Aphmau and friends as warrior cats by Hollyfrost

Hollyfrost gives warrior names to Minecraft YouTuber Aphmau and her friends.

Artist unknown (Source: Aphmau’s profile picture on YouTube)

hi it’s me hollyfrost! today i will be comparing the minecraft youtuber “Aphmau” and her friends to warrior cats! if you have better suggestions for which warrior cat you think they are let me know!!!

hmmmm i think Aphmau might be most like graystripe! you might be like “hollyfrost are you- what the heck?!” well let me explain:
Aphmau is very nice and funny,she also loves to play pranks, graystripe is kinda like that too! so if you really think about it,i think Aphmau is most like graystripe.

ok so Kawaiichan, she’s really sweet and nice and bakes A TON of cakes. hmmmm.
i think Kawaiichan is most like daisy or maybe even rosetail! you know the cat in bluestar’s prophecy? yeah her. because both daisy AND rosetail,if i remember correctly are both very sweet and kind,like Kawaiichan!

so Noi is very nice and loves animals. hmmmmm this one is sorta tough. hmmm the closest im probably gonna get is probablyyyyy brackenfur? idk… maybe like…. graystripe too???? im stumped. if you guys have something better let me know!

oh nu,not the prankster who always blows up Aphmaus house- wait what did i just say!? er ignore that, but i think maybe he could be berrynose??? i know i sound stupid right now but it’s the closest im probably gonna get to Ein.

basically Ein but a bit smarter, so im just gonna say lionblaze?? either lionblaze or berrynose. that’s all i have to say for Pierce

-Zane (i think that’s how his name is spelled??)
hmmmmmmm. i gotta say firestar. he does act like firestar if i do say so myself, but that’s just my opinion. ALSOOOOOOO firestar and graystripe are best friends,and if im correct, Aphmau and Zane are best friends!

hm. this one is tough too…. well Kim is nice and also loves animals,now i HAVE NOT read bramblestar’s storm, but i’ve heard people say many nice things about the warrior cat jessy,and i heard she also saved some animals in bramblestar’s storm? my opinion might change but as for now,i think Kim is most like jessy.

-Mac (i think it’s spelled that way??)
i haven’t seen very many video’s with Mac, but from what i’ve seen of her in some video’s is that she is kind and hardworking, she also get’s scared easily i think. hmm. actually,i think Mac is most like daisy, because remember when daisy was so scared for berrynose,hazeltail and mousewhisker in POT? yeah,well Mac get’s scared easily. i will not say daisy ISN’T hardworking because she is a permanent queen and permanent queen’s work really hard! so i think Mac is most liek daisy.

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