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Why Sleekwhisker Needs A Super Edition Or A Novella by Turtlepaw

Turtlepaw explains why they think Sleekwhisker deserves the chance to tell her own story.

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*Warning: spoilers for A Vision Of Shadows, Mapleshade’s Vengeance, Pinestar’s Choice, Bluestar’s Prophecy, and The Rise Of Scourge are ahead! If you don’t want spoilers from those books, please don’t read this article!*

Hello! It’s Turtle here with another article! Today, I will be explaining why I think Sleekwhisker needs a super edition or novella.

I have many reasons why I think she needs her own book. Let’s get started!

1. She’s an interesting villain.

Sleekwhisker is a fascinating villain. She doesn’t seem to have any particular reason she’s evil, which is definitely different from almost every single villain in the series.

We know why cats such as Mapleshade, Tigerstar, and Scourge are evil- Mapleshade lost her kits, Tigerstar had an evil mentor, and Scourge was bullied as a kit.

But we don’t know what made Sleekwhisker decide to walk an evil path. If she had her own novella or super edition, we could discover more about her past- see if there’s anything there that might have influenced her dark deeds.

2. Her relationship with Needletail.

As an apprentice, Sleekwhisker and Needletail are good friends. But despite this former friendship, Sleekwhisker willingly helps Darktail attempt to kill Needletail.

What made Sleekwhisker turn against Needletail? Did Darktail promise her power if she helped him?

Or did something happen that made Sleekwhisker angry at Needletail, destroying their friendship forever?

I hope that if Sleekwhisker ever got her own book, it would explain in further detail exactly why she turned on Needletail- a cat she used to be friends with.

3. What happened to Sleekwhisker?

We really don’t know what happened to Sleekwhisker after her appearance in River Of Fire. Did she become a rouge? A loner? A kitty pet? (I can’t actually see fierce Sleekwhisker as a kitty pet, but I guess it’s a possibility!)

This would definitely be interesting to see in a book- what happened to Sleekwhisker?

4. Her disbelief in StarClan.

Sleekwhisker is heavily implied to not believe in StarClan. Since we’ve only had a couple of atheists in Warriors, I think that it would be neat to see Sleekwhisker’s thoughts on StarClan.

Did she always not think StarClan was real? Did she use to believe in them, but something shattered that belief?

I think it’d be cool to learn more about that.

5. She’s one of the only female villains in Warriors.

Warriors really does not have a lot of female villains. Since Sleekwhisker is one of the only female villains, I think that we should definitely have a chance to see her point of view.

And those are reasons I think Sleekwhisker needs a novella or a super edition!

Would you like to see Sleekwhisker have her own book?

Feel free to tell me in the comments.

See ya soon!


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  • Sleekwhisker is at the top of the list of warrior cats I absolutely want a novel about.
    She’s a different type of villain for Warriors (that type of villain that reminds me of Harley Quinn).
    I’d definitely like to know more about her, but I don’t know if it would really be a good idea to find out the reasons she’s evil.
    She is good at being bad and that makes her a good villain.
    Her tactic is to always have someone as an accomplice in everything she does, so in case there are consequences she will be able to blame and betray him/her to save her pelt.

    By the way, why do all the female villains of Warriors except Mapleshade, (Sleekwhisker, Fury, Bee) always leave at the end and no one ever sees or hears about them again? And where are they going?

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