she couldn’t live without him. I did love this article though, some great points about Ashfur!