Giving the WoF protagonists warrior names and Clans by Firekit

Firekit gives warrior names to characters from Wings of Fire.

Ok, before we start, HELLO! I’M BACK! So..WoF fans on here, this is for you. If you didn’t know, Luna will be protagonist for book 15, which is why she’ll be on here. I might also add some major characters, like Kinkajou and Lynx. You know what, I’m definetly gonna do that in an addtional article. There are some kind-of-major spoilers for the WoF books, fyi.

Alright, first up is…Clay the MudWing! So, he eats a lot and cares for his friends a lot. He’s obviously…Clayheart! He’d be in RiverClan, since he can swim and he eats a lot, and the RiverClan fresh-kill pile is well stocked.

Next is the SeaWing princess…Tsunami! That’s the kind of entrance she’d want, btw. She’s feirce and a fighter. She’s not afraid to lash out with teeth and claws. So, she’s…Tsunamiclaw! Wow, that’s a mouthful. She’s obviously RiverClan for her swimming skills.

Now, queen Glory of the RainWings. She’s kinda hard, since she acts like she doesn’t care. And then she cares. She likes hiding her scales, with the RainWing camoflage. She can also do the venom spitting. But, I think Glory would be…Glorywing! I don’t know why, that just fits. She’s a WindClan changer. That means she transformed her people into something new, like she did with the RainWings and NightWings.

So, now it’s Starflight’s turn. For NightWings, I don’t know what to do. However, we know warriors with the suffix “flight” and “watcher”, so I’m skipping the NightWings until I come up with a solution. If you have a solution, put it in the comments! Also, I won’t put them in a Clan until they recive their names.

It’s time for Sunny the Sand/NightWing! She’s kinda hard as well. I’m thinking of all the happy suffixes, and the first one that comes in is…Sunnyshine! I was going to put Sunnyblossom, but I decided not to. Sunny is ThunderClan because she doesn’t get visibly scared when talking.

So, now it’s time for the grumpy IceWing prince who would probably kill me for introducing him like that…Winter! He’s a grumpy guy. He doesn’t like the desert. He’s…Winterfrost! And ShadowClan is always grumpy, so there he shall be!

Peril the SkyWing is SkyClan, first of all. DON’T ASK WHY. Peril is…hard. I think she’s a Periltail, because her tail-apart from ger claws- is the part that gets most dragons burned.

Turtle the SeaWing prince is next. Turtle is shy and an animus. He’s RiverClan for the same reasons as Tsunami. Turtle also doesn’t like doing physical activity. He’d be…Turtlefoot.

Now, it’s time for….QIBLI THE SANDWING!!!! Qibli is definitely in ThunderClan. He is….Qiblistorm! For his..bravery..and..umm…..what qibli is…you get it.

Now, Blue the SilkWing. Hmm. He’s…a little strange. He is weak. So…he’s one of the weak members of WindClan. His name…Bluelight, since he finds light in everything.

Cricket is ShadowClan because ShadowClan have brains. She’s…Cricketleap. Credit, once again, to Pricklekit/patch.

Sundew is a ThunderClan member, no doubt. She’s feirce and brave and will defend Willow with her life. honor of her leafspeak…she’s….Sundewleaf!

Snowfall is the same as the NightWings.

Luna is a ThunderClan member as well. Feirce, bold and brave, she’d be…Lunalight!

If you don’t agree with any of this, have questions or suggestions for the sequel, put them in the comments! Also if you have a solution for the NightWing problem, feel free to put suggestions! See you later!

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